Skin Physics Dragon's Blood 3 in 1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser - review


I bought this product at 40 per off during one of Priceline's big sales, when I wanted to grab a few items so I could qualify for a GWP bag.

I chose this because I love a good cleanser and this one looked good, and I'm so glad I did because I'm really enjoying it - so much so that I'm giving it an HG tag. More on that below.

Skin Physics claims/product details:

  • This purifying foaming gel cleanser provides multi-action skin perfecting steps, in one single treatment
  • Rich in natural moisture, this ultra-gentle, water-soluble cleanser is designed to effectively remove even the heaviest makeup, leaving skin feeling refreshed and new
  • AHA fruit extracts slough away dead skin and unclog pores to decongest skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, without stripping the skin of its natural moisture
  • Light, silky serum texture infused with honey, apple protein and meadow seed oil
  • Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises
  • Doubles as a cleansing mask
  • For all skin types
  • No sulphates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes
  • To use: lather a small amount between damp hands; massage onto damp skin using a gentle, circular motion; leave on for up to five minutes; rinse thoroughly
  • RRP $19.99 AUD for 150ml, but do shop around


I'm really enjoying this cleanser and I'm so glad I bought it: I would absolutely buy it again, and it's become a favourite very quickly.

It's a gel product with a light, fresh scent. It feels quite cooling and soothing on the skin when applied, so it's been a good cleanser to use during the summer heat.

This cleanser doesn't lather so much as become thinner and silkier when you add water. It's a lovey texture and I enjoy having it on my face. I also enjoy that you can leave this on for a few minutes as a mask: I love a good double-purpose product and this is definitely one of those.

I've been using mine as my second cleanse either in the morning or in the evening, and I've been using it daily for the past month or so. Almost every time I use it, I leave it on for three to five minutes as the directions suggest, to get the full benefit of the active ingredients it contains.

What I notice when it's on is that the cooling effect intensifies a little so I can tell that it's doing something to the dead skin on the surface of my face. And indeed when I wash it off, my skin is left looking brighter and fresher, and also feeling smooth and softer to boot.

Do note that I haven't ever used this as a makeup remover because it's more of a skin cleanser to me and I don't want to waste the active ingredients by using the product to remove makeup. But I have noticed that whatever grime is left on my face after my first cleanse is taken care of by this cleanser, so I do think that it not only exfoliates my skin, but also cleanses it nicely.

Note also that my pH strips rate this cleanser at between a five and a six, so it's gentle on skin. Indeed, I'm not surprised by the lower pH because I can use this up to twice daily without issue, despite the fact that it contains active ingredients. Once daily is my preference, though: that's enough to get the brightening and smoothing effect without getting through my tube too quickly.

On the claims: yes this is purifying and ultra-gentle; yes it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and new; yes it sloughs away dead skin and unclogs/decongests pores; and yes it leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated without stripping it of its natural moisture.

Overall I think this is an excellent product and I really can't fault it. Indeed, I'm giving it an HG tag. It meets all its claims, it doubles as a mask and it leaves my skin looking younger and more radiant. It has also helped clear up my face and it always gives me a smoother base for makeup application.


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