Caudalie Vinoperfect Overnight Renewal Cream - review


You may remember that I unboxed a Caudalie set around five weeks ago (see here), although I've been using the products for six weeks because it took me a while to get that unboxing post up.

I've already reviewed the mask from the set (see here) and I've finished the serum, which was only 10ml in size so I couldn't review it. I am however reviewing the overnight cream and the essence, and I'm about to finish the cream so that's what we're looking at today before it's gone for good.

Caudalie claims/product details:

  • A gentle exfoliating cream that visibly smooths lines and reduces the appearance of pores
  • Works overnight to resurface, brighten and detoxify the skin
  • Delivering gradual and continuous exfoliation, this formula improves the look of dark spots and imperfections, and refines skin’s texture 
  • Patented viniferine - a natural compound from vine sap that is 62 times more effective than vitamin c - brightens, lightens and evens the skin
  • Leaves skin detoxified and moisturised with a more even, luminous complexion
  • This product is noncomedogenic
  • In the morning, your skin breathes freely 
  • RRP $62 AUD for 40ml, but do wait for specials


This is a good product and I do enjoy it, but it's not good enough that I would consider buying the full size. I have other creams I prefer and this one hasn't knocked those out of top spot.

It's a white cream with a faint, chemical scent and it's lightweight and more like a cream/gel hybrid in texture. It spreads and applies reasonably well, although it does take a bit of work to rub in and there's something almost balm-like about it in that sense.

I've been using this overnight for six weeks now and I'm about to cut open the tube to get the last bits out. While I have enjoyed using it, it's not the most hydrating cream I've tried - and since that's normally what I look for in overnight creams (my skin is dry so I need serious nourishment), it's not one I would buy.

Still, there's something exfoliating and resurfacing about it, and it's been a good cream for the warmer weather when my skin is less dry because it's not so heavy that my face can't breathe through it. My skin has also felt a little smoother while I've been using this, so I agree that it helps clear the surface gunk from my face and has also helped my skin look a little brighter in the morning.

On the claims: yes this is gently exfoliating; no I don't think it visibly smooths lines or reduces the appearance of pores (although it does make my face feel smoother); yes I do think it resurfaces, brightens and perhaps even detoxifies my skin (I don't have as many blemishes on my chin these days); no I don't think that it's improved the look of dark spots or imperfections, but it does have a refining effect; and yes I agree that my skin can breathe freely through this product.

Overall I think this is a nice cream that meets a good few of its claims, but it hasn't grabbed me in any particular way and I wouldn't buy it. Still, it has helped keep my skin feeling smoother and looking brighter while I've been using it, so it has done something for me.

Nice but not my favourite.

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