Jersey Shore Spa Anti-ageing Whole Body Balm - review


This is one of those products that, when I received it, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to use it for - but in the end it's slotted into my daily routine quite nicely, as though there were always a spot waiting to be filled.

It was the sneak peek item from Lust Have It's March 2016 Women's Box (reviewed here), and it's one of those products you wind up with from sub boxes that you'd never have picked out for yourself (or at least, I wouldn't), but I have found a use for it and I'll happily finish my bullet - which appears to be vanishing rather quickly - but more on all that below.

I should say, though, that we were all expecting a 'whole body balm' and I reckon I wasn't the only one who had a giggle in disbelief when the box showed up and I saw that the product was the size of a Chapstick!

Jersey Shore spa claims/product details:
  • Perfect for cold weather 
  • An all-purpose balm with a multitude of uses
  • Use on the face, lips and outer eye area to condition, hydrate and soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes and nourishes all skin, including cheeks, noses, lips, elbows and feet
  • Smooths hair fly aways 
  • Conditions hands, cuticles and fingernail beds
  • Use to remove makeup smudges on the go
  • Use before bed to remove makeup smudges and condition lashes
  • Great for high altitudes and airline travel
  • A certified organic formula using the very best all natural ingredients
  • Contains nutrient rich, organic argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e - known to have anti-ageing properties and proven to deeply condition, nourish and hydrate skin and hair
  • Portable: great for makeup bags, gym bags, childcare bags, extreme weather, sports and travel
  • Delicately scented with geranium
  • Free from petroleum, parabens and petrochemicals 
  • Environmentally safe, kid safe, cruelty free
  • One tube = 1000+ strokes/ applications
  • RRP $20 AUD for 4.25g (according to Lust Have It), or $45 USD (according to the Jersey Shore Spa website)


Now I should start out by saying that I haven't used this for all the purposes stated in the product's description, so in that sense this won't be a 'complete' review - but if I used it for everything then we'd be here 'till Christmas, and I'd much rather just focus on the way I've been using it because I think that will be the most useful.

It's a waxy product that does indeed look and feel like a Chapstick, and it has quite a strong geranium scent so I'd test this first if you don't like fragranced skincare.

I'm sure this would work on dry skin anywhere (eg cracked heels and flaky skin around the mouth), but I have products I'm using for such things and I was more interested in finding a 'gap' in my collection and filling it with this product. I guess that's the benefit of a multipurpose item like this: you can always find some use for it, so it won't go to waste.

To start with I thought I was going to throw this into my back up stores and eventually use it on my feet, but when I saw that you can use it before bedtime to condition lashes and remove makeup smudges, I thought 'bingo' because I absolutely need something for that and I have nothing else in my collection to fill that spot.

So what I do now is swipe it four times (once above and below each eye) and work it into my skin. It does help give some relief to my dry eye area, and it does remove those mascara shadows that I often can't get rid of, even after a hot shower. I'm pleased about this because I don't like going to bed with any makeup on my face, and this does the job nicely. So yes, it will work for removing makeup smudges on the go if you want to throw it into your handbag and use it for that.

I've always had dry everything - skin, nails, hair - and I do think this helps condition my lashes and makes them feel softer by morning. It's also doing a great job of hydrating my eye area, so much so that I've no idea what the eye cream I'm testing at the moment is doing because this is plumping the skin overnight and it's feeling much more comfortable than it was before I started using the product.

I should also say that I've tried it on my lips a few times, and it does work for this because it's not too slippery so it coats the lips well and hangs around. It's also good for hydrating my cuticles and the skin around my nails, so I'm inclined to believe that you could use this absolutely anywhere and it will help condition dry skin and ease any discomfort you may have.

In sum, I do think this product meets its claims and I'm loving using it as an overnight treatment for my lashes and eye area. It's not something I would go out and buy - particularly if it really does cost $45 USD for this little stick! - but it's something I'll happily use until it's gone.

A nice product, and one you don't see every day.

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