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Today was going to be the first day since my daughter was born that I hadn't managed a blog post (yep, it's been one of THOSE days), but since my dog is a little unwell and I can't take her for a second park visit, I thought I'd instead do a round up of the three products I've reviewed from this set over the past few days. It's a 'cheat' post in a way because the reviews are already done - but today is one of those days when I need to cheat!

I do enjoy writing a blog post or two while I'm facing the wonders and trials of early motherhood: it makes me feel like I'm achieving something that's outside the realms of the home. I may not be working on a novel (my biggest passion), but I have baby brain and I'm too drained to be doing that kind of writing - I'd completely forget where I was going from sentence to sentence - but at least I'm writing every day. Writing is like a muscle: you have to keep using it or it loses its strength and endurance; and whenever I get my brain back (if that ever happens - some say it doesn't!), I don't want to be too flabby ; )

At least with beauty reviews I can write a little, do something, then come back to it later and not lose my place. I'm so glad I have this to turn to in the few spare moments, and hope that I can add something useful to the world of beauty posts.

But enough rambling. There could be a cry from the next room at any moment!

Migabee Hot Pore Peeling System, Scrub

Full review here. In sum, this one perplexed me a bit.

It didn't heat up at all so I'm not sure what's going on there. I had a look online and some people noted that it got too hot, while others found that it didn't warm for them either. So who knows what's going on with the product and what makes it heat up or not!

It's one of those products that deposits little dried gel bits on your face that you're meant to massage around so they have some exfoliating effect. You may have heard me say that I don't think exfoliants like this really do the job, and while I still think that's true, the ingredients of this product made it feel like it was having some resurfacing effect.

I'm not sure why you would leave it on for 10-20 minutes - it doesn't feel like that kind of product. Indeed, step two in this set is more the kind of product you imagine leaving on for a while (that one's more like a mask). This one feels like your standard quick exfoliant and it starts to dry pretty quickly so doesn't lend itself to a longer stint on your face. But maybe that's just me.

In terms of effect, I do think this has some exfoliating action and I'm not minding it at all, I just don't think it's particularly brilliant. It's a product I'll use but won't consider purchasing.

Migabee Cooling Mask 3 in 1, Cleansing

Full review here. This was my favourite item in the set.

It comes out a white-ish grey colour and looks similar to a mud mask. It goes on smoothly and dries, then when you come to adding water to it and scrubbing, it foams up super nicely. It's this foaming/massaging process that, to me, is having an impact on my face and I do think it has the effect of closing my pores a bit and leaving my skin feeling smoother.

While the pore claim is true, I don't notice anything soothing about it and instead it seems to have a slight tightening/drying effect that isn't too uncomfortable. I think it does work as a cleanser too but it's not the most effective cleanser I own in terms of removing dirt etc - I can tell this by the amount of grime that comes off on the cotton pad when I tone afterwards.

That aside, I'm happy enough with it's efficacy as a pore-tightener so I'm not too worried about whether it meets its other claims. I'm using it once a day at the moment and I do think that my skin looks brighter and smoother for it.

Migabee Peppermint Witchhazel Mist

Full review here.

I've been through a few toning mists in my time and I don't think this one tones or refreshes particularly well.

I'm surprised by this because it contains peppermint and witchhazel, and it does smell minty and refreshing. But for some reason it's not giving my skin the kind of wake up call you'd expect from a product like this one.

Toning mists normally make my skin look brighter and feel fresher, and they seem to have a 'sealing' quality that tightens pores and gives your skin a nicely gentle slap in the face. This one doesn't do that - all it does is add a bit of wetness that doesn't seem to do much.

Another thing I don't like about it is the spray applicator - it's really hard (as in, the mist comes out at too strong a force). That force is also too directed, so you can't cover your face with a spray or two but have to move the mist from the bullseye in your forehead and spread it around with your hands. This means it's not the best spray to apply over makeup because the force of it can shift eg your foundation or blush, leaving a hole behind. Not ideal.

Plus I'm a lazy lass and I don't want to have to pat something like this around - I just want to spray it and not have to worry about spreading it myself. Maybe that's just me!

In sum, the product is ok but I'm not loving it, and due to the issues mentioned above, it's not one I can cart around in my handbag and spray on the go without worrying what it's done to my makeup. Plus it's not particularly refreshing so I have other sprays I'd prefer to keep in my bag.

In sum

These were probably some of the better products I've received from Memebox - which is saying a lot, because they weren't wonderful - so I should be happy about that.

Step two is definitely the best of the bunch, so if you wanted to try anything from the set, I'd pick that one.

That's it! An easy post - gotta love those on days like today ; )

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