Skincare inventory: December 2018


My last skincare inventory was in August (see here), so it's high time that I checked in to do an updated one.

Also, if you're interested, I wrote my latest makeup inventory recently too: see here.

Do note that, despite having been on skincare and makeup no buys for a month now (and a skincare low buy prior to that), I'm a little nervous that my numbers may have gone up because I did open the purse strings for a while there and I also received a lot of stuff via Priceline GWPs - so I may be in trouble again in the skincare department.

We shall see...

Makeup remover

Previously I had two and I still have two (one open full-size and one unopened back-up).

One is my ultimate goal, but I don't mind having a back-up so I'm not worried about this category. 

Cleansing oils/balms

I had two and I still have two, both being cleansing oils (one's unopened). That's pretty restrained for me - I love these kinds of cleansers - so I'm happy with that!

Two's my goal so we're there.


This is all other cleansers aside from oils and balms, and it's one of my bad categories. Previously I had seven and I still have seven (five being unopened), so I need to start opening and using what I have.

My goal here is no more than four open cleansers plus a couple of back-ups because I do get through cleansers reasonably quickly and I like to have some unopened ones on hand, so I guess we're not too far away here.


I had five and I still have five, being two open full-sizes and one open travel-size, plus one unopened full-size and one unopened travel-size.

My goal here is no more than two open products plus a couple of back-ups, so we're not too far away here either.


For toners, I'm not only including standard toners but also 'treatment' ones (eg my glycolic toner from Alpha-H). In my last inventory I had three and I now have seven, including one open toner and six unopened back-ups (two of those being glycolic products). Oops!

Before I get my knickers in a knot about this, however, I know I'll get through these within a year because I finish toners pretty quickly. Still, no more toner purchases for now!

My goal here is no more than four: two open, two unopened back-ups. I have some work to do here.


The products in this category include eg items from The Ordinary because they don't really fit into any other category and I can still use them in conjunction with my serums or even mixed in with my serums or moisturisers.

Before I had three and I now have four (three being unopened).

Three is my goal in this category so I'm not too far off here.


This is a new category because I've only started exploring essences more this year. At the moment I have one and I'm happy with that, although there's room to buy a back-up once my spending ban lifts.

My goal is no more than two.


Before I had three and I now have four: two open and two unopened back-ups.

That's my goal so we're there.

Eye creams

I had four and I now have seven (three being unopened). Golly gosh, what happened here?!

At least I can say that three of the four open eye creams are almost finished, and two of those are minis - so this category isn't quite as bad as it looks. It's still bad though...

Three is a good goal for me (one for morning, one for night and one for overnight), so I have some work to do here.

Day cream

Previously I had three and I now have four (one open full size and one open travel size, plus two unopened back-ups (one being a travel size). 

My aim was two but I don't mind the extra because the smaller sizes will go soon enough.

Night cream/overnight cream

Previously I had two and I still have two (one open full-size and one unopened full size). 

Two is my goal with this category so we're there.


I had three and I now have four (two of which are unopened), although I've almost finished one so I'm not worried about this category.

Two is my goal here.


In my last inventory I had six and I now have seven, including four open full-sizes and three unopened back ups.

While this isn't an awful amount, it's a little too many and I'm glad at least that a couple of my open ones are on the way out so they won't be around for long.

My goal here is no more than four open, with a back-up or two in the cupboard.

The final tally

In August's inventory I had 48 skincare items in total.

I didn't really have a goal after my last inventory but I would like to keep things at around the 40 mark, and I don't want to exceed 50 again because I was so overloaded at the end of last year.

Drum roll please...

I now have 56 skincare items in total (oops), which is a little more than I would like - although that's partly because I received a bundle of stuff in one of those Priceline goodie bags recently so it's not as though I've gone bonkers with purchases and I'm not too concerned about where things are at.

In sum

I'm ok with where my skincare numbers are at for the moment, but doing this inventory has reminded me that I need to continue to close the purse strings so I'm glad I'm on a no buy again for at least the first half of 2019.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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