I received this mask as part of a five-piece set from Peter Thomas Roth (unboxed here), and while I didn't buy the set for this particular mask - I had my eye on three of the others - I have to say that I was expecting a little more from the product, given its description and the brand that created it.

While I wasn't expecting wonders, I was definitely expecting something - especially because I opted to use the mask (almost) every day as suggested for intense repair, which I really didn't get. But more on all that below.

Peter Thomas Roth claims/product details:
  • Cutting-edge plant biotechnology isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum anti-age repair
  • With state-of-the-art, 21st century breakthrough stem cell technology, five rose stem cells are blended with four rose extracts in a cooling, rejuvenating gel to help stimulate cell turnover for younger looking skin
  • Helps repair the signs of ageing, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness and sagging as it strengthens and tones the look of skin
  • Reveals silky soft, radiant, beautiful and youthful-looking skin.
  • To use: apply a generous coat on clean skin and leave on for ten minutes before rinsing with cool water; for an intensive treatment, refrigerate and apply as a mask or apply a thin layer as the last layer of skincare and leave on overnight; use two to three times a week or daily for intensive repair
  • RRP $56 AUD for 150ml, but do shop around

There's what it looks like above and below. It's a thick, pink coloured gel that looks as though it will be soothing and cooling on the skin, and while it is those things, it's the effect it gives after use that I feel is lacking.


This really did nothing for me, and for a product that I used almost every day for over a month - besides the two days each week that I used other masks I own - you'd expect to see some impact. Unfortunately I didn't with this, so it's not one I recommend and I've put it to the back of the cupboard for now because I need something more.

It's a thick, pink gel with a faint rose scent that's not overpowering and doesn't linger, so you can't smell it after the mask is applied. It feels beautifully cooling and soothing on the skin for a good while after application, and that's probably the only good thing I've noticed about it in terms of impact - I think it does calm down the skin if you're feeling sensitive and irritated, as I have been.

Having said this, the mask does sting a little when applied over those extra dry patches around my mouth and nose, so I'm not sure what's in it that's causing the stinging, but I'd test this first if you have super sensitive skin.

When I wash it off, I notice no difference in how my skin looks and feels. It may look a tiny bit more plumped and feel a touch softer for a short while after use, but that's about it. I've also seen no cumulative effect over the good month that I've applied the product religiously.

I'm also using my HG Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask once a week at the moment (reviewed here), and that one runs rings around this one in terms of effect. Since they both claim to do the same things and are in a similar price bracket, I would absolutely recommend that one over this on any day.

Also, I tried the Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask yesterday (which also came in the set), just to compare it to this one, and while the gold mask made a huge difference to my skin after only one use, this one has sadly done nothing that it's claimed to do over a good month of use.

I should say that I'm a difficult test subject - even more than usual, because I am picky with face masks anyway - since my skin is super dry and dehydrated at the moment (pregnancy and cold weather ain't a good mix for already dry skin!), so this mask was always going to have to work hard to earn its stripes, and it really hasn't.

On the claims: I don't think it rejuvenates or repairs at all; I do think it's cooling but it doesn't encourage younger-looking skin; it doesn't help with radiance but it does make the skin feel a touch softer; and it definitely doesn't address things like fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness and sagging as claimed.

All in all, this is a bad product and I've given it a disappointing products tag. Maybe it would be ok for younger, normal and/or oily skin that doesn't need much hydration (which isn't what it's designed for!), but for my dry, ageing skin, this mask fell sorely short and I've put it aside to use in summer, for the cooling effect alone.

Avoid this one. It's just not worth the effort or the pricetag.

I'm feeling my way a bit with this whole Project Dent concept I've started this month, so while I'd thought I'd be updating you earlier in May, turns out this particular palette is so large and densely packed that it's really only now that I'm starting to see any dents in the thing at all - and they're small dents at that!

Anyhoo. If you don't know what I'm going on about, I introduced what I'm calling Project Dent this year because I have a lot of makeup items that don't look like they've been used, even though they have. So because they're not suitable for Project Pan (unless I want to include them in PP for the next five years ; )), I wanted to give myself a reason to use them consistently for a period of time so they would start to look more loved.

For more info on Project Dent and how/why I'm doing it, see my introductory post here.

I picked Stila's Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind first because it's the oldest eyeshadow palette I own and I've also never reviewed it. 

While I still haven't reviewed it because getting good swatches has taken me ages - it's a big palette and I have so little time and energy these days, being pregnant and having a toddler - I will be doing that soon, so stay tuned if you're interested.

Here's what my palette looked like on May 10, when I introduced it into the Project Dent series:

And below is what it's looking like now. Not much difference, is there?! At least, not one you can easily see in photos.

Anyway, I've used this palette every day for three weeks and there is a slight difference in how the pans look. I've even finally ventured into the black, which I hadn't done before since I don't use black eyeshadow for anything (I prefer dark brown for defining and lining the eyes).

On days where I wanted to use different eyeshadows, I got a bit creative with this and used a mix of the brown and grey on my brows and also tested that mix as a contour (it worked well enough), and I could even get away with using a few of the shades as blushes and a mix of some shades for my bronzer. 

Yes the pans are small but you can squish up a larger brush to get in there and ensure an even coating before releasing the bristles and applying the product to a larger area (it does need to be the right brush though). The yellow and pink highlighter shades also work well-enough for setting your concealer and slightly brightening the under-eyes, so this is a good palette for travel because you can 'bend' it to suit a few different uses.

While I won't review the palette here (I'll post on that separately soon), what I will say is that this palette isn't the best for me right now because I'm pregnant and the weather is getting cooler, so my skin looks and feels drier and older than it ever has, and these shadows are quite dry, dense and powdery, so they show texture easily and it's not something I would recommend for mature skin. But more on all that in my upcoming review.

In sum, I'm super glad that this palette has had some more love and is looking a tiny bit more worn, and I can't wait to choose my next product for Project Dent. I might stick with the Stila theme for now and pick something else from the brand, since I have a couple of other Stila products that I'd like to review.

'Till then : )
I always find doing full Project Pan updates a bit of a hassle, since I have to locate all my products and this often necessitates a few trips up and down the stairs because I invariably forget some items when I'm bringing down the first couple of loads.

But here we are and I'm always happy to sit down in front of my computer when I've taken the photos and edited them, since writing is my first love and photography is just something that I've attempted to get better at, and it doesn't call to me in the same way.

Anyhoo. It's been a great month for Project Pan and I've managed to finish four products in total, including two that I've already touched on in mini updates throughout the month so I won't talk about those now, but here are the other two I've knocked off:

Yay! The Elizabeth Arden Triple Action Protector (reviewed here) is a newer inclusion and it only contained 15ml of product so it didn't last long, but I included it in Project Pan because its marked expiry date is July 2016 so I needed to use it. I enjoyed it but it's not the product for me due to the hefty pricetag and the fact that it's not something that does anything well enough to warrant a permanent spot in my collection.

The Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Concealer in Flawless (reviewed here) has been on my list for ages so I'm pleased that it's finished and I can now focus on testing a few new concealers that I've been waiting to open. It's a beautiful product and I do have a back-up for it (I received both samples in sub boxes), but it doesn't give enough coverage for me at the moment because I'm too sleep-deprived and need something with more punch.

As for the rest of my list:

There are now fourteen products in total:

  • Bloom Eye Definer Pencil in Dark Brown
  • Dd'ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 in Espresso
  • Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner
  • Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist
  • 'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Eyeshadow + Base 
  • 'Tini Beauty Pearl Fizz Eyeshadow
  • Australis AC ON Tour kit
  • The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Raw Cacao
  • Lust Have It Sunset Strobe Natural Highlighter
  • Mememe Cosmetics Goddess Rocks 
  • Revlon Age Defying CC Cream in 030 Medium
  • GHD Straight & Tame Cream
  • Cheek Room Lip Palette
  • Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Plumper in 12 Hoot Mint
  • Evelyn Iona Concealer in Flawless
  • Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector
  • Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sarah Jane Neon Coral
  • Nella Fantasia Pore Control Astringent Gel

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

My Australis contour kit continues to get a little smaller by the day. The highlighting powders won't last out next month, and after that I may well decide that my work here is done and kick the palette off the list because I'd never intended to get through all of it - just half.

I do use the middle contour shade on my brows, however, and the other two powders work well with my hair-colour as dry shampoos, so we'll see.

Both the Revlon CC Cream and GHD hair treatment are decent products, it's just that I've had them so long that they need to get used.

Unfortunately you can't see how much is gone from either, but they're both getting regular use and the CC Cream should be gone within a few months because it's something I can apply quite heavily to make sure I'm getting the benefit of its sun protection, and it's not a heavy coverage product so I don't wind up with cake face when I use it.

The GHD product could well last out the year since it takes me so long to get through haircare products like this one, but I have been pretty good at applying it often, so we'll see.

Look at my eye products! They're all looking nicely used, so I'm pleased about that.

The 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial is a great product but I'm so ready to be done with it because it's been on my list for ages, so fingers crossed I can finish it within two months.

The rubbish Be a Bombshell Eye Base makes a good highlight for the collarbones and I can see that being done reasonably soon too, and while the 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow may well last out the year - even with daily use - I don't mind that because it's a great product that can be used as a highlighter on the face as well as the eyes, and I have a back-up for it so I'm happy to pan this one.

As for the pencils, they're all being used daily and the Bloom product in particular (which I'm using for my brows) is getting nicely small. Once it's too short to hold easily when I sharpen it, I'll consider it finished and I'm hoping that will happen in either June or July.

I use the Teeez and Dd'ell pencils on my upper and lower waterlines respectively, so it's slow going with those because I don't need much per application and they'll likely last until Christmas. I'm hoping to get through them faster than that because I don't have replacements for them and I'd like to buy and test something new, so fingers crossed they're done sooner than expected.

The Tonymoly gloss is a newer inclusion and I've been using it daily so it's already starting to look rather worn. There's around two-thirds left and I've managed to use up the other third in about a month, so it will be gone soon enough and I'll be able to start using something I prefer.

You can see that I've hit pan in two of the shades in my Cheek Room lip palette, and I'm really looking forward to finishing it off because I plan to clean it and fill the pans with the Sportsgirl lipsticks I own, which I love but aren't getting used enough. The product will last a while though (four months of frequent use?), so I'll have to commit myself to using it a little more often than I currently am.

Last up, the powders. The Mememe Goddess Rocks are dwindling slowly but surely as I continue to use them by crushing them and making a shimmery body lotion that's been great over the summer but is now more of a chore because I'm showing less skin since the temperature has dropped. Hoh well, at least I know that I'm looking all tanned and glowy beneath the trackies ; )

The Lust Have It highlighter and blush from The Cosmetic Kitchen are both showing nice dents, although I'm not sure how well you can see that from the photos. These will last an eternity but my aim is to hit pan on both at least, and then I might switch them out and focus on other products.

Above are the two products I've chosen to replace the two I've just finished.

I picked a concealer to replace the Evelyn Iona one, and a cleanser that isn't getting used.

Croquis Dual Concealer in 02

This was a Memebox inclusion and I do like the formula but the concealer shade is far too pale and cool for my skintone so I haven't been using it. I do use the highlighter shade and I love it, but I've had the product for ages now so it's high time I got through it. I've reviewed it here.

The highlighter shade will go first since I love it under the eyes (over my regular concealer, just to brighten the area a little) because it's so thin that it never looks cakey and it does a great job of making me look more awake. 

The other shade is harder but I've been using it to bring down the colour of my tinted moisturiser now that I'm paler, although I can only use a tiny amount or it will make the mix too thick and give me more coverage than I want.

I've no idea how long this will last: four or five months? We'll see.

Suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion

Full review here. I love almost all the Suki products I own but this one is pretty useless so I never reach for it. Problem is, it doesn't clean well and it also leaves a film on my face that needs to be washed off with other products.

I've used three-quarters of the bottle so it shouldn't last too long in theory, but I've been forcing myself to use it since the beginning of the year (when it was already half-gone) and I just can't seem to get through it! That's where Project Pan comes in...

Cross your fingers for me that it won't last more than a month or two : )

In sum

That's it! Here's to hoping that I have another good PP month in June. There are now sixteen products on my list, and while I didn't want to have more than fifteen, I'm fully expecting to finish at least one product in June so I just won't replace it when I do.

Let me know if you're doing Project Pan this year and how you're finding it if so.

I suddenly realised yesterday that it was almost the end of May and therefore high time for my usual monthly round up of favourites and empties, plus a much-needed Project Pan update.

To be honest I couldn't be bothered locating all my PP products and photographing those, and I haven't given thought to my favourites yet so I chose the empties post first since all my empties are sitting in a box near my camera spot, so I went for the low-hanging fruit ; )

Nella Fantasia Pore Control Astringent Gel

This was a Memebox inclusion that I've already discussed via Project Pan so I won't crap on about it here, but see my full review if you're interested in the product. In short, it's a great toning gel but I wasn't using it enough because I prefer toners you apply with a makeup pad - plus there was so much of the stuff that I wasn't getting through it (hence why I chucked it in Project Pan). Purchase? No.

Sans[ceuticals] Baobab Regenerative Body Cream

Full review here. This was a Maslow & Co inclusion and it's one of those products that I really wanted to love but just didn't. Problem was, I didn't feel it was hydrating enough for my dry skin, plus I had issues getting it to absorb well (damn streaking) and it was so thick that I used up my sample too quickly. Not what you want from an expensive body cream! Purchase? No.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food Radiance & Vitality Serum

I absolutely love this stuff: it absorbs and spreads well so a little goes a long way; it leaves my face looking brighter and fresher; and it smooths out my skin and leaves it looking hydrated and more radiant. Plus I feel like it's doing good things for my complexion in terms of making it look and feel more even. I've reviewed it here.

Problem is, the dropper arrangement means that you can't get the damn stuff out when you're halfway through the bottle, so you need to store it upside down and dispense it without the dropper (giving it a good whack on your hand once you get near the end of the product). ANNOYING. And reason enough not to buy it. Repurchase? Probably not, given the pricetag and dumbarse packaging.

L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Refinishing Gentle Microdermabrasion Exfoliator

Full review here. Man will I miss this stuff, and it's been discontinued so I can't buy it again. Annoying because dedicated microdermabrasion products aren't easy to find and the only one in Mecca (from Dr Brandt) costs a whopping $118. Argh! 

This L'Oreal one cost $40 and came with a matching post-treatment cream, and I'm thinking there must be another cheaper option on the market that's as good as this one: it resurfaces the skin beautifully without being too scratchy or harsh and I don't feel that it's harming my skin. Repurchase? Yes, if I could! Do let me know if you're aware of a good, inexpensive replacement.

Mecca Hands On Transforming Hand Cream

I received this last year from Mecca as my birthday gift, and it's one of those products that I liked more and more each time I used it. I've reviewed it here.

It's a great product that's nicely hydrating without being too heavy, and it leaves your hands feeling nourished and silky smooth. There's a slight residue left behind but it's not too slick or greasy, and it absorbs well. While it's not my favourite hand cream because it's not quite hydrating enough for my dry hands - which are super parched these days - I'd definitely consider buying it if my skin changes. Purchase? Maybe.

MOR Candied Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion

Full review here. I received this as a GWP and I absolutely love it. The scent is gorgeous and the texture is thicker and richer than what you'd expect from a 'lotion', which is fine by me because my dry skin loves it.

It leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished, and it doesn't leave a greasy residue. Plus the packaging is gorgeous and I've seen the 350ml full-sized bottle priced for as little as $15, so it's good value and it's on the wishlist. Purchase? Yes.

Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme

If you read this blog, you'll know I'm a sucker for Alpha-H products (it's my all-time favourite skincare brand), but I haven't had the best of luck with Alpha-H cleansers and this one didn't float my boat either. I've reviewed it here.

I didn't like it to start with, but it did grow on me over time and I've been using it for a morning cleanse because it doesn't remove makeup well enough to be used at night. Plus it's too gentle for me and it doesn't give me that clean, fresh feeling that I look for in a cleanser, but I think it would be great if you have really sensitive skin. Repurchase? No.

Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Concealer in Flawless

This is another Project Pan product so I won't say too much here, other than that I really like it because it's creamy (great for dry skin and fine lines) and the coverage is reasonable, plus it doesn't slip or crease if you set it with a powder. I've reviewed it here.

I received two of these in sub boxes so I was happy to finish one via Project Pan, and I'll save the other for a time when I'm less sleep-deprived because I need a touch more coverage these days and this doesn't give quite enough. Purchase? Maybe.

Phytocare Papaya Pawpaw Ointment (Lip Applicator)

Full review here. I'm not big on paw paw ointments and this one is no better or worse than any other I've tried. I don't use them on my lips because I find them too slippery/slimy for that, and while they do help with dry skin, flaky skin, I have so many other products I prefer that address those issues.

So I'm not a good test-subject for comparing paw paw ointments because they don't rock my socks, but this worked well as a foot balm for my dry tootsies so it was one of those products received from a sub box that was always going to get used. Purchase? No.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector

Another Project Pan empty for the month! I really do need to do that full PP update, so I'll try to get that started today. Briefly, this was a product from The Parcel and I liked it, but feel that it's overpriced because it doesn't perform any of its stated functions better than other products I own that are cheaper and do the same thing. Purchase? No.

In sum

A mixed bag of empties this month, and definitely a good month for Project Pan! My favourites are the MOR lotion and L'Oreal microdermabrasion product, and I do love the serum from Elemental Herbology but just can't stand the packaging.

What have you finished this month? Let me know if you've knocked off any favourites : )

Let it be said from the outset that I don't see a lot of value in a product like this. I would if it were hydrating and you could buy it in the chemist for a tenner, but fifty bucks for a body lotion that doesn't even do my skin the courtesy of being hydrating? No thanks.

I received it from Lust Have It, but I'd tried the product before in sachet-form from Violet Box and I was no more impressed with it the second time around than I was the first. It's worth noting this because sometimes your preferences change over time, but they haven't with this and it's not a product I would buy - particularly because I can make my own shimmery/bronzey body cream by adding a bronze eyeshadow or dedicated bronzer to my body cream, which is exactly what I've been doing via Project Pan to use up a bronzer I don't like.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look.

RCK claims/product details:
  • A luxurious, water-resistant body lotion that instantly gives your skin a radiant, sexy glow
  • Suitable for the body and face
  • Quick-drying, non-streaking, long-wearing and easy to apply
  • Won’t transfer onto clothing or furniture
  • Enhances the appearance of the legs, arms, and decollete
  • More than just a cosmetic, RCK is an anti-ageing treatment that gives you beautiful skin from head to toe
  • Our exclusive formula immediately camouflages imperfections while super-powered actives like vitamin k and c even skintone, reducing pigmentation and broken capillaries with regular use
  • A favourite among A-list celebrities and makeup artists – and a secret weapon on the red carpet
  • With RCK, you’ll always be ready for your profile pic, a hot date, or anytime you want to look and feel flawless
  • Medium is excellent for light to dark skin
  • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free
  • RRP $49.95 for 160ml

There's the medium colour above, and I've rubbed it in below. The effect is subtle and not sparkly, but it's definitely there.

There's what your hands look like after application, so you will need to wash them after use:


This is one of those products that leaves me scratching my head a bit, for a number of reasons that I'll touch on below.

First off, it's a thin, runny product with no discernible scent, and a little goes a long way so you don't need to use much each time.

This is one of those items that's taken me AGES to review because I couldn't settle on how I felt about it, and I've swung back and forth on whether I think it's half-decent. I've known from the outset that it's overpriced and I'd never drop $50 on a something like this, but is it good at least?

The first time I used it, I loved how it made my legs look. It was nearing the end of summer and I applied it to one leg only and then showed my pins to my husband to get a second opinion. We both felt that the leg I'd used the product on looked a little more glowy and more tanned - but not in an obnoxious way and you couldn't really tell that I'd put anything on. 

It also made that particular leg seem a touch thinner and look more even in tone - although that's probably just due to the slight tint it gives because most of us look a little sleeker and more even when we're tanned - but in any event, I thought I had a winning product on my hands.

So I thought, ok, I'll take this away with me when we go to Bali because it's more of a summer product and I wasn't going to waste it when I spend most of my life wearing trackies and chasing my toddler around the park and at home, since it ain't cheap and you want to get some benefit from using it (eg wearing it to special events etc and looking a little more glowy and just more healthy overall when people are actually going to see you).

But in Bali, something happened. First, it was then that I realised the product does absolutely nothing for hydration, because I was dumb enough to think I could just use this on my arms and legs as my body cream, so I only took a small body cream that would last out the week on the rest of me. Not a good idea. My skin wound up dry because this doesn't deliver any hydration or nourishment, so I wouldn't recommend using this on its own because you need to prep your skin with something else first.

The other thing that happened while we were away is that I just couldn't get an even coat with the product: it was so unbelievably streaky and it just wouldn't absorb or rub in, so it got to the point where I couldn't use it for anything - unless I wanted to look like I'd had a fight with a bottle of fake tan.

Perhaps the problem was that it made my skin so dry that my skin gripped onto it (hence the streakiness), so do be aware of that if your skin tends towards dryness because you'll need to make sure that you're well-exfoliated and hydrated before using the product.

Also, it says you can use this on your face but I personally wouldn't try that again because I used it twice that way and it stung my skin in the areas where it tends to get dry and irritated (generally around my mouth and nose), so be careful with the product if you have dry or sensitive skin.

I've been trialling it again over the past week and it sometimes streaks a bit, but not as badly as it did in Bali. The fact that it makes my hands look like the tin man after use also annoys me because the sheen hangs around even after washing - so I guess that confirms that the product is water-resistant, which can be a good or bad thing!

On the claims I haven't touched on yet: yes it adds radiance and it's quick to dry; I agree that it doesn't transfer onto clothing and it's long-wearing; and yes it helps camouflage imperfections and enhances the appearance of your skin.

As for the anti-ageing claims and whether it evens skintone, reduces pigmentation and broken capillaries with regular use, I can't speak to those because it's not the kind of product that I personally would use often enough to get those kinds of benefits - and I suspect that many people would say the same, particularly given the pricetag!

In sum, I don't think the product is worth the money and it's also inconsistent, so I can't be certain that it will look the way I want it to with each and every use. I also think it should be more hydrating than it is (for $50 it should at least deliver some moisture as well as a glow), plus I just can't be bothered making sure my skin is exfoliated and super nourished before every use to help with the streaking issues.

While the effect is nice when it works, I personally would save your pennies and buy something cheap from the chemist that does the same thing and hydrates your body at the same time. This one's for special occasions when you have enough time beforehand to prep your body well and make sure the product looks good.

Have you used this? I'd love to hear your thoughts if so : )

I was lucky enough for a friend to pass this product on to me: she'd just come back from overseas and had a few travel-sized body products that she wasn't going to use, so I happily snapped those up because I'm low on body products and I'm always up for trying something new.

I've had some good luck with body products from The Body Shop in the past - they're not hugely expensive and come in a range of beautiful scents - and while I'd normally pick a cream or body butter over a lotion because I prefer heavier products on my dry skin, I was more than happy to try something from the lotion range because I've never used one from The Body Shop before.

As predicted, it doesn't have enough punch for my dry skin, but I've enjoyed using it and I'm sure it would provide more than enough hydration for those with normal or oily skin.

The Body Shop claims/product details:
  • A moisturising body lotion that leaves the skin smooth, supple and subtly scented 
  • The fragrance is a captivating blend of jasmine with touches of warm vanilla, orchid, sandalwood and neroli
  • Lightweight hydration 
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother 
  • RRP $17.95 for 200ml or $4.95 for 60ml


This is a lightweight lotion with a sweet, floral scent that I don't mind but it's not one I would have chosen for myself because I tend to prefer something less floral and with a little more complexity.

The texture is quite thin and runny, which is a good thing in one sense because a little goes a long way so it's good value on that front because the bottle takes a while to get through, but a bad thing in another sense because I think the texture contributes to the fact that it's not hydrating enough for my dry skin.

Having said this, the product does provide some moisture and it doesn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortable. It's just that I'm a hard test-subject because I need something richer and I suspect that The Body Shop's lotions weren't designed for those with my skin type anyway.

Despite the fact that it spreads and absorbs well so you don't need to use too much each time, I personally think that it's not worth the price tag and you can find something just as good (if not better) in the chemist or supermarket for a fraction of the price.

I would also recommend MOR body products over those from The Body Shop because they're generally in a similar price range and I think that MOR products are better overall. See eg my recent review of the MOR Candied Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion, which I've seen priced at $15 for 350ml - almost twice the size of this lotion and a few bucks cheaper - and let's face it, the packaging just looks more luxe and feels more special.

On the product claims, this does provide lightweight hydration and it does leave skin feeling subtly fragranced, softer and smoother, but as mentioned, I reckon it's better for those who don't have dry skin and need something more nourishing.

In sum, I would skip this particular product from The Body Shop and spend your pennies elsewhere. It's ok but it's overpriced for what it is.

I received this product in a Priceline haircare baggie last year, and it took me a while to open it because I had a few hair treatments on the go and they take so long to get through. Happily Project Pan helped me finish off an old one, so I was able to open this product at the beginning of the year.

My golly, what have I been missing all this time?! Trust OGX to come up with something as brilliant as this. Indeed, I like it so much that I've taken a punt and bought the matching black versions of the shampoo and conditioner, rather than replacing my HG brown macadamia oil ones (reviewed here), so I'll be opening those up soon and can't wait to try them.

Anyhoo. On to the product.

OGX claims/product details:
  • Precious kukui nut oil has natural hydrating and waterproofing abilities
  • A perfect blend infused with kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret
  • Helps create and define frizz-free curls
  • Add an infusion of creamy coconut milk and sweet jasmine to the party and you've got tumbling waves with tonnes of shine
  • To use: apply a small amount to palm, rub hands together and then apply evenly to the surface of damp, towel dried hair, working through to the ends
  • RRP $17.99 AUD for 177ml, but do shop around (it's 30% off at Priceline right now)

There's what the product looks like:


This stuff is amazing and I reckon it's nudged out John Frieda's Frizz Ease from top position on my hair treatment list. The John Frieda product has been a favourite for years and I never thought anything could beat it, but I think something finally has. I still can't quite believe it!

It's a thick, waxy product that melts into more of an oil/gel hybrid once warmed by your hands. It has a light, fruity scent that does linger a touch in your hair, but in a good way - it leaves your hair smelling fresh and sweet without being overpowering or interfering with your perfume.

I've applied this to both dry and wet hair and I've noticed no difference in terms of whether it works better either way. What I will say is that a little goes a long way, and I wouldn't over-apply it because that's when it might start to weigh the hair down and reduce the time between washes.

What I love about the product is that it de-frizzes my dry, wavy hair and adds a healthy amount of shine. It also makes my hair more bouncy, soft and manageable, and the effect lasts for days so you don't need to keep applying it.

On the product claims: yes it hydrates and manages frizz; yes it defines curls and waves; and yes it does give your hair shine and makes it look bouncy.

The other good thing is that it's lightweight and I can't feel or see it on my hair once it's applied. So it's not greasy and doesn't leave a crunchy residue, and it also doesn't reduce the time between washes because it doesn't have that annoying build-up effect that I get with so many other products.

All in all, I love this product and can't recommend it enough. It's a god-send for those of us with dry, frizzy hair that tends towards dullness and tangles. My hair just looks shiny and healthy when I use this - a rare thing for my parched strands.

Love. I can't see myself ever being without this product again!

I've been stuffing around a bit this morning and padding out some of my draft posts with a few comments, but I haven't felt like dedicating myself to writing any of them - then I remembered that it was high time I got this post up because I've used everything and I don't want to forget what I thought of each product!

I mentioned earlier in the week that my husband and I went away last weekend for a few days, and I took these products with me to cut down on toiletries. I was also hoping for miracles when it came to the masks because my skin is so dry at the moment (call that pregnancy and colder weather: not a great mix), and unfortunately no miracles arrived - which doesn't surprise me because sheet masks and I have never been friends, but more on that below.

Sephora Rose Therapy Mask

This mask is designed to leave your skin smooth and firm, and is also meant to reduce the appearance of blemishes.

I always feel a bit bad reviewing sheet masks because I just don't like them and never have. Only one has ever impressed me (a sheet mask from Wei that's no longer available from Mecca), and normally they all do the same thing - little more than slapping a wet towel on your face for ten minutes - and I just can't find much to distinguish them. This one's fine and contains enough moisture, but that's really all I can say about it!

Lonvitalite C2 Collagen Firming & Moisturising Mask, and C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Mask

I used these while we were away because my skin was so dry, flaky and uncomfortable that I was searching for something extra to help with the dryness. Unfortunately these did bugger all and I couldn't distinguish between the two in terms of effect, although I did like the smell of the coconut one because I love coconut as a scent.

Otherwise these are no better or worse than any other sheet mask I've tried. There's nothing more to say! Do let me know if you're a sheet mask fan and why you like them, because I just can't work out why they do nothing for me.

Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser that's designed to gently remove oil, impurities and dirt from the skin without stripping natural oils.

I liked the smell of the product but it just didn't float my boat. It didn't seem to clean that well and I needed to double cleanse with it and then go in with an Alpha-H product to finish the job. Not what you want from a $48 cleanser! This one's a pass for me.

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti Wrinkle Cream

This one's apparently proven to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin firmness and elasticity, improve the appearance of skin discolouration and significantly hydrate.

Even with this little sachet, I can confirm that it does plump up the skin and help with firmness and elasticity (at least temporarily), and it does do a great job of hydrating my dry skin. But do I think you need to spend $135 on a cream that does all these things? No I do not. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturiser SPF 15

Now there's a bit of confusion here because my sachet said SPF 47 and the bottle on the Mecca website says SPF 15, so I'm not sure what's going on there but perhaps the sachet is a reformulated version of this moisturiser that's yet to come out.

In any event, I LOVED this. The full size (60ml) is $48 and that's a price I'm willing to pay for a good-sized moisturiser with a decent dose of sunscreen that delivers heaps of hydration to my dry skin. It might be too much for some because it is quite a greasy product that takes some work to rub in, but it's worth it for me because I need the nourishment and this cream really delivers on that front.

It's on the wishlist, but I'll wait for the version that contains more sunscreen (assuming that's soon to be released).

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant

I've been on the lookout for a replacement microdermabrasion product ever since I finished my L'Oreal one (sadly discontinued) and this was the only one available at Mecca, so I grabbed a sample and hoped I didn't love it, given the $118 price tag. 

Unfortunately I do love it and it does exactly what I want it to do - it polishes away dead surface skin without being too harsh and scratchy, and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully smooth and looking less lined.

Now I don't think you should need to pay over $100 for something like this (my L'Oreal one was $40 and came with a matching treatment cream) - however, microdermabrasion products are harder to find than you might think, and at least this one is a whopping 60ml in size so it's twice as large as most other products on the market. It's on the wishlist. And my birthday is coming up soon... 

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer in Luminous Light

This is meant to be an illuminating primer that achieves the ultimate lit-from-within glow. Now I'm a complete Hourglass junkie so I'm always keen to check out the brand's new releases and I couldn't wait to test this one, but I'm on the fence about it - a good thing, because it ain't cheap and I don't think I can justify dropping $65 on a primer.

While it does do a remarkable job of correcting my complexion and I like the effect it gives, I'm not loving the texture or how the product applies. It's very thin and streaky and takes some work to rub in, plus it sits in pores so I wind up with little white dots all over my face - meaning I can't wear this product alone and would always have to put a base over it. This one's a pass for me and I'll stick to my beloved Ambient Lighting Powders : )

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid in Adventurous

This is described as a revolutionary argan oil powered foundation that supports a flawless looking complexion and healthy skin. I thought my dry skin would love it, but I have to say, I really really didn't like this and don't even want to finish off my sample!

I'll likely do a first impressions post (same goes for the Hourglass product above) so you can see the colour and why I don't like the formula. It's super streaky and looks like a mask on me, plus it sits in pores and settles into lines throughout the day. I actually had to wash this off when I first used it because I was going out and couldn't handle how my skin looked. I may need to play with it some more but I don't think this is the product for me.

In sum

This wasn't a great bunch of samples and the stand-outs for me were the Dr Brandt and Josie Maran products. Everything else didn't quite hit the mark.

Do let me know if you've tried anything great recently: I'm after a good facial moisturiser in particular, and one that doesn't break the bank.

You may remember that I bought one of these Maybelline lipsticks at half-price back in January, and I fell in love with it so much that I couldn't resist buying a couple more when Priceline had a 40% off sale earlier in the year.

I opted to buy one shade in the cream formula because that's the one I fell in love with, and the other shade in this matte formula because I liked the colour and wanted to see how I went with Maybelline's mattes. As you may know, I tend to steer clear of matte products because I'm dry everywhere, but a good matte lipstick shouldn't dry out your lips - and happily this one doesn't.

Maybelline claims/product details:
  • Lips slip into our creamiest matte
  • New mattifying cream pure pigments
  • Delivers a burst of bold colour and a surge of creamy texture for the creamiest matte 
  • Available in 20 make-a-statement shades
  • RRP $17.95 AUD for 4.2g, but do shop around

There's a shot of the bullet in direct sunlight above and in natural light below. You can see that the colour changes in different lights.

It's one of those shades that seems to look different on everyone, and while some would describe it as pink, on me it pulls more purple - which is what I prefer and I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

Swatched in natural light:

 In direct sunlight:

 And indoors:

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product, direct sunlight:

 Indirect sunlight:

In natural light:

And in the shade:


This is a great product, and if you can pick it up from Chemist Warehouse or Priceline when they have one of their big sales, you'll be paying less than ten bucks for it - score!

As mentioned above, 'Lust for Blush' is one of those colours that seems to look different on everyone. I've seen it described as a cool pink with blue undertones, a rosy pink and a mauve. On me it's definitely a mauve and I can really see the purple undertones on my lips (even more so than in the above photos), which is what I was after and I'm really pleased with the shade.

In any event, it's worth testing the colour before buying it because I don't think you can completely rely on swatches you find online - unless you come across a blogger who has your colouring and a similar natural lip shade to yours.

As for the formula, I really like it: it applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't tug, plus it really delivers on pigment and doesn't bleed or feather throughout the day. The lipstick also wears well and doesn't fade easily, but you will need to touch up after eating and drinking (or at least I do).

The product has a faint, sweet scent that I quite like - I'm smelling vanilla - and I suspect that most people will be ok with it because the smell isn't strong and it doesn't linger so you shouldn't be aware of it after application. 

The finish isn't a true matte (it's more of a demi-matte with a creamy feel), which I personally prefer because anything that's too matte tends to emphasise or exacerbate lip lines. This one doesn't. It doesn't diminish them like glosses do, but it certainly doesn't make them worse and the formula feels hydrating enough that I don't need to wear a gloss over the top to keep my lips feeling comfortable. This is unusual for me when it comes to lip products that aren't super creamy, so I'm giving it huge ticks on that front.

It's quite a thick formula that feels almost velvety when you press your lips together, and if you layer on too much it can crumble/bunch up a little, but I've only ever found this happens when I reapply it throughout the day and go a bit overboard: otherwise it doesn't do this at all.

All in all, this is a sensational product and I can't fault it. I guess the only thing I will say is that I prefer the creamier formula in these lipsticks (I've reviewed one here), but that's a personal preference thing because I normally like a glossier finish so it's got nothing to do with the quality of this particular lipstick.

One of the nicest matte formulas I've tried : )
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