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You may remember that I introduced various products via two 'fun new things' posts at the end of last year, and lately I've been getting close to finishing a few of the larger items so I've been reviewing them in turn.

This product is next, and while I normally enjoy La Roche-Posay products, this one didn't grab me and I wouldn't use it again. More on that below.

La Roche-Posay claims/product details:

  • Hydrating prebiotic care to help relieve skin from its sensitivity
  • Hydrates, soothes, protects
  • Ideal for sensitive skin with tightness, tingling, dryness and occasional redness
  • When the skin is sensitive it is necessary not only to repair its cutaneous barrier but also to preserve its microbiome; the invisible barrier that naturally protects the skin to reduce its sensitivity; this is the role of prebiotics
  • RRP $29.95 AUD for 40ml, but do shop around


I think this cream is decent but it hasn't grabbed me and I wouldn't go out and buy it.

It's a lightweight moisturiser that's more like a lotion or a cream/gel hybrid in texture. It applies and spreads well so you don't need much each time, and even this 15ml sample has lasted me a while so that's a plus.

Note that whenever I apply this, I'm left with quite a tacky finish on my face and my skin still feels rather dry beneath the product, so I'm not sure that all of it is absorbing and delivering moisture where I need it most.

Still, it's been an ok product for summer when my skin isn't as dry as usual, so that's worth mentioning. I also like that it's very gentle and fragrance free, so it should suit those with sensitive skin who need something soothing and lightweight for all year round.

Do note that I've applied this moisturiser after I've used one of my chemical peels or toners, and I do think it helps soothe my skin from the tightness, tingling, dryness and occasional redness, but it doesn't do so quite enough so I've had to put an oil down first to mange those issues.

On the claims: yes this helps relieve skin from sensitivity but it's not quite hydrating enough for my dry skin; yes it soothes my skin and has a protective element, given that it leaves a tacky finish that doesn't penetrate into the skin; and yes it does help somewhat when it comes to sensitive skin with tightness, tingling, dryness and occasional redness.

Overall I think this is a nice product but I wouldn't buy it, although I have seen that there's a Toleraine Sensitive Riche cream that's available so I'll be on the lookout for that once my skincare spending ban has lifted. In any event, while this cream didn't work that well for me, I have a feeling that the other one will be a lot more nourishing and hydrating so I'm looking forward to trying that one.

Decent, but not for my dry skin.

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