Project Dent 2018: Kevyn Aucoin custom palette


Hello and welcome to what will likely be my final round of Project Dent this year - at least where eyeshadows and highlighters are concerned - although I may just be able to squeeze in another bronzer round before December is over. We'll see.

Above is my Kevyn Aucoin custom palette, which contains various eyeshadow duos, eyeshadow singles and highlighters from the brand.

There's another shot, enhanced for clarity:

Note I've deliberately been saving this palette for December because my aim is to use it for the whole month and not have to think about my eyeshadow or highlighter.

Plus there are a lot of pans in here and I want to give myself an opportunity to make some mark on them over the next month, which I don't think I'd be able to do in only two weeks - being the normal amount of time that I'll assign to a round of Project Dent.

Let's work by sections.

Here are my two remaining highlighters from Kevyn Aucoin, being Starlight and Sunlight (noting that I've re-pressed the remains of Candlelight into one of the eyeshadow pans in this palette):

Enhanced for clarity:

The top six eyeshadow shades:

Enhanced for clarity:

The bottom ten eyeshadow shades: 

Enhanced for clarity:

 My three eyeshadow singles:

Enhanced for clarity:

It's unlikely that I'll hit pan on anything over the next few weeks, but I'll certainly try. What I'll aim to do is use those shadows that are showing more progress the most, so that I can potentially hit pan in at least one of them - although admittedly I don't like my chances.

Nevertheless I'm looking forward to using this palette consistently for a few weeks: I absolutely love the formula of these powders and I have quite a few colours to play with so I know I'll enjoy using them. I may also try to review the Starlight and Sunlight highlighters during the denting period, since I haven't reviewed those yet and I need to.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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