May 2016 empties #1


It's been quite a slow start to the month in terms of empties, and indeed most of these products have been held over from April. 

Only three full-sized products are in the above lot, and while I do have a couple more that I've finished since I took these photos, I did want to clear out my empties box of all these minis and trial sizes - in particular the Ren products - which have been there for a while.

I guess I was due for a smaller month of empties because the last two months have been rather large, and I suspect I've got another big month coming up in June, if the look of my current stores is anything to go by. Plus I'm due to finish some of my Project Pan products soon, so stay tuned for that!

Anyhoo. Enough preamble. Let's have a look : )

Bio Oil

This is an oldie but a goodie. I've reviewed it here. It's such a great product, and of all the oils I've ever tried, this one has probably made the most difference to my skin - which is why I keep coming back to it.

It keeps dryness at bay, spreads beautifully and absorbs well, and it's not too expensive (particularly if you find it on special, which it always is somewhere). I think it also has an impact on uneven skintone, and my skin always looks better when I'm using this. Repurchase? Yes.

Sasy n Savy Hand Cream in Orchid from Paradise, Jasmine

Full review here. I really didn't like this stuff. The scent is fake, off-putting and overpowering, and it lingers so you can't get away from it after application unless you wash the stuff off (which I did more than once).

It also leaves a seriously greasy residue - which also made me wash it off - and I ended up getting through the tube by using it as a body cream on my legs only (to keep the scent as far away from my nose as possible!). Purchase? No.

Pure Tan Pure Moisture Coconut Body Créme

This was a sample from my beautyheaven beautorium haul and it's amazing! It smells so good and the cream itself is super hydrating. My dry skin loved it. 

It also absorbs well and the texture is just divine - so rich and nourishing without being too heavy. I might have to buy this if I ever see it on special (it costs around $30, which is more than I'd normally spend on a body cream). Love. Purchase? Yes, if I can find it on special.

Veda Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Body Lotion

I've been through a few of these now and I haven't reviewed the product yet because I can't find anything about it online, and it mightn't be widely available for purchase - we poached a bunch of them from a hotel we were staying in last year and I think you can only buy the product from the Queensland spa that makes it. 

It's a beautiful lotion that smells divine and is a lot more hydrating than standard lotions, which generally aren't heavy enough for me. Sadly this is my last tube, and I'll miss the stuff because I really like it. Purchase? Yes, if I could find it!

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

Full review here. I wound up with two of these in sub boxes and unfortunately I don't love the product because it's just not rich and hydrating enough for my dry skin, but the good news is that I can still use a drop of it to mix with my foundation (so it spreads better), so all is not lost.

I've seen quite a few rave reviews of this product so looks like it works well for some people, it's just that my dry skin needs more. But it works well as a mixer product and that's how I'll use up my two bottles. Purchase? No.

Reed Pure Olive Charcoal Detox Bar (Castille)

I received this bundle of four soaps in a sub box and liked them so much that I went out and bought a few to include in Christmas presents. I've reviewed them here.

They're just divine little soaps and they lasted me for ages, despite daily use. They also foam nicely and come in a variety of interesting scents, plus they're very gentle so they're good for sensitive skin like mine. Repurchase? Yes.

Bundle of Ren samples

I'll be brief with these because I've talked about each of them before.

The Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream (reviewed here) is too pale for me and the finish makes me look powdered and dead, so that's a no in terms of buying it.

The Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot (reviewed here) is one of the few Ren skincare products I've tried that really doesn't agree with my skin - it's super tightening and uncomfortable on me - so that's also a no for buying it.

Finally, the Ren V-Cense Day and Night Creams (mini reviews here) both worked for me, and while I wouldn't buy the night cream because it didn't blow my socks off, the day cream is another story and it's on my wishlist (so no for the night cream and a yes for the day cream).

In sum

This isn't my finest bunch of empties and the stand-outs are Bio Oil, the Ren V-Cense Day Cream, and the Pure Tan and Veda body creams. The rest I can take or leave.

Have you finished anything amazing this month? I'd love to hear : )

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