Bobbish Luminous Body & Facial Mist - review


I received this product in Memebox Special #60 Oil Therapy. From memory this was the sneak peek item, and I was pleased to see it in the box because I do love myself a good facial spray - particularly in summer.

Unfortunately this didn't end up being a great one and, while I'll use it, I'd much prefer to be reaching for something else.

Bobbish claims/product details:
  • Formulated with hydrating argan oil
  • A non-greasy, light micro-mist 
  • Penetrates quickly and deeply
  • Contains skin-loving ingredients to send moisture deep into the skin and calm its surface
  • To use: spray before and after makeup and on your body too
  • RRP $8 for 100g


It's rare that I'll come across a face mist I don't like (I reckon they're pretty hard to stuff up), but this is one of them.

It doesn't absorb well at all - maybe because it's got oil in it - and seems to sit on top of the skin, rather than getting in there and plumping it up. This is especially the case if you apply it over makeup (which is always what I do with these things): I guess the oil in makeup helps make this sit on top of whatever products you have on.

For this reason I don't think it lives up to its claims - it certainly doesn't seem to penetrate deeply and quickly, nor does it send moisture deep into the skin. Hmph. Another Memebox item that promises heaps but delivers jack-all.

In short, I'll use it but I'm not a fan.

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