Hello and Happy New Year!

I wanted to jump online quickly today and wish everyone a good, healthy and safe year ahead. While I know that 2018 has been a decent year for many, I also know that it has been a crap one for many too - and I know plenty of people who are more than happy to draw a line under 2018 and move on.

Whichever camp you fall into, here's to hoping that 2019 brings new adventures, new light and also new growth. May it be a year of rising for all.

In our case, it's been an ok year but certainly a year of treading water more than moving forward. I've had some disaster years in the past and this definitely wasn't one of those (thank golly), but I've also had much better and easier years than this one so I'm looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings.

In many ways 2018 been a year of transition in this house: the kids are getting older and my son has been a lot more active this year so we've constantly been adjusting to that, and my husband and I have been going through some transitions ourselves and also as a couple. While I do like transition periods, it's been hard to juggle so many at once and I'm looking forward to seeing some areas at least settle down in the months ahead.

In other news, I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be getting done over the next fortnight because we have a lot on and a lot of people to see in a short space of time. Yes that's a good thing, but it's also tiring and I'll be glad when things quieten down so I can face the year head-on.

In any event, I don't mind pulling back on the blog writing for a little while: I'm not panning at the moment and it's nice to put the computer away more often and get outside while the sun's out. Kinder is also closed for four weeks over the festive period each year, so we'll have one at home permanently for a couple more weeks and that will present its own challenges and adventures.

That's all from me.

Happy 2019 everyone. I hope we can all face the New Year with fresh eyes and an enlivened determination to do our best for ourselves, the people around us and also the planet. Let's enjoy the blessings we have and work with what's before us in the months ahead.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

* All images courtesy of unsplash.com

I've been using this product for over six months now, it's just that I've been rationing it because it wasn't cheap and I haven't wanted to use it too often.

But I'm running low on body scrubs at the moment and whatever I have in back-up hasn't been photographed yet, so I've been using this one consistently for the last couple of weeks and I thought I would take the opportunity to review it now while it's front of mind.

Long story short, it's a lovely scrub but it's not the most effective exfoliant I've used so I wouldn't rush out and buy it again. Still, I'm really enjoying using it, and the one-time purchase was worth it for that reason alone.

L'Occitane claims/product details:

  • Enriched with almond oil and crushed shells, this scrub melts into the skin to cleanse softly and exfoliate to remove impurities and dead cells
  • Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and ready to absorb all the benefits of your body creams
  • Leaves behind the fresh and delicate fragrance of almond tree flowers
  • Hydrates and nourishes your skin
  • RRP $31 AUD for 200ml, but do shop around


This is a really lovely product and it's a pleasure to use, but it's expensive for what it is and it's not the most effective scrub I've tried so I wouldn't buy it again.

It's a gel/oil hybrid product with a sweet, almond flower scent. The texture is smooth and gorgeous, and I enjoy putting it on my skin - so I definitely like using this product for the experience alone.

As for the exfoliating grains, they're quite small and they're also sparse so I don't get a super effective exfoliation from this product: it's more of a soft polish, which is fine if that's what you're after, but I prefer something with a little more punch. 

What I also find is that I need to use more of this product per application than I would like in order to exfoliate my whole body, which of course means that it's not great value on a per-use basis and I would've gotten through it very quickly if I hadn't been rationing it.

What I do like about the product, however, is the packaging. It's a tube with a twist-top lid that reveals a small hole through which you dispense product, then you give it another quick twist to close it. I haven't seen packaging like this before for a body product and I like it because it's easy to use and I have no issues fumbling around with it in the shower (unlike, eg, body scrubs that come in tubs).

On the claims: yes this product melts into the skin to cleanse softly and exfoliate; yes it removes impurities and dead skin cells, but not as effectively as I would like; yes it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and nourished; and yes it leaves behind the delicate fragrance of almond tree flowers.

Overall I think this is a lovely product and I'm enjoying mine - I especially love how nourishing and hydrating it feels on my dry skin, and how soft my skin feels after use - but the reality is that it isn't cheap and it's not the most effective scrub on the market so I wouldn't buy it again. Still, it's gorgeous and I can see why a lot of people love it.

Beautiful, but not a repeat purchase for me.

I bought this toner a while ago and I've almost finished it now so it's definitely time to review it before it's gone for good.

While I think it's ok, it hasn't done much for me and I'm looking forward to finishing it. It doesn't tone well and I also don't feel that it cleans that last layer of gunk from my face like my other toners do. Still, it's not awful and it hasn't been a pain to use, so that's something. 

Korres claims/product details:

  • A daily exfoliating toner that dissolves dirt, debris and excess oil while promoting a tight, smooth, shine-free and almost pore-less complexion
  • Powered by a concoction of hardworking botanicals, this exfoliating toner is a must-have addition to your daily skincare regime 
  • At the heart of this fluid formulation is pomegranate extract - a powerful antioxidant loaded with tannins, polyphenols and vitamins a, c and e - that works to minimise the appearance of pores
  • Also present are natural astringents witch hazel water and alpine willowherb extracts, which act in harmony to impart a beautiful matte finish 
  • Exfoliating salicylic acid acts to minimise congestion
  • RRP $32 AUD for 200ml


This product is ok but it's not great and I personally wouldn't recommend it.

It's a standard toner that comes in a bottle with a hole in the top, through which you dispense product. It has a light, fresh and fruity scent that I'm not aware of unless I smell the bottle, so the fragrance shouldn't bother most people.

I've been using mine every morning and on alternate evenings for three months now, and I've almost finished my bottle so I've definitely used it enough to make a call on whether or not it works for me. It doesn't really. Indeed, it doesn't do much for me at all.

I apply it on a cotton pad and run it over my skin after cleansing, and what I notice is that it doesn't feel like it's doing much. Indeed, it feels like plain old water on the skin and I need to apply a reasonable amount in order to get that last layer of grime from my face, which of course means that I'm getting through the bottle rather quickly.

It also doesn't cut through grime well and although some dirt comes off on the pad, it's not as effective as other toners I've used (including much cheaper ones) so I wouldn't go back to it. Plus my skin doesn't feel toned or refined after use, and while I agree that the product isn't drying, I don't think it's hydrating either. For me, it just feels like plain old water on the skin.

On the claims: no I don't think it exfoliates or leaves me with a tight, smooth or shine-free complexion; no I don't think it minimises the appearance of pores; and no I don't think it gives me a matte finish or minimises congestion (indeed, I've had more blemishes than usual while I've been using this).

Overall I don't think this is a terrible product but it doesn't do much for me so I can't recommend it and I wouldn't repurchase it. Two toners I would recommend instead are the Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner (reviewed here) and the Blessed by Nature Hydrating Mist Toner (reviewed here), both of which are significantly cheaper than this one and are also a lot more effective.

Not for me.

My last skincare inventory was in August (see here), so it's high time that I checked in to do an updated one.

Also, if you're interested, I wrote my latest makeup inventory recently too: see here.

Do note that, despite having been on skincare and makeup no buys for a month now (and a skincare low buy prior to that), I'm a little nervous that my numbers may have gone up because I did open the purse strings for a while there and I also received a lot of stuff via Priceline GWPs - so I may be in trouble again in the skincare department.

We shall see...

Makeup remover

Previously I had two and I still have two (one open full-size and one unopened back-up).

One is my ultimate goal, but I don't mind having a back-up so I'm not worried about this category. 

Cleansing oils/balms

I had two and I still have two, both being cleansing oils (one's unopened). That's pretty restrained for me - I love these kinds of cleansers - so I'm happy with that!

Two's my goal so we're there.


This is all other cleansers aside from oils and balms, and it's one of my bad categories. Previously I had seven and I still have seven (five being unopened), so I need to start opening and using what I have.

My goal here is no more than four open cleansers plus a couple of back-ups because I do get through cleansers reasonably quickly and I like to have some unopened ones on hand, so I guess we're not too far away here.


I had five and I still have five, being two open full-sizes and one open travel-size, plus one unopened full-size and one unopened travel-size.

My goal here is no more than two open products plus a couple of back-ups, so we're not too far away here either.


For toners, I'm not only including standard toners but also 'treatment' ones (eg my glycolic toner from Alpha-H). In my last inventory I had three and I now have seven, including one open toner and six unopened back-ups (two of those being glycolic products). Oops!

Before I get my knickers in a knot about this, however, I know I'll get through these within a year because I finish toners pretty quickly. Still, no more toner purchases for now!

My goal here is no more than four: two open, two unopened back-ups. I have some work to do here.


The products in this category include eg items from The Ordinary because they don't really fit into any other category and I can still use them in conjunction with my serums or even mixed in with my serums or moisturisers.

Before I had three and I now have four (three being unopened).

Three is my goal in this category so I'm not too far off here.


This is a new category because I've only started exploring essences more this year. At the moment I have one and I'm happy with that, although there's room to buy a back-up once my spending ban lifts.

My goal is no more than two.


Before I had three and I now have four: two open and two unopened back-ups.

That's my goal so we're there.

Eye creams

I had four and I now have seven (three being unopened). Golly gosh, what happened here?!

At least I can say that three of the four open eye creams are almost finished, and two of those are minis - so this category isn't quite as bad as it looks. It's still bad though...

Three is a good goal for me (one for morning, one for night and one for overnight), so I have some work to do here.

Day cream

Previously I had three and I now have four (one open full size and one open travel size, plus two unopened back-ups (one being a travel size). 

My aim was two but I don't mind the extra because the smaller sizes will go soon enough.

Night cream/overnight cream

Previously I had two and I still have two (one open full-size and one unopened full size). 

Two is my goal with this category so we're there.


I had three and I now have four (two of which are unopened), although I've almost finished one so I'm not worried about this category.

Two is my goal here.


In my last inventory I had six and I now have seven, including four open full-sizes and three unopened back ups.

While this isn't an awful amount, it's a little too many and I'm glad at least that a couple of my open ones are on the way out so they won't be around for long.

My goal here is no more than four open, with a back-up or two in the cupboard.

The final tally

In August's inventory I had 48 skincare items in total.

I didn't really have a goal after my last inventory but I would like to keep things at around the 40 mark, and I don't want to exceed 50 again because I was so overloaded at the end of last year.

Drum roll please...

I now have 56 skincare items in total (oops), which is a little more than I would like - although that's partly because I received a bundle of stuff in one of those Priceline goodie bags recently so it's not as though I've gone bonkers with purchases and I'm not too concerned about where things are at.

In sum

I'm ok with where my skincare numbers are at for the moment, but doing this inventory has reminded me that I need to continue to close the purse strings so I'm glad I'm on a no buy again for at least the first half of 2019.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

* All images courtesy of unsplash.com

Yesterday I checked in with my one-month update for my makeup no buy (see here), and today I'm back with a quick update for my 2019 skincare no buy.

While I did receive a few makeup items for Christmas, I didn't receive any skincare for the simple reason that I didn't ask for it: I have more than enough skincare to go on with and I didn't want to overload myself with more.

So of course this post will be very short because there's nothing to report on the skincare front. That has to be a good thing!

Nothing new has come in, no one's bought me anything and I haven't run out of anything yet either - so I haven't had to replace any essentials that I don't have back-ups for (which I'm allowed to do under my no buy 'rules').

Indeed, December has been a good month where skincare's concerned.

That's all from me!

I'm happy that nothing has come into my collection this month - especially because I have my next skincare inventory post coming up over the next few days, which I'm rather nervous about because the back-up cupboard is looking a little more full than I would like. Oh dear...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Well, exactly one month has passed since I kicked off my 2019 makeup no buy (see intro post here), so I thought I would check in with a quick update post.

Happily I haven't bought anything this month, and while I'm allowed to make essential purchases under my no buy 'rules' (ie, if I've run out of mascara and have no back-ups, I can buy one), I haven't run out of any essentials this month so there's nothing to report on that front. Hip hip hooray.

Do note, though, that I received a few things for Christmas - and I'll mention those now so you know what's come into my collection.

Here's what I received:

  • a mini Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (I've always wanted to try that!)
  • a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick (I've always wanted to try one of those too)
  • a replacement Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (thank golly: I've been missing mine since I finished it)
  • an Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder (can't wait to try it!)
  • a Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer (I'm going to need another eye primer before my spending ban lifts because the one I'm using is on the way out)
  • a Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter (I want to see if anything can beat Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors)

I'm excited! And of course, no one magically chose these items for me: I asked for them. But I didn't go nuts with the whole 'please buy me makeup NOW' thing - and all things considered, I reckon asking for only six items is rather restrained. Well. At least in my case ; )

That's all from me.

It's been an easy first month of my 2019 no buy because I knew I was receiving stuff for Christmas so I didn't even think about buying makeup during December, and the challenge will be to keep at it when I know there's nothing coming in from now on.

I reckon I can do it. I'm determined : )

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x
While I've done my 2018 Best in Beauty posts recently, I still like to write my December favourites each year - for the simple reason that I don't want the products I've loved during December to fall through the cracks. 

Indeed, just because something hasn't made the yearly favourites list, doesn't mean that I haven't been loving it - and there are certainly products I've been using this month that deserve a mention here.

So without further ado...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer in Saddle

Full review here. While this wasn't my favourite bronzer discovery of 2018 (that title goes to Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic), I've been using it a lot this month via Project Dent and I do really like it so I wanted to mention it here.

While it doesn't have the airbrushing effect of my Hourglass bronzers, it does perform beautifully and I recommend it. It applies and blends well (even if my tinted moisturiser is a little tacky), and it's not a flat matte so it looks very natural on the skin and doesn't announce itself as powder.

I also love the colour of this particular shade (I'm a sucker for a golden undertone) and I can see myself using this a lot over the summer: it's the right kind of shade for my yellow-based, medium skintone at this time of year. Definitely worth testing.

Skin Physics Dragon's Blood 3 in 1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser

This product should have made my yearly favourites, but I forgot to include it. Oops! Hoh well, let's sing its praises now. I've reviewed it here.

I love that this feels cooling and soothing on the skin when applied, so it's been a good cleanser to use during the summer heat. It doesn't lather so much as become thinner and silkier when you add water, and the texture feels lovely on the skin. I also enjoy that you can leave this on for a few minutes as a mask: I love a good double-purpose product and this is definitely one of those

After use, my skin is left looking brighter and fresher, and feeling smoother and softer to boot. Plus it sloughs away dead skin and unclogs/decongests pores. Love. This one's an HG.

BareMinerals Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer in Everything

Full review here. This product surprised me because I don't normally like lip lacquers (I'm a gloss girl all the way), but it looks and feels like a gloss on the lips so it's not surprising that it floats my boat.

What I like about this formula is that it stays on the lips very well, so it lasts better than the glosses I normally wear - which means I don't need to reapply it all the time. I also like that it has a glassy texture rather than a sticky one too, and it doesn't feather or bleed throughout the day.

Plus it has a smoothing and plumping effect, which is something I look for in my lip products because I'm not 22 anymore and I prefer things that smooth out my lip lines.

The downside is that it's not hydrating enough for my dry lips (I need to lay a balm down first), but I suspect it would be hydrating enough for most people. I'm just weird ; ) 

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint SPF 15 in Warm Ivory

I've been a fan of this product for a long time now. Note, though, that I'm calling it a 'foundation': it's not a tint, it has more coverage than a tint, and indeed it has even more than a tinted moisturiser. It's a foundation that offers at least a medium coverage unless you really sheer it out (which I normally do), and you can build it to medium-to-full coverage if you want to. I've reviewed it here.

What I love about this product is that it takes very little effort to blend (I use my fingers) and it looks natural on the skin. Best of all, it doesn't sit in pores around the hairline and it's rare for me to find a foundation that doesn't do that. Tick.

Also note that this performs unbelievably well in the stinking Australian summer: I wore this to a beach wedding in 43 degree heat (plus I wore it on the journey up and back in a hot car) and the product didn't budge. That's rare. Definitely worth testing for that reason alone!

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

Full review here. While I've had some trouble with pore-plugging primers before (they tend to slip around and also ball up when I apply foundation over the top, plus foundation can slide off them throughout the day), this primer does none of those things.

What I like about this is that it plugs in pores and gives me a smooth base for makeup application, and my pores are a little less noticeable once I've applied my foundation over the top. I also think it's a good product for me for summer, because it's mattifying and I produce more oil in the heat, despite having dry skin.

Plus it helps my makeup last a little longer, and it doesn't crease or intensify wrinkles throughout the day. Indeed, so far I've only come across two pore-plugging primers that work well for me: this one and my trusty Clarins primer (reviewed here). They're on par in terms of performance, and I would buy both again.

In sum

Them's my favourites for December! 

Do let me know if you have any favourites for the month: I'd love to hear.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to my final makeup inventory post for 2018!

Note that I've decided to write this now for the simple reason that I know I'll be receiving stuff for Christmas, and I don't want that to muck up my numbers: I would prefer to see how much I've finished since September's inventory post (that's here if you're interested).

Let's get straight into it!


Last update I had seven (five open full-sizes, one open travel-size and one unopened full-size), and I've managed to pan a few so I now have four (three open full-sizes and one unopened back-up).

My goal was four or five so I've FINALLY made it. Huzzah! It's taken me far too long to pan myself down to reasonable primer levels, so I'm thrilled that I've finally made it.

Setting sprays

Last update I had one and I still have one. While that's a good amount for me, I wouldn't mind owning another one and I do plan to buy the Urban Decay All Nighter once my spending ban has lifted - the one I have is good for hydration but not so much for longevity.

No more than two is my goal here.

Liquid/cream illuminators

I had two and I now have one because the cream mini I own is now in the declutter pile: I just don't use it enough so I'd prefer to send it to a better home.

One's my goal so we're good here.

Liquid foundations

I had three and I now have one because I panned a couple. I'm happy with one because I have enough tinted moisturisers to keep me going for now.

My goal is no more than three.

Shade adjusting drops/foundation mixers

I had two and I still have two. Two is a good number for me (one for darkening and one for lightening), although I wouldn't mind finding myself a yellow mixer at some point because I need that for any bases that aren't yellow enough for my skintone.

Two's my goal so we're there.

Cream eyeshadows/bases and primers

I had two, being one dedicated eye primer and a glitter glue, and I still have those two.

Two's my goal: yay.

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers

I had zero and I now have three because I bought a few: necessary, because tinted moisturisers are my favourite bases and I use them most days.

My goal was no more than two, but considering that I only have one foundation, three is fine: I don't want any more than four bases in total, so I'm happy with those two categories combined.


I had one and I still have one.

One is enough for me so I'm at my goal in this category.


I had one and I still have one, which is a good amount for me because I don't need much concealer - although the one I have is better for my winter skintone, so I may need to buy myself another one down the track. We'll see.

Two's my goal here.

Powder foundations

I had one and I still have one.

That's enough for me because I have dry skin and prefer liquids.

Setting powders

I had four (two being unopened) and I now have three (one being unopened) because I panned one.

While initially my goal was one, I'm changing that to three or four because I would like to explore the setting powder category (something I haven't done before) and work out what the best ones are, whether budget or high-end. So I'm ok with this category for now.

Finishing powders

I had one and I still have one. Happy with that.

Face palettes

I had two and I now have three because I bought myself the Hourglass Unlocked Palette - and I don't regret that for a moment!

I don't really have a goal here but three is probably too many for me, so I'll aim to pan myself down to two eventually.

Bronzers/contour powders

I had five and I still have five. Even though I bought myself three this year, I have panned some and I've also moved a couple into my custom palettes because I managed to make some extra room in those via Pan that Palette 2018.

My 2018 goal was four, so I'm not far away from that - and considering that I use one of my bronzers as a contour because it's neutral/cool, I can live with that for now.


I had eight (one being a half-size and one being a three-pan palette) and I now have seven. This is because I made enough room in my Becca custom palette to move another Becca pan in with the others.

My 2018 goal was seven stand-alone blushes, so I've hit that goal and I couldn't be more excited! Blushes are my weakness so I've done well to restrain myself and not buy any more ; )


I had seven and I now have five. I panned one this year and was also able to move another one into the aforementioned Becca custom palette, which I've been hoping to do for a while (I just had to pan some items first to make room for them).

My goal was no more than seven so we're good here, although I might make five my new goal because I don't need that many highlighters and I have more in my custom palettes anyway.

Eyeshadow palettes (small and large)

I had fourteen and I still have fourteen: three quints, five septets and six larger palettes. Too many.

Unfortunately this category has blown up over the last year or so (I used to have nine), and I want to get it back down again because I don't need this many eyeshadow palettes. Let's see if I can't pan some of the smaller palettes over the next year or two. Fingers crossed!

My goal for 2019 is ten, so that's what I'll work towards.


I had one and I still have one.

That's my goal: I don't use much eyeliner.


I had five and I now have seven. Although I finished a couple, I also received a few as GWPs. Thankfully five of those mascaras are minis (and only two mascaras are open), so while this category has blown up over the last few months, I'm not too concerned about it.

My goal here is no more than three: one open, and one or two in back-up. I have some work to do here!

Brow products

I had two and I still have two: one pencil and one coloured gel. 

Two's my goal, so we're there.


I had four and I now have three. Although I've panned a couple, I also received a mini in a Mecca Beauty Loop box.

My goal here is no more than four, for the simple reason that I prefer glosses and I'm happy to have less lipsticks and more glosses, so I'm happy with this category.

Lip balms

I had one and I still have one.

That's fine. I use lip balms something chronic so I'm happy to buy more later on, but one's enough for now.

Lip glosses

I had eight and I still have eight because I haven't panned any recently (I've been too busy panning other things).

While this is probably too many and my goal was no more than six, I don't mind having eight because I have so few lipsticks - meaning I'm happy to put the extras into this category. 

Custom palettes

I have six custom palettes: three larger ones and three smaller ones.

In my last inventory I had:

  • two bronzers 
  • six blushes (one being a mini)
  • one setting powder 
  • seven highlighters (one being a mini)
  • forty-six eyeshadows 

I now have:

  • five bronzers 
  • six blushes (one being a mini and one being a half-size)
  • one setting powder 
  • seven highlighters (one being a mini and one being a half-size)
  • forty-one eyeshadows 

As mentioned previously, my goal with this section is not so much to get the numbers down (I want my custom palettes to be full), but instead to keep finishing pans so I can continue to de-pot my individual powders and bring those into my palettes. I reach for these daily and everything in them gets plenty of use. 

So I've done ok with this section because we can see there's been some movement: that's all I'm aiming for here.

The final tally

Here we go... *nervous face*

If I count my custom palettes as only six items and don't count the individual pans, I now have 83 products - which is less than the 90 items I had in my last inventory. Happy with that!

If I include the individual pans in my custom palettes (but count pre-made palettes as one item), I now have 137 makeup products, which is a reasonable reduction from the 146 I had previously.

My overall goal for 2018 goal was less than 90 items by Christmas. Hip hip hooray, I made it!

I'd also hoped to get my individual pan-count down to less than 150 this year, which I've done so I'm pleased about that too.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to my last Project Dent intro post for 2018!

As you may know, I introduced my Hourglass bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light yesterday to this project (see here), and I've decided to work on Nude Bronze Light alongside it because I use the two products for different things.

That is, Radiant is great for bronzing and Nude is a better contour on me (it's a little flat for a bronzer on my colouring) - but I can also mix them and bronze with them together because Radiant is very warm and sometimes I need to tone it down.

I also wanted to work on Nude because I've barely used it since I bought it, which was admittedly a while ago.

Plus I panned various older bronzers throughout 2018 - so a lot of the newer ones I bought went unused for a few months after I bought them. This is why I've made it my business to circulate through my bronzers over the last two months, before I kick off my 2019 panning projects and focus on the bronzers I want to remove from my collection next year.

Anyhoo. I bought this particular shade because Radiant Bronze Light is very warm and also has some glow to it, so when Hourglass extended its range and released this bronzer and also Diffused Bronze Light, I swatched them in store and knew that Nude had my name all over it.

It's matte and it's also neutral (meaning it pulls a little cool on my yellow-based skin), so I knew it would fill a gap in my collection because I don't own any contours - and while I so rarely contour, it's nice to have one for special occasions and I also knew that Nude would make a great mixer for Radiant, which can be too warm for me during winter when my skin is paler. I really love Nude on the eyes too.

So, here's how my bronzer is looking today, 22 December 2018:

Same shot, enhanced for clarity:

As you can see, I've barely touched this. Indeed, it looks as though I haven't stuck a brush into it yet - which I have, but these photos have reminded me that I definitely need to give this product some love.

As always, my aim over the denting period will be to make visible progress so we can at least see some changes in the pattern on the surface of the pan, and I haven't reviewed it yet so I would like to do that over the next fortnight.

Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to my next Project Dent intro post!

This will be my last round of Project Dent for 2018, although note that I'm planning to introduce my Nude Bronze Light version of this bronzer shortly - for the simple reason that I use Radiant for bronzing and Nude for contouring, and I haven't dented either of them this year so I would like to give them some love before I start panning other bronzers in 2019.

As you may know, these bronzers are my HGs and I can't live without them. Radiant Bronze Light remains my favourite in terms of colour (I've reviewed it here), but I do enjoy the others I own too - whether Nude Bronze Light or the shades in my Hourglass palettes.

Note that I usually don't bother including this particular bronzer in Project Dent because I reach for it often anyway (it's my favourite so it gets plenty of love), but given that I haven't dented it this year and also that I want to use it for all the events we have coming up over the next fortnight, now's a good time to bring it into circulation.

Anyhoo! Here's how my bronzer is looking today, 21 December 2018:

Same shot, enhanced for clarity:

As always, my aim over the denting period will be to make some visible progress on this thing - and while we likely won't see any flattening of the surface over a fortnight, we should see some changes to the air bubbles you can see in the photos, so that's something.

Wish me luck! I think the main challenge here will be limiting myself to only using this bronzer for two weeks - I really do love this thing ; )

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x
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