Slowly, slowly my overstocked drawers and boxes are becoming emptier and I'm pleased to see a more 'normal' amount of beauty products waiting to be opened. Soon enough what's open will be all there is, and I won't have 564 back up moisturisers because I ordered too many subscription boxes. That's on top of the stuff I bought on special at the pharmacy because it was 'such a good deal' and I would NEED it soon enough.


Project Pan 2015 items

I won't rehash my thoughts on these because I've done that in my Project Pan posts, but suffice to say that I love the Revlon CC and would buy it again (and I fortunately have a back up from Marie Claire's The Parcel), but I would never have bought the Tonymoly clear mascara (from Memebox) because I have no use for it other than as an eyebrow gel, and I have better products for that purpose. As for the Dewytree powder (also from Memebox), I quite liked that and enjoyed using it, but not enough to seek it out.

Premium Spa Face & Body Mask

Full review here. This came with a Lust Have It box last year. As with most face masks, I didn't notice any major after-effect from this product, other than that my skin felt a bit nicer afterwards. Having said this, if you're after a budget-friendly mask you can't go wrong with this one - it smells and feels wonderful, and performs just as well as products that cost twice as much. Purchase? Probably not.

Allegra Rhodes Hand & Nail Cream in Sweet Apple & Grapefruit

Full review here. Both Mex and I are sad to see this handcream go: it smells so amazing and is wonderfully moisturising and nourishing. It's definitely in my top five hand creams for the smell alone, but it also stands out for being super rich without being greasy. Repurchase? Yes.

Cellbydate The Real Galacto Zero Essence

This was another Memebox inclusion that promised the world but delivered nothing. Full review here. It's meant to be moisturising, oil and ph balancing, revitalising, soothing and skin boosting; and it's comparable to the super expensive SK-II Pitera Essence because it contains the same main ingredient (galactomyces ferment filtrate). I noticed no effect from it, but it worked well enough as a kind of toner - it removed the final layer of gunk from my face after cleansing. Purchase? No.

Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel

Full review here. Another Memebox inclusion. I liked using this for its beautiful, marine colour more than anything else. It was fine to apply over makeup throughout the day to keep my skin looking fresher, but I wouldn't have used it as part of my normal skincare routine because it wasn't particularly hydrating or plumping etc. Still, it had a nice cooling effect and was good to use over summer. Purchase? No.

Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner 

These showed up in Marie Claire's Spring Edit of The Parcel. I do love Pantene hair products. I know many don't, but they've always done wonders for my dry hair and it's a brand I know I can rely on. From what I can tell, Pantene's range isn't as good if your hair isn't dry, damaged and frizzy etc - but if it is and like me you have issues finding products that are heavy enough but don't weigh your hair down, then this is a brand to try. Purchase? Yes.

Hair+ Velvet Nutri-injection

Another Memebox inclusion. Full review here. In sum, this product was fine, it just wasn't the best hair treatment of this nature that I've used. It did add some moisture but it also weighed my hair down and I have much better products on hand to deal with dryness etc. In the end I used it as a hair mask in the shower, just to get through the tube. Purchase? No.

L'Oreal Elvive Total Repair Extreme 1 Minute Miracle

Full review here. I didn't like this at all unfortunately, and I was expecting to because I like the L'Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner I'm currently using. It didn't add anything extra and my hair felt no better after using it. Purchase? No.

Enesti Ultra Volume Mascara

Another Memebox inclusion, but fortunately this one was decent. Full review here. It's a great (and cheap!) little mascara and I love the brush in particular - I found it easy to use and I have trouble with many brushes because my puffy eyes can make mascara application difficult (I always wind up with it everywhere). I was sad to see it go but it had gotten to the three-month gloopy stage so it was time to turf it. Purchase? No, but only because it's not readily available in Australia.

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser

Full review here. This was a Violet Box inclusion and I know from Facebook comments how many people really loved it. I thought it was ok but not amazing - it was too greasy and didn't absorb well at all. This became extra clear when I used the last little bits on my legs and arms after cutting the tube open to get the remnants out: it wouldn't sink in and I had to rub at it to get rid of the white streaks. I was happy to use it because it smelled and felt nice, but it wasn't right for my skin. Purchase? No.

SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipstick in Mermaid Kiss

Full review here. This was another Violet Box inclusion. You may remember that the tube of the Paper Cut colour of this product broke (the mouth split open of its own accord while the tube was sitting in a drawer) and the same thing happened to this one. You may remember that I included Paper Cut in my initial Project Pan 2015 list so I could get some use from it before it went rancid from being exposed to air. I couldn't bear to do the same with this one and use it every day, despite these being decent products - I needed a change. I have squeezed the majority of the tube into an airtight container and I may or may not use it before chucking it out later on. I've kept it to use as a mixer for some of my brighter orange colours - it subdues them a bit and creates a nice coral colour. Purchase? I did purchase two more of these a while ago but I'm wondering if I'll regret that due to the dodgy packaging!

In sum

Yay to finishing more products! My favourites in this lot were definitely the Allegra Rhodes hand cream, the Revlon CC and the Enesti mascara.

Looking forward to seeing what products bite the dust in April! I won't be surprised if I have even more drawer space after this coming month - hooray to that. One of the aims of my beauty spending ban is to get through what I have, and I'm slowly managing to do that.

When you're only subscribed to one monthly subscription box (I've had as many as three before, plus the occasional quarterly), you're extra thrilled when it arrives because it's your one chance at being excited by new products and things to play with.

That of course means that when it's a bad box, you're more annoyed; and you're extra thrilled when it's a good one.

I knew shortly after opening March 2015's Violet Box that it was the best one for quite a while.

It contains a good mix of products: two for the lips from a brand I hadn't heard of before I saw the sneak peek of the Doucce Lip Definer on VB's Facebook page, something for the face, for the body, and a mask for the eyes. It also contains a 20% off voucher for Suki, which I imagine a few people will be happy with because - judging from Facebook comments - the cleanser we received in a recent box was popular.

As always I'll go through each product and give you my initial thoughts, then I'll update this post once I've used everything and can comment on it properly.

Biology Equilibrium Body Lotion No. 304 (RRP $29 for 100ml; received 30ml sample)

I haven't heard of this brand (it's Australian) so that's a win. I do love discovering new brands and this is one of the reasons why I sign up to subscription boxes.

This body lotion apparently fights free radical damage with powerful antioxidant activity. It also boosts skin's hyaluronic acid levels, balancing moisture to rejuvenate and restore radiance.

Looking forward to giving it a crack. I have a few sample body lotions on the go so I might try at least to get through those first (I can't help myself sometimes - I do love opening new products).

UPDATE: I love this product. Full review here. It smells like lemonade icy-poles (yum) and is super nourishing and hydrating without weighing the skin down. Plus Biology is an Australian brand (gotta love home-grown) and one that looks very good (see its website here). I do think this cream lives up to its claims and it's definitely one I'll look at purchasing in future. Yay to that!

Bioderma S├ębium Foaming Gel (RRP $24.95 for 250ml; received 15ml sample)

This is apparently a daily cleansing gel that thoroughly cleanses combination to oily, acne-prone skin. It's suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and it purifies skin with a mix of zinc and copper sulphates that give a natural blue colour to the product.

It can also be used by men as a shaving cream apparently; and is free of soap, alcohol and parabens, plus it's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

I've tried two Bioderma products before and haven't liked them, but I may well like this one because I know many lasses like this brand.

UPDATE: Full review here. I quite like this little cleanser. It's a light blue gel that smells soapy clean, masculine and pleasant. It doesn't foam well on the first cleanse but does on the second, and you can tell it's super gentle and good for sensitive skin. I wouldn't buy this, but I'm glad I've tried it and I'll put the rest away for the short holiday we're taking at the end of next month.

Doucce Mineral Matte Lipstick in 903 'Champagne'  (RRP $29.95; received full sized item)

This is a pure colour lipstick (according to the product card) with incredible pigmentation that glides on effortlessly and gives you a rich, velvet matte finish. Infused with SPF 10 and vitamin E, application gives a soft texture, leaving your lips hydrated all day with a non-drying effect.

I've swatched it and I've got in on (see two photos below - the stripe on the left is the lip pencil):

I can confirm that it's not drying and lasts well. My initial view is: I reckon it's not quite as good as Shanghai Suzy and Lime Crime lipsticks but it's a close second (and it's better than a MAC lipstick, which would rank third after those, but of course, it's all personal opinion).

As an aside, I think a one-third mark up from US prices to AUD is pretty steep, so that's not a good thing - but at least the products are still cheaper than MAC and you could probably find better prices for them online.

The colour is ok - for my lips, it's a 'my lips but better' kind of product because they're around the same shade, the lipstick is just a bit darker.

I'll write a full review of this product in future when I've had more of a play with it, but I like it and I'll use it: it's the kind of 'office friendly' shade that I don't have enough of in my collection so that's a win ; )

Another win is the packaging - I love it!

UPDATE: I'm loving this lipstick and plan to write a full review in the next couple of days, but for now I'll say that I do think it's one of the best lipsticks I've tried in terms of lasting power. It's not as good as my beloved Shanghai Suzy lipsticks because I prefer the texture and feel of those - they're more creamy and comfortable to wear, while this is quite hard in texture and dry in feel.

Having said this, I don't feel the need to wear a gloss with this (as I do with some drier lipsticks) so that's a plus. I may just save up some points and grab another one of these in the VB shop in future - I just wish I could find swatches of the available colours online (maybe they'll be available soon - I think Doucce is a relatively new brand).

Doucce Lip Definer in 463 'Fresh Paprika' (RRP $29.95; received full sized item)

According to the card, this is designed to enhance the shape of your lips and give them perfect definition. It apparently delivers a velvet matte finish and is lightweight, creamy and helps extend the wear of your lipstick. The pencils are designed to match the colours in the lipstick collection and you can see from the above swatch that they're not a bad match.

I don't use lip pencils because I'm lazy. I've tried to use them of course but much prefer to just have a decent lipstick that lasts and doesn't bleed. But I'll give this pencil a go and let you know what I think of it when I update this post.

UPDATE: Full review here. In sum, I didn't like this pencil - it's way too hard and for this reason I found it difficult to apply. It applies well enough on my arm but I really have to rub hard to get it to work on my lips. Annoying! I'm assuming this is a formula issue and I didn't just receive a bung product.

Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask (RRP $32 for 6 pairs; received one pair)

You know how I feel about sheet masks (I'm seriously over them) but at least this one's for the eyes and looks a bit different and fancier.

It apparently eliminates dark circles and fine lines that appear under the eyes as a result of age; and promotes an evenly toned luminosity to the delicate skin around the eye area.

We'll see... ; )

UPDATE: Meh and more meh. I used this and noticed no difference afterwards. If anything, it wasn't as good as other similar products that I've tried. I'm really hoping we stop receiving so many of these masks in subscription boxes!


This is a great box with a good collection of products - I think there's something here for everyone to like. I also love a box where I plan to keep and use everything in it (unless I can't un-lazify myself when it comes to lip liners). I'm pleased with the lipstick and can't wait to try the two skincare products.

The box's value is around $80 so it was definitely worth the outlay for me this month.

Thanks Violet Box for another good month. If you'd like to join VB, click on the photo in the top right corner of this blog and use the code 'VIOLETBOX10' for $10 off your first box.

I received this eye cream in Memebox Special #63 Skincare Elixir. I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest - I don't like Sharashara products and it only costs $20 for 30ml (a huge size for an eye cream).

I'm not fixed on expensive products for skincare, but I'm 34 and I do need a decent eye cream or I get wrinkles I didn't have before. Fortunately this cream is better than expected. While it's not wonderful, it does the job well enough and I'm happy to use it once a day to make my more potent eye products last longer (since I'll then use them once a day too, instead of twice).

Sharashara claims/product details:
  • This cream will erase the years off your sagging eyes or prevent premature wrinkles and lines
  • Contains adenosine, hydrolysed collagen, lactose bacillus, date palm ferments and jojoba seed oil 
  • Firms and smooths skin while creating a moisture barrier over the top for a lasting moisture lock-in
  • RRP $20 for 30ml, but do shop around


This eye cream is fine. It's not wonderful, but it's good enough and I'm glad I received it.

As mentioned, now that I'm in my 30s I've noticed I need to be more careful with my skincare - and with my eye region in particular. If I don't use a good eye cream, I get a long wrinkle over one of my eyes that annoys me because it can impact what eye shadows I use: you can really see the wrinkle if I use certain colours and especially any products with sheen.

That wrinkle doesn't appear when using this product (it would normally show up within a week if the cream weren't decent), so I know it's a good enough product. It's a light cream and doesn't feel particularly hydrating, but it obviously is because my eye area looks fine after having used it consistently, once a day, for almost a month.

As for claims, I haven't noticed any lifting/firming action and it doesn't take years off my eye area - as mentioned, that area just doesn't look any worse from using this cream. It's not the most moisturising cream I've used but it does the job well enough.


I received this in Memebox Superbox #70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers' Picks. I haven't had the best luck with Memebox products and this one looks pretty rubbish - the container feels cheap and looks tacky - but I was pleasantly surprised by the product itself. Hooray for that!

Secret Key claims/product details:
  • Specifically targets signs of fine wrinkles and lines on your face
  • Works to tighten and lift dry, sagging skin 
  • Provides a more youthful, healthier-looking complexion
  • Ingredients include licorice extract, boswellia serrata resin extract, black mulberry extract, ginseng extract
  • To use: massage over your face until all the capsules from the cream pop and absorb completely into the skin
  •  RRP $34USD for 55g, but do shop around - I've seen it for $10


This isn't really a cream - as you can see, it's more of a gel - but anyhoo. What's important is that it's a decent product and I'm enjoying using it.

I don't notice any popping action from the capsules: I'm sure that's more of a gimmick than anything else. But it does have a slight brightening, tightening effect - kind of like it's performing a toning action. 

My skin definitely looks fresher after using it, but it's not particularly moisturising/hydrating so it's not one I can use on its own: I prefer applying it throughout the day over makeup. It wears well over makeup (not all products do) and plumps my skin up so the fine lines diminish. That's a major plus, although I do have to keep reapplying it because the effect isn't lasting. That's ok, I don't mind keeping my face hydrated throughout the day anyway. Plus this gel has a soothing, cooling effect so it's one I don't mind applying a few times.

I like it, but I wouldn't buy it. It's one of those products that you like well enough but wouldn't seek out.

You may remember that I'm a massive fan of Bodyography products: I'm yet to find a mineral foundation that compares to the brand's, and these liquid foundations are amazeballs too. They're on the higher end of the scale in terms of price ($59.95 for 30ml), but they're hardly the most expensive products on the market - plus you can find them more cheaply if you shop around. 

From memory I got these for less than $30 each: I had to buy two because I suspected that I was between colours (which I was). 160 is more of a yellow-based product and 165 is more tan. Now that my skin is paler I'm probably more on the 160 side and don't need to mix the two, while in summer I'm closer to 165. But I could probably have gotten away with either because they're so sheer, although not if I want to apply more than one layer for better coverage.

Bodyography claims/product details:
  • An oil free liquid formula 
  • Enriched with mineral seaweed extracts that help to hydrate the skin and allow the skin to retain its moisture
  • Dries to a powder finish that diffuses light and gives the impression of denser coverage
  • The result is a smooth, flawless finish 
  • Long wearing formula
  • Non irritating to sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist tested and recommended
  • Safe for post cosmetic surgery use
  • RRP $59.95 for 30ml, but do shop around
  • For more information, see Bodyography's website

I've swatched the colours in a few different lights (160 on the left and 165 on the right). Here's indoors, no flash:

And with flash:

Outside, in direct sunlight:

Blended, outside in direct sunlight. You can see how sheer the formula is:

There's my bare face:

And with product (around 50/50 of the two shades):

And again below. I've probably mixed it a shade too dark on this occasion but that brings my face colour in line with my chest and shoulders, which are generally darker.


I love this product. As you may know I'm all for lighter bases so I mostly use tinted moisturisers and BB/CC creams. These are the only two liquid foundations I own, and the coverage is like a tint in the sense that it's sheer but still buildable.

What I love about this product is that it doesn't look like you have a layer of product on your skin. It's so thin that it almost 'dyes' the skin - evening out skintone and blurring imperfections in the process - rather than actually coating it. The result is that you don't look like you're wearing foundation, which is what I for one want from a base product!

I do think this foundation lives up to its claims, in particular the hydration and flawless finish ones. My skin loves this product and I would wear it every day if it contained sunscreen. That's my only issue with this foundation: I prefer using bases with sunscreen and this has none, although I suppose you can always chuck sunscreen over the top (I'm lazy - I like all-in-one products!).

Otherwise, I can't fault this product. It's the best, most natural-looking foundation I've used. I also think it's longer wearing than most, so that's another plus.

Love. I've given this an HG tag.

This is one of those products that I'm really not sure why I bought.

Scratch that. I bought it because it's Bodygraphy (one of my favourite brands) and it cost all of about $5 on ebay.

HOWEVER. It's a shimmer product and, as you know, I'm not a massive fan of noticeable glitter - I much prefer products with sheen. I guess I thought that, if I were going to like a glitter product, Bodyography was one of the brands most likely to deliver it.

Bodyography claims/product details:
  • A glistening powder that adds shimmer and diffuses light for a dreamy effect
  • Micro fine particles
  • Perfect for all looks
  • A little shimmer goes a long way 
  • Sifter top allows for easy application 
  • Can be mixed with blush and eyeshadow for added glow
  • RRP $40 for 5g

The packaging annoys me a bit: there are too many holes in the opening and they're too wide, so it's not a travel friendly item because you'll wind up with far too much product in the top bit whenever the container moves.

It looks more brown in the container but it's much nicer when applied - a gorgeous bronze gold:

The below photo is taken in natural light. It really is pretty.

And in direct sunlight below. I've left it out-of-focus so you can see the sparkles better.


I do like these multi-purpose products that you can use anywhere on your face and body, and also add to blush or eyeshadow to pump them up a bit.

As mentioned, I love the colour of this and I'm glad I own it for that reason alone. It's not one I'll wear often because I prefer to look natural and not glittery, but for night it looks nice on the inner corner of the eye and also on the upper lash-line.

It's a product I can see myself wearing more in summer, dusting it over my collarbones and shoulders. For some reason I'm more ok with glitter on my body than I am on my face. Lord knows why! I guess I don't like my face looking overdone (and sometimes sparkles can look that way), but a bit of shimmer on the body can be fun.

In terms of quality, it's a lovely product - finely milled, easy to blend and apply - but do expect fall-out, as you would with any loose powder. When I do wear this above my eyes, I always find glitter on my under-eye and cheek area, which annoys me because I have to remove it.

In short, this is another great product from Bodyography (I'm yet to find a dud product from the brand), but there's no way I would have paid the full $40 for it. I also think the packaging could be re-considered to make it more travel friendly.

But if you're after a shimmery, multi-purpose kind of product, it's worth checking ebay to see if you can pick up one of these cheaply - they're good fun and decent quality.

I received this product from Memebox and it's one of those ones I'm not sure I'll keep, the reason being that - while it's a lovely, finely milled powder - it does contain noticeable sparkles, albeit very small ones.

This is unfortunate because it's a great powder and a beautiful colour. I'm annoyed because it certainly didn't look like it contained noticeable sparkles in the picture on the Memebox website, a picture which of course has since been removed, and I can't find any information about the product online.

Vivito claims/product details:
  • A shimmering, loose finishing powder
  • Translucent, skin luminising and mattifying
  • Light-reflecting, smooth and silky
  • Creates a luminous, youthful glow
  • For all skin types
  • Reduces the appearance of imperfections and blemishes
  • Apply to the t-zone, chin and apples of the cheeks
  • RRP $32 for 7g

And I just have to add the claims written on the box (word for word - the errors aren't mine ; )):
  • Base makeup expresses wanna be skin
  • Finishing pearl loose powder outstands at controls sebum with fresh finishing touch and soft glow glitter for bright skin expression
  • Base makeup product expresses 'win all hearts' skin appearance
  • Base product applies before colour makeup for even skin texture expression, restored your natural skin colour and brightness with soft and rich touch

I had a giggle ; )

See below wrist swatch, taken in natural light. The photo doesn't show the glitter unfortunately, but it's definitely there. The colour is gorgeous though - a lovely soft gold. I wish I really could remove the sparkles! If I could, I'd be using it as a finishing powder and a spot highlight because I really love the colour and texture.

There we are again in direct sunlight:

And on my eyes below (the inner corner and lash line). It's nice and subtle, expect for the glitter issue. FOO. Double foo because there's fall-out from this so you wind up with glitter where you don't want it.


I really REALLY wanted to love this but I can't get past the sparkles. It would work well enough as a highlighter if you're happy with some minor glitter, but as a finishing powder? I'm not sure anyone would want glitter all over their face. Maybe that's just me.

Also, it calls itself both a base product and a finishing product, so I'm not sure what's going on there. I suppose you could mix in a bit with your primer before adding foundation to avoid the sparkle issue, but honestly, I have products I prefer using that achieve the same thing.

Also, I've tried it along the lashline as an eye brightener/shadow but it doesn't have enough punch for that. It's definitely more of a highlighter, as you can tell from the above photo - it's not designed to be a colour product.

I'm sad about this one. It really is pretty, but it's not one I'll be using. Foo again. At least I can think of a few happy homes for it so I'll pass it on to a friend, knowing it will be well-loved.

I received this little treatment as part of my Priceline haircare GWP and I used it yesterday because my dry locks needed some love.

I had high hopes for it because I really like the L'Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner I'm using at the moment, but unfortunately I didn't think much of this one at all.

L'Oreal claims/product details:
  • An intense, fast-working treatment that restores hair
  • Contains pro-keratin and ceramide to penetrate deep into hair, repairing it from the inside
  • Leaves hair soft and incredibly healthy-looking
  • Intensively treats extremely dry and damaged hair
  • A single dose treatment that nourishes and provides softness right to the ends
  • Apply to hair after conditioner, leave for one minute then rinse out


I didn't think much of this at all unfortunately - it didn't seem to add anything else to my routine and my hair felt the same after using it as it would after just using my usual shampoo and conditioner.

With single treatments like these, I'm used to my hair feeling and looking noticeably better after use - eg with the Pantene treatment I reviewed not long ago.

This one just didn't have enough punch for my dry hair - and it's designed for dry hair, so it really should have added something.

Hoh well. Fortunately I didn't pay for it (as mentioned, I got it in a Priceline baggie) so no loss there!

Do you have a hair treatment you swear by? I'd love some recommendations : )

We received this powder luminiser in Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch and it's easily the best makeup item I've received from Memebox. Not only that, it's also one of the best powder luminisers I've used.

It's not Hourglass, but it's definitely up there and it's my go-to product for highlighting my eyes. It's also subtle enough to use as an all-over finishing powder. It just adds a nice sheen and there's not a fleck of glitter in sight. Hallelujah. 

Croquis claims/product details:
  • Natural covering powder magically fades fine lines and imperfections with its 'soft-focus' effect
  • Gives a luminous and even look to the skin
  • Also provides long-lasting make-up effect and protects the skin
  • Contains coloured marble powders that give your skin more definition and a fine lustre for a nice, silky finish to your makeup
  • Apply to areas where you want more definition and shine
  • RRP $35 for 10g

Both the compact and the powder itself are good-looking items. I'm not going to lie to you - those things make a difference to me! I've got the compact and the box it comes in out on display on my dresser shelves because they look so pretty.

The powder is sheer and finely milled, and adds a nice sheen without any noticeable glitter.

The above swatch is taken in natural light and the below in direct sunlight.


I absolutely love this product. This item alone almost made my somewhat rocky journey with Memebox worth it.

I said almost.

As you may know, I found the quality of the products in Memeboxes pretty patchy - particularly the makeup items. But this little pact is wonderful and I'm so glad I own it.

It's sheer, finely milled and applies like a dream. You can use it all over your face as a setting powder to add a slight, natural glow, or as a spot highlighter. It works well for both purposes and I'm getting a lot of use from it.

As mentioned, it's my go-to product for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes when I don't want to look like I've chucked sparkles on my face. You know how I feel about noticeable glitter - thank god for products like this one! I much prefer sheen to shimmer.

As a setting powder, it's not drying at all and that's a huge plus for me because my skin tends towards dryness and very few powders don't make that worse. This one does its job without drying out my skin or giving me lines I never knew I had.

In sum, I love this product and can't fault it. I'll be very sad when I finish it and might have to source another one!

So many ticks. I've given it an HG tag : )

I received this eyeshadow in a Lust Have It box ages ago and it's one I was using so rarely that I sent it to my opening Project Pan list for the year. I've no doubt it will last out the year and beyond because - as you'll see below - I've made barely a dent in it, despite using it every day for three months thus far.

Indeed, at this rate it won't be done until Project Pan 2017 - mental note not to include a dark, pigmented eyeshadow for PP in future! One does like to include products that might be finished by the year's end.

I'm not a massive fan of ModelCo as a brand because I think their products are generally overpriced. Having said this, the quality is usually ok and this eyeshadow is no exception: it's fine, but I'm not overly excited by it. Might have something to do with the boring (but thoroughly usable) colour of the shadow and also the rather pink container it comes in.

ModelCo claims/product details:
  • Superior texture and colour
  • A beautifully edited and trans-seasonal line of Italian-made eye colour compacts
  • Containing an innovative siliconic binder, colourbox glides on effortlessly and offers intense, long-lasting colour
  • The prestige selection includes solid matte colours as well as shimmering finishes for a metallic, luminous effect
  •  A luxurious array of colours to shade, shadow and define in style
  • RRP $28 for 1.4g

I've swatched it above dry and below wet. You can see it's quite a deep colour, however you apply it.

It looks charcoal grey on (almost black) but below you can see it's got a purple base when applied wet. I find this doesn't show up so much on the eyes.


There's nothing wrong with this shadow - there's just no way I would pay $28 for it. You can pick up a Nars single for $34 or cheaper if you shop around! I'm really not sure which market ModelCo is aiming for with its prices because the quality of its products is certainly not up there with the kinds of brands you'd find at this price point.

That aside, the shadow itself is of decent enough quality. It's nicely pigmented and goes on smoothly, plus it blends reasonably well. I've also found that it lasts longer than most shadows (whether with or without a primer): this includes when you apply it to the waterline.

I've just done an online search and it looks like these shadows are generally liked by those who've tried them. Interestingly, Tahiti is described as 'dark royal blue matte'. While it is indeed matte (I think those few sparkles you can see in the shot above are from an old swatch!), I certainly wouldn't call it royal blue?! I reckon you'd be pretty disappointed if that's what you were expecting and you got this shade, which is essentially grey but starts looking purple if you wet it.

Anyway, that's all from me on this product. In sum, I like it but I definitely wouldn't fork out $28 for it. If you can find these more cheaply, I think you'll be pleased by the quality.

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