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This product is currently in rotation for Project Dent, and I wanted to review it today so I could think about winding up that round and start to focus on other things.

Long story short, I think it's a decent powder - it's just that I'm not sure I have any use for a banana powder, and I've found that I don't like the look of brightened under-eyes on me. Something about it looks odd and unnatural. It's still a good product though. More on that below.

Australis claims/product details:

  • Banana powder can be used within your contouring regime, or on its own
  • This yellow-toned powder suits almost every skintone, and will not only banish under-eye dark circles and set concealer, but will colour-correct any skin redness too
  • Can also be applied on your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your chin, or over your entire face as a matte finishing powder
  • RRP $15.95 AUD for 10g, but do shop around (I bought mine at half price)

There's the pan, indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight:

Light and heavy swatches, indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight: 


I think this is a really good product and I can see why so many people love it, and I do recommend it because it works - it's just that brightened under-eyes don't look good on me personally. They look weird and makeup-y on me, and I'd prefer to just do what I've always done: that is, rely on Hourglass' Dim Light for under-eye brightening. That looks more natural and suits my face better.

The product is a pale yellow powder with a smooth, creamy and finely milled texture. It applies and blends well, although note that it's quite powdery so I get a good amount of kick-back when I stick my brush into it. While this isn't a huge issue because I just use the dislodged powder next time, I wanted to mention it all the same.

I've been applying this to my under-eyes, chin and around my nose for the last two weeks, and I'm pleased to report that it does have a brightening effect so I can see why a lot of people like it. What I find in my case, though, is that brightening my under-eyes so they look highlighted against the rest of my face isn't a flattering look. It looks like I've deliberately tried to brighten that area and it stands out too much, which makes me look more made up than usual.

I also think that, because my under-eye bags are raised (rather than being sunken), brightening that region only serves to make those bags look even more raised, which of course isn't ideal. Indeed, it's not flattering on me at all.

What I've had to do with this is apply the thinnest, barely there layer - any more than this and my under-eyes look fluoro - and while I do think it looks pretty in theory (and it also sets my concealer well), I still don't like how my under-eyes look. 

Note that I think this has something to do with the structure of my face: since my cheekbones are immediately below my under-eye area and they typically have blush on them, putting a light colour beside that blush is always going to make it look even paler and brighter. I think this is partly why the whole look clangs on me.

I do however like using this powder on my chin and around my nose, where I get some redness. While yellow won't counteract redness in the same way that a mint green would do, it does have some effect and I think it diffuses things nicely without looking too bright, so that's how I'll likely use this product from now on.

Overall I think is a decent product and it absolutely works, it's just that I don't think it suits my face and I won't be using it under the eyes anymore, now that I've tested it. The brightened under-eye look isn't for me, but if it works for you, this is definitely a good product to try.

Decent and reasonably priced.

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