Finished beauty products - June 2014


At the end of each month I'll go through the beauty products I've finished and let you know what I thought of them. This will hopefully be useful to anyone thinking of purchasing any of the products listed, and also useful to me because I'll feel better about actually finishing things (!).

This month has brought that first stinging chill of winter and my skin has definitely felt it. I've switched to heavier moisturisers and oils to stave off dryness, and have also started using some of the deeper colours from my stores of lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows. I'll be reviewing those kinds of items in the coming months as I finish them.

The June 2014 empties list:

MAC Fix+ skin refresher/finishing mist (RRP $27 100 ml)

I've bought this time and time again (so that's a gigantic yes in terms of whether I'd repurchase it). I've tried many similar products over the years and this one remains the best of its kind. I swear my face looks five years younger whenever I use it, and it keeps skin hydrated and plump. It helps set make up and gives your face a lift. I can't recommend this enough.

Happy Skincare sample pack: Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm, Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic and Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil (RRP $9.95, also includes Pig in Mud Mask)

I first discovered Happy's cleansing balm in one of my beauty subscription boxes, and I had one of those sublime moments when I knew I'd discovered a staple. Seriously, it's brilliant. It's since become a cult item and there's a reason for this - there's nothing else quite like it on the market (not that I've found, anyway). I urge you to try it.

The tonic is the best I've tried, although I haven't used many tonics and they're not usually part of my skincare routine so I'm no expert. It smells wonderful and has a smoothing, calming effect - and it's the only face spray that compares to MAC's Fix+ in terms of moisturisation and general impact.

The facial oil is also lovely; however it's not my favourite oil in the Happy range (so far that's the Black Seed oil, but I'll report back when I've tried everything).

The mud mask (sachet not pictured because I threw it out after use (!)) is decent although a bit messy to use - you have to mix it with water first. While I like it, every mud mask on the planet fades away in comparison to Cellilux's Glacial Mineral Gel, so I've been spoiled in that sense. Happy's mask is cheaper and much easier to come by in Australia, however.

Happy is an Australian company (yay!) and their products are wonderful and all natural, and their customer service is second to none. You actually feel like part of the family. After trying out this sample pack, I of course went out and bought half the store (hey, I got some good specials).

Five stars to this kit. I would buy it again and have already done so. You must try it, if only for the cleansing balm. Wowsers.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter 025 Peach Parfait (purchased half-price for $11)

If you haven't tried these, you must. They do feel like butter (in a good way) and come in a range of colours. You can also pick them up cheaply at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse, which often have specials. They go on smoothly and feel wonderful on the lips. The staying power isn't great but I reckon you can't expect otherwise from this kind of product (as compared to, eg, a lip stain). Would I repurchase? Yes.

Mokosh Rich Face Cream (received sample; RRP 60ml $49)

I was expecting to love this one. I like the packaging and my skin certainly needs extra hydration at this time of year. This cream however was way too greasy, even for me. Would I purchase? No. It's so greasy, it's the kind of thing you'd consider putting only on your feet.

Bioderma Crealine H20 (received sample)

This is a cult item that a lot of people rave about. I've received it a few times in beauty subscription boxes and have never been wowed by it. It's a gentle daily cleansing and make up removing water for face and eyes. It is indeed gentle, but it's not for me - it doesn't feel like it does much. You can buy 250ml at Priceline for $29.99. Would I purchase? No.

Villainess Whipped Body Cream Dulces en Fuego (received sample)

This is one of those products that I had high hopes for, but it didn't deliver. It smells wonderful (although a bit strong, to the point where it interferes with your perfume) and I like the company, but the body cream wasn't rich/moisturising enough for me. Would I buy it? No. But keep in mind that I prefer heavy body creams; many others would love this product. You can buy the full-sized product in the Violet Box shop (along with other Villainess products) for $18.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (received 7ml sample; RRP 60ml $54.90)

For me, face masks are generally one of those things that make my skin feel a bit nicer immediately afterwards but don't make any real difference. This mask is one of the few exceptions. It's a peel so it has an exfoliating effect and you can definitely feel a difference in your skin's surface afterwards - tighter and smoother. Yes, I'd buy it. Probably not with the Australian price tag though!

That's the list! Have you tried any of these products?

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