Lust Have It FAB Box June 2014


I signed up to receive this when LHI revealed that the box would contain three Teeez Trend Cosmetics products. I've no doubt many people did this - particularly when able to use the $20 May gift code we received in our May women's boxes.

A lot of us are going nuts for Teeez and I'm no exception - proof that packaging counts when it comes to beauty products. I display my nicer-looking cosmetics on the dresser in my bedroom; so even if I don't use a product every day, I still get a lift when I see it and that definitely counts for something. For the same reason I have many of my scarves on display on a rack in my room.

I don't know why, but the vast majority of boxes I've received from LHI have arrived in battered condition (including this one), as though they've travelled to the North Pole and back three times before turning up on my doorstep. Happily I've only ever received one broken product (a leaked nail polish - yukko), which is a miracle considering the state of the boxes.

Anyhoo. The review!

LHI Accessories Crystal Love Bracelet (RRP $29.95) and Crystal Drop Earrings ($19.95)

I've mentioned before that my main issue with the FAB box is that earrings are included all too often and I don't have pierced ears. Yes I can give them away as gifts, but it's pretty annoying to consistently receive one product that you can't use (particularly considering that many of us will usually find at least one product in the box that we won't use anyway - so that's two products down already).

The bracelet's too big but I guess I could have it altered easily enough. I'm not a major bling fan but it's not the most garish thing I've seen so I'm sure I'll use it a bit. The bracelet feels like it's better quality than the earrings, although the feel/look of each doesn't match the price tags in my opinion. Still, a nice addition.

Lethal Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo (RRP $8 for 3)

This is the bonus item for this month. I understand that these things are trending in Hollywood at the moment, but I certainly don't see myself or anyone else I know wearing them! 

Having said this, I get the inclusion of on-trend products. Apparently they last for 8 hours and contain vitamins to help keep your lips smooth.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics Fabulous Foundation Brush (RRP $35)

Oh how I love a good make up brush! Especially one that looks so pretty. It's made with natural goat hair and feels nice to the touch. I'm looking forward to giving it a crack (or maybe I don't want to - maybe I just want to leave it there on the dresser looking all nice and clean...)

Teeez Paradise Perfect Lipgloss (RRP $25) and Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner (RRP $28)

I love these! The lipgloss smells exactly like the clear Haribo gummi bears (so fake pineapple, but a nice fake pineapple). It's clear with golden flecks and works well over a coloured lipstick or just on its own. The box says 'amazing lip plumping' and there's definitely some lip-plumping action going on there. Yay.

The eyeliner is black and has added micro glitter, in this case a nice blue colour. There's also a smudger on the end of the pencil. You don't have to sharpen it (wuhoo!) and it applies easily, taking 45 seconds to dry (according to the product description card) so you can play around with it before it sets. I can happily confirm that it's smudge-proof - I couldn't make it budge from my hand no matter how much I rubbed at it. Yay again.

In sum

A great box and good value. With three full-sized Teeez products, it feels like Christmas. Super excited. I can take or leave the other products but the Teeez items alone make this box worthwhile.

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