Project Dent 2016 update: Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette in Mind


I'm feeling my way a bit with this whole Project Dent concept I've started this month, so while I'd thought I'd be updating you earlier in May, turns out this particular palette is so large and densely packed that it's really only now that I'm starting to see any dents in the thing at all - and they're small dents at that!

Anyhoo. If you don't know what I'm going on about, I introduced what I'm calling Project Dent this year because I have a lot of makeup items that don't look like they've been used, even though they have. So because they're not suitable for Project Pan (unless I want to include them in PP for the next five years ; )), I wanted to give myself a reason to use them consistently for a period of time so they would start to look more loved.

For more info on Project Dent and how/why I'm doing it, see my introductory post here.

I picked Stila's Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind first because it's the oldest eyeshadow palette I own and I've also never reviewed it. 

While I still haven't reviewed it because getting good swatches has taken me ages - it's a big palette and I have so little time and energy these days, being pregnant and having a toddler - I will be doing that soon, so stay tuned if you're interested.

Here's what my palette looked like on May 10, when I introduced it into the Project Dent series:

And below is what it's looking like now. Not much difference, is there?! At least, not one you can easily see in photos.

Anyway, I've used this palette every day for three weeks and there is a slight difference in how the pans look. I've even finally ventured into the black, which I hadn't done before since I don't use black eyeshadow for anything (I prefer dark brown for defining and lining the eyes).

On days where I wanted to use different eyeshadows, I got a bit creative with this and used a mix of the brown and grey on my brows and also tested that mix as a contour (it worked well enough), and I could even get away with using a few of the shades as blushes and a mix of some shades for my bronzer. 

Yes the pans are small but you can squish up a larger brush to get in there and ensure an even coating before releasing the bristles and applying the product to a larger area (it does need to be the right brush though). The yellow and pink highlighter shades also work well-enough for setting your concealer and slightly brightening the under-eyes, so this is a good palette for travel because you can 'bend' it to suit a few different uses.

While I won't review the palette here (I'll post on that separately soon), what I will say is that this palette isn't the best for me right now because I'm pregnant and the weather is getting cooler, so my skin looks and feels drier and older than it ever has, and these shadows are quite dry, dense and powdery, so they show texture easily and it's not something I would recommend for mature skin. But more on all that in my upcoming review.

In sum, I'm super glad that this palette has had some more love and is looking a tiny bit more worn, and I can't wait to choose my next product for Project Dent. I might stick with the Stila theme for now and pick something else from the brand, since I have a couple of other Stila products that I'd like to review.

'Till then : )

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