I bought this product last year and opened it towards the end of winter before putting it aside and eventually returning to it in May this year.

I'd hoped that the break in usage would magically make this product work better for me, but of course it didn't and it hasn't done much for me at all. This is unusual for an Alpha-H product but it does happen, and I must say I'm not upset that this one doesn't wow me because it's expensive and I'm happy to have reasons not to buy it.

Alpha-H claims/product details:

  • An overnight treatment balm with advanced technologies that help you wake to a smoother, firmer and more radiant-looking complexion
  • With a luxurious infusion of 10% vitamin c, niacinamide and juveleven (an extract inspired by the immortal jellyfish), this balm will recharge and boost your skin to the next level
  • A protective evening balm specifically addressing the needs of mature, collagen-poor skins exhibiting signs of stress and fatigue
  • Also addresses the needs of skins experiencing changes associated with biological and hormonal fluctuation
  • Replenishes the skin's hydro-lipid barrier and also targets irregular hyperpigmentation
  • The blend of hydrating macadamia oil, smoothing hibiscus and brightening white mulberry helps to reinvigorate the appearance of the face, neck and d├ęcolletage
  • To use: in the evening apply a small amount to your fingertips and warm slightly by rubbing fingers together; then massage a thin layer over face, neck and d├ęcolletage
  • RRP $129 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around (you can find it for less than $100)

There's what it looks like:


I don't think this is a bad product, it's just that it hasn't done enough for me to warrant the large price-tag so I wouldn't buy it again.

It's a beige-coloured balm with a rich, balm-like scent. It's heavy in texture and greasy in finish, so I suspect it wouldn't suit those with oily skin because it will probably feel too much for you. But if you have dry or mature skin, this might be right up your street.

As mentioned above, I used this last winter for a couple of months and I've now been using it again for two months. I apply it in the evening as the last step in my skincare routine, right before bed.

It spreads and applies well, and while not all of it absorbs (it's too heavy for that), some of it does and it provides a hydrating, protective barrier over my face that's good for the cooler months and that also feels like it seals in my other products.

Given that it's from Alpha-H and that it costs as much as it does, I was expecting it to do something amazing for me. Unfortunately it hasn't, and all it really does is hydrate my face overnight so my skin doesn't feel dry in the morning. With a price-tag like this, it would want to do a lot more than that!

On the claims: no it doesn't give me a smoother, firmer or more radiant complexion; yes it does provide a good amount of moisture and nourishment; no it hasn't done anything for hyperpigmentation or signs of stress/fatigue; and no it doesn't brighten or reinvigorate my skin either.

Overall I don't think this is a bad product, but it hasn't done anything special for me and I've found budget creams that hydrate as well as this does so I wouldn't rush out and buy it for that reason alone. Do note that the reviews I've read so far of this product are as lukewarm as this one is, so that's something to keep in mind.

Not worth the money.

Well, it's my birthday today (30 June) and I haven't done any empties posts this month, so as my birthday present to myself I'm going to try to get at least one of them up today. We'll see how that goes...

Thankfully this first one is loaded with Project Pan empties, so it won't take as long as the other one because I won't need to talk too much about most of the products (I've already talked about them enough via Project Pan), which can only be a good thing since we have a big day planned.

Let's start with the only two non-Project Pan empties in this lot, shall we?!

Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl, Dramatic Volume Mascara

Full review here. This was an excellent mascara and I was sad when I had to turf it. I'd probably used it for close to four months - and I normally throw out mascaras at around the three-month mark, so that tells you something - but by then it had started to get a bit dry so I knew it was time to send it packing.

The key was in the tiny, thin little brush that was a pleasure to use on my hooded eyes. It was easy to control and I never wound up with mascara goo on my hoods when I applied it, plus it gave my short, stubby lashes so much length and volume that it just proved what we all know to be true: fat brushes do not equal fat lashes. Love. Purchase? Yes.

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in Naked

I disliked this product so much that I gave it a 'disappointing products' tag, which I so rarely do. I've reviewed it here.

My main issues with it were that it dried my lips out so much that they started flaking, and it also emphasised lip texture something chronic - which is the last thing a lip gloss should be doing, if you ask me. 

It also claimed to plump the lips but it definitely didn't do that for me personally, so it's safe to say that this isn't the gloss for me and I wouldn't buy one. Purchase? No.

Project Pan items

I'll just do bullet points from now on because I've already talked about these products to death via Project Pan and I'd rather keep things short and sweet to avoid boring anyone (including myself).

  • Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: full review here. This was an excellent product and it's one of the few masks I've used that I would repurchase. It exfoliates on three levels and it always left my skin looking fresher, brighter and younger. Can't wait to get another one. Repurchase? Yes.
  • Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed: this was ok but mine was on the dry side so it started cracking and flaking very early on. Thankfully it got a lot better once I re-pressed it and added more binder, but I shouldn't have had to do that with a product that cost this much. Still, it was finely milled and it applied well, so it wasn't all bad. Full review here. Repurchase? No.
  • Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Drops: I'd meant to review these but lost the remaining product I had so I couldn't do swatches. Foo. Might have to grab myself a sample so I can do that. It was a nice liquid illuminator that did the job but it didn't beat my favourite Becca versions so I wouldn't buy it. 'Nuff said. Purchase? No.

  • Savvy Eyebrow Pencil & Shaping Wax in Light: full review here. This wasn't a bad little product and I wouldn't mind trying it again because it worked well enough and it's a cheapie so it won't break the bank - my issue with it was only that this Light shade was too pale for my brows so I couldn't use it alone. Otherwise no complaints. Purchase? Yes, in a darker colour.
  • Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer: this was a nice product and I can see why everyone raves about them. Yes they're pigmented and yes they stay put throughout the day. Problem is, this mini dried out and went gooey about halfway through and it wasn't that old, so considering how expensive the full-size is, I'm not sure I'd buy one. Purchase? No.

  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in 555 Naked Coral: full review here. As you may know, these lipsticks are my favourites (whether budget or high-end) and although I do love these matte versions, the cream ones will always be my number one because I have dry lips so that's my preference. They're comfortable, they last and they look good on. Love. Repurchase? Yes.
  • Chantecaille Just Skin in Nude: a lot of people swear by this product and while I didn't mind it, I definitely don't think it's worth the $108 AUD price-tag (I mean really). I've reviewed it here. Also, while I liked that it wasn't too greasy, it also wasn't dewy enough for me personally and offered more of a powdery finish, which isn't my preference due to my dry skin. Repurchase? No.
  • BareMinerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Medium Golden: full review here. This is my HG concealer so I was sad to finish it, but I'd had it for around 18 months and it was starting to separate so I'm glad I panned it when I did. I still own it in a paler shade that's better for me at this time of year, although I've just about finished that one too so I'll need to buy it again soon. It covers well, it's hydrating and it doesn't sit in fine lines. Perfection. Repurchase? Yes.

In sum

Just a quick round of empties this time but I will have another lot coming asap so I can draw a line under my June posts and get ready for a fresh set of everything in July.

My favourite items in this lot were the BareMinerals concealer, the Maybelline lipstick, the Sephora mascara and the Peter Thomas Roth mask. Everything else I can take or leave.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

I'd had my Becca split pan lined up for my next round of Project Dent, but given that the weather has been so bad lately that I haven't been able to take any photos, I've decided to resort to a product that's already been photographed. Fair enough I say...

Plus it's my birthday, and I'm allowed to go for the easy posts that don't require any photo-editing etc today, yes?!

As you may know, this eyeshadow palette is down to be panned next year via Pan that Palette, and I promised myself that I would dent it a good few times this year in order to give myself a head start.

I last dented it at the beginning of April, and the reason why I've decided to dent it again now is simple: one, I've already photographed the pan via my last round of Project Dent and I haven't used it since then because I've been too busy panning other things; and two, we have a few events coming up in the next couple of weeks so this is a good palette to focus on now because I've never done a dud look with it and it goes with everything.

Here's how it's looking today, 30 June 2018 (happy birthday to me):

Same shot, enhanced:

My aim over the next two weeks is to focus on the five shades that aren't showing pan yet and attempt to get some pan happening in two of them. I'd say that Chocolate Cookie and Cashmere Bunny are the most likely to go next, with Strapless coming in a close third.

After that I'll put it aside for another couple of months before bringing it in once more in 2017 to give myself another little push before Pan that Palette 2018. Yes I've already got good progress on this, but Too Faced mattes are (mostly) very tightly packed so it's not going to be easy to finish it in one year, even starting from a good position.

Looking forward! I always enjoy panning this palette so it seems like a good birthday present to myself to bring it in again now.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Well, another year has gone by and I'm 38 today, the 30th of June.

My husband brought the kids upstairs this morning with a cake and candles, and it was nice to have the little ones in bed with me - for all of about two seconds of course, until they'd had enough of that and squirmed their way out, full of energy as usual.

We have a nice weekend planned: dinner tonight with friends, dinner tomorrow with family, coffee today with friends/family and also a trip to Mecca at some point to pick up this year's Mecca Beauty Loop birthday gift. I'll be interested to see what it is this year - it's normally pretty good, so I'm hoping for something fun but also useful.

My ideal birthday morning would be to write in peace before playing with my makeup and heading out for the day, but looks like that's not going to happen because apparently toddlers don't realise that Mummy gets to have peace and quiet on her birthday. 

Indeed, already it's been a very loud morning with lots of complaining and zero ability to lie in bed for an extra hour, but you know what? I'm still counting my blessings. I have two beautiful kids, a roof over my head, food in the fridge and fresh water - plus a bunch of makeup and skincare that's coming my way over the next two days.

We're also going to my (current) favourite restaurant tonight and my tax is all but done, plus I'm giving myself a day off washing today because, you know, why not. It's my birthday, after all.

Do note that I have a couple of June empties posts that I want to get out, but I'm not sure how that will go today so they may not be up until tomorrow. We'll see.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

* All images courtesy of unsplash.com

The sun arrived for a very brief period this morning so I was finally able to take some progress shots of this palette. While the angle of the sun is never great at that time, it was lucky I took the shots anyway because of course it's grey again now and I mightn't get another opportunity for days. Damn winter.

So. As per the last item I dented, although I introduced this product back at the beginning of June, a few things got in the way of a consistent Project Dent period so in the end I let things roll on until I knew that each item had been given at least two weeks' daily use in total.

This palette has been used for perhaps 2.5 weeks, but that's because the damn sun has been hiding for days so I haven't been able to update you. Life goes on.

Here's how it looked 2.5 weeks ago:

And now:

And again for good measure:

As you can see, I've now got a good amount of pan exposed in the shimmer shade and I'm working my way towards pan in the pink and lavender shades (both of which now have good dips in them).

The cream is also looking more worn although admittedly it's hard to see that in photos, and the brown is looking a little smoother in that top right-hand corner.

Overall it's been a good round of Project Dent and it's been one of those few rounds where the visible progress is really definite (it's hard to do much with a product in two weeks). Hooray!

That's all from me. I'm looking forward to setting this aside and picking out something new for July.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

At the moment I really need to get two Project Dent posts up (one update and one intro), but we haven't had any sun peeping through the clouds for days and I need some in order to photograph the pans. Boo foo boo.

Plus I need to edit the photos for the two empties posts I have for June, but that seems like such a big task so I've decided to start off with a little review post before tackling anything else. I also used this mask again last night and I don't have a huge amount left so best I post on it before it's gone for good.

This 15ml sample arrived in one of our Maslow & Co boxes last year, but it took me a while to open it because I've been drowning in face masks and didn't need to bring another one into circulation until recently.

I've now been using it for over six weeks so I've got a pretty firm opinion on it and I'm looking forward to finishing it (it's currently on my Project Pan list) - for the simple reason that it doesn't do much for me and I really hate wasting time on masks that don't do enough. More on that below.

Pur-lisse claims/product details:

  • A 10 minute facial treatment with blue lotus seeds, white clay, bamboo, ginger, white tea and mushroom extract
  • This miracle multi-tasker instantly brightens, detoxifies, tightens and soothes skin while providing gentle exfoliation
  • Our power blend improves skin texture and leaves it visibly youthful and glowing
  • Blue lotus extract is a powerful antioxidant, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits
  • White clay tightens skin and purifies pores
  • Bamboo improves skin texture
  • Ginger detoxifies
  • Mushroom extract helps brighten
  • White tea soothes skin
  • Rice bran water improves skin texture
  • RRP $32 AUD for 15ml, but do shop around

I think it's worth noting from the outset that I'm a really tough critic when it comes to face masks. Unlike eg cleansers, serums and moisturisers, you don't just use them and move on - you need to carve out time for them. You apply them, leave them on for however long and then remove them. It's a 20 minute process at best, so if you're going to do it, then you need to see decent benefits.

This is why you'll hear me say 'not worth the time or money' A LOT when it comes to face masks, as I'm going to say with this one. Unless it moves mountains, then I'm not interested. In this time-poor world of ours, I imagine I'm not the only one.


Yep, you guessed it: this mask isn't worth the time or money for me so it's not one I would buy or recommend.

It's a white clay that's quite thin and creamy so it spreads well and a little goes a long way. It has a light floral scent and it also contains little exfoliating grains that you can use to buff your skin as you're applying the product and/or removing it.

The best thing about this product is the grains. I like that they're fine and not too harsh so they give my face a light exfoliation but don't feel like they're irritating my skin. But I don't need to use a mask to get myself some manual exfoliation so I wouldn't buy this product for that reason alone.

It dries down like a standard mud mask and I do like that it doesn't make my dry skin feel uncomfortable as it does so (too many mud masks dry me out, so it's always good to find one that doesn't). While that's a good thing, the mask itself doesn't actually do anything for me personally so there's no point in applying it.

After use my skin does feel a bit smoother but that's the grains and I suspect they're responsible for making my face look a tiny bit brighter after use. Otherwise this doesn't do anything for me: it doesn't clarify or purify; it doesn't improve texture or tighten; and it doesn't soothe my skin either. So essentially it doesn't meet its claims in my opinion and I can't recommend it.

The other thing worth mentioning is that it's expensive and I don't think you need to spend over $30 AUD on 15ml (lord knows what the full-size would cost in Australia!) to get something that works.

Not for me.

Hello and welcome to my first Project Pan tally post for 2018.

As you may know, I normally do these posts every quarter - but I didn't this year because I didn't start my 2018 challenge until the end of January.

So I've done five months of the panning year and it seemed like a good time to do a quick tally post. What I'll do is check back in with another one in three months before doing a final one at the end of the year so we know how I went overall.


February wasn't a bad starting month and I finished three products in total and decluttered another (note that I count decluttered products or those that have turned as 'finished', because my overall aim is to streamline my collection so anything that's removed is a win).

I finished:

  • two lipsticks
  • one primer
  • one powder bronzer

While four isn't a huge amount of products to finish, I did kick out an entire primer and also a full-sized powder bronzer. Winning!


March was a much better month and I finished ten products in total. Woot woot!

Here's what I finished:

  • one fragrance
  • two hair treatments
  • one lip crayon
  • one lipstick
  • two lip balms
  • one primer
  • two face masks

If only every month were like this one.


May was a shocker of a month and I only finished two products, the latter of which went off so I had to stop using it.

These were:

  • one brow pencil and wax
  • one eyeliner (travel-sized)

Let's pretend that May never happened, shall we?!


June was a much better month and I finished seven products.

These were:

  • one lipstick
  • one primer
  • one face mask
  • one liquid illuminator
  • one tinted moisturiser
  • one concealer
  • one powder bronzer

Not only was it a good month in terms of numbers, but in June I also knocked out some long-standing products that I'd been panning for a while so it was a great month overall.

The tally so far

Let's add those up.

Overall I've finished 23 products in total, which sets me up to hit a modest 50 by the end of the year (if I'm lucky). 

While it's unlikely that I'll ever beat last year's whopping 91 products, I normally sit at somewhere between 50 and 65 products each year so I may get there if I really push things - keeping in mind that I have a smaller collection than ever before so I don't mind if I finish less as a consequence.

In terms of itemising what I've finished:

  • four lipsticks
  • two lip balms
  • one lip crayon
  • three primers
  • one liquid illuminator
  • one tinted moisturiser
  • one concealer
  • two powder bronzers
  • one brow pencil and wax
  • one eyeliner (travel-sized)
  • three face masks
  • one fragrance
  • two hair treatments

In sum

Given that I'm starting with a smaller pool of products than I ever have (across both makeup and skincare) since I first became a panner many moons ago, I think I'm doing reasonably well so far this year and I'm looking forward to seeing whether I can hit my goal of 50 products by year's end.

Do note that this tally doesn't include the items I'm finishing via Pan that Palette. I reckon it'd be useful to do an overall tally at the end of this year so I'll make a note to do that!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

You may remember that I fell in love with a Bondi Sands body oil earlier in the year (I've reviewed it here), so I went ahead and bought this 'Everyday' version to see if it's as good as the other one.

It's not. Sure it smells, feels and applies the same, but it's nowhere near as effective and you need to apply it a lot more often to get any kind of colour. 

So don't be fooled by the fact that this one comes in a larger bottle: there's a reason for it. That is, you'll be needing five times as much to get the same effect.

Bondi Sands claims/product details:

  • Sand, sea and sun, the enviable Australian image
  • Your skin will feel hydrated while developing a golden glow that's touch-dry in seconds
  • Our innovative dual action gradual tanning formula provides a deep, long-lasting and natural-looking tan that hydrates the skin with every application
  • Use daily to ensure a natural tan throughout the year
  • RRP $19.99 AUD for 270ml, but do shop around (I bought mine for $11.99 when it was 40% off at Priceline)

I like that the bottle comes with an easy-to-use pump (see below).

Indeed, I've used so many body oils that only have a standard cap with a hole in it, that having a spray like this is a real treat: it saves a lot of mess and waste. There's a lot to be said for that.

Oh! Forgot to mention: the claim above that says the product is touch-dry in seconds, is absolutely true.


I wonder how I'd feel about this product if I hadn't used the other one first. They're very similar in lots of ways (minus the efficacy) and I do love plenty of things about the original so it's possible that I might have liked this one more if I'd tried it first.

But I didn't, and the other one's light-years better so this one's getting a 'not for me' review.

It's a super thin oil that comes in a spray bottle. You spritz it over your body and then massage it in. While the other product is brown in colour so you can see where you've put it, this one's clear. I prefer the brown. Otherwise I risk applying it in the same spot twice because it is a dry oil so it's not immediately obvious where you've used it because it doesn't look or feel like oil on the skin.

One of the things I do like about this is the coconut scent. Indeed, it's easily the best-smelling self-tanner I've used. Plus it's a dry oil so once I've applied it, my skin feels hydrated but never greasy - meaning it should suit those who don't like the feel of oil on their skin.

While this product does eventually offer a believable, natural-looking tan, it takes a long time to get there. Indeed, I need to apply it four or five days running before I start to see some colour, whereas the other product is a one-hit wonder.

Not only this, the original also lasts a lot longer than this does (up to a week). This one vanishes within two days if I stop using it, and that's not what I want in a self-tanner. I want something that hangs around.

In other news it does fade evenly so that's a plus, although that could also be because it fades so quickly that you wouldn't necessarily notice if it were giving you patchy skin as it wears off.

I guess I should also mention that it says right there in the claims that you're meant to use this daily to ensure a natural tan throughout the year, so it's not as though it's promising to give an immediate impact or last forever: it's designed this way, it's just that it doesn't suit my personal needs. 

But if you prefer a tanning oil that you can apply daily without looking over-tanned, this might be the product for you. There's nothing else wrong with it as far as I'm concerned, and even the fact that it's clear isn't an issue if you're applying it daily because if you miss a spot one day then you won't be tanned enough to notice and you'll likely cover that spot on the next application.

Overall I don't love this product and you're much better off getting the first one I reviewed - unless this one's more your cup of tea. 

While the first one I tried is a real stand-out in terms of tanning prowess, this product is essentially a nice-smelling dry oil and I didn't buy it for that reason: I bought it because I wanted a decent tanner. (Mental note to read the claims on the back of the products first, before I buy them!)

Not for me.

It's always nice to start off a Project Pan post with a couple of empties. As you can see above, this month I finally finished my Skinstitut mask and also my J One primer, both of which I've been panning for months.

Note: so little was left in each tube that I kept a couple of uses after cutting them open, just so I wouldn't have to write mini updates only a few days after this post. In any event, they'll both be gone by the end of June - indeed, I finished the primer today (these photos were taken two days ago).

As for the rest of my list:

Above you can see:

  • MUFE Ultra HD Foundation in Y305
  • RCMA No Colour Powder
  • Laura Mercier Baked Powder in Highlight 01
  • Urban Decan Anti-ageing Eyshadow Primer Potion
  • The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10%
  • NYX Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart
  • NYX Turnt Up! Lipstick in Free Spirit
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 555 Naked Coral
  • Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel
  • J.One Jelly Pack
  • Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Drops
  • Chantecaille Just Skin Anti Smog Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15
  • BareMinerals BareSkin Serum Concealer in Medium Golden
  • Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed

So I've finished seven items in total this month and I'm pleased with that amount: last month was so bad that I was hoping for a much better month this time around. Thankfully that happened.

As always, let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

First up, my Laura Mercier highlighter, as it was last month:

And now:

It's hard to see progress on a smooth, domed product like this. Do note, though, that we'll be seeing some significant progress next month. Why? Because this morning I finally scooped out, crushed and re-pressed about 1g of product into an eyeshadow pan to retain for comparison swatches in future.

As you may remember, I promised myself I would do this at some point this year so I could keep the product on-hand for photos (I have a franken-palette of popular shades, and this is definitely one of those). Also, while I'd thought I'd keep 0.5g, instead I went for 1g because I want the reserved product to last forever and you do need to build it in swatches so that's why I thought more was better.

Do note I hit pan when I followed my 'natural' brush dip with my scooping instrument, so don't be surprised when you see that next month!

Next up, my MUFE foundation and Becca tinted eye primer.

While it looks as though I've used a tonne of the foundation since I introduced it early in June, please note that I'd just filled the little container I use for mixing this product (with whitening drops and also liquid illuminator) and that mix lasts me a week or two, so I haven't used as much as it appears. Yet.

As for the Becca, now that I can no longer use it as a base darkener, I've started using it occasionally as an eye primer (on days when I'm not using the Urban Decay one below), and I've also discovered that it gives a credible tanned look to my face if I use it as a kind of primer. This is good because my body is always darker than my face, so this brings them closer together.

Next, lip products. I haven't bothered marking the NYX Butter Gloss because that was a more recent introduction and I doubt I've made much progress since then. We'll see how it looks at the end of July.

As for the NYX lipstick, you'll see my marker sheet below. I haven't made much progress when you consider how quickly I usually finish lip items, but I don't mind this because the next lip product I'm introducing is a pink tinted balm - so this will mix well with that and make the colour more coral (pink doesn't suit me).

There's the NYX marker above.

Looks as though this will last me around four months.

Next, my RCMA setting powder. 

If you're wondering how I'm getting through this so quickly, it's because I use it to set the entire area of skin that I apply sunscreen to daily, which includes my neck and upper chest. I do this so I don't look greasy (the sunscreen I'm currently using is super greasy).

While I don't use tonnes of powder per application because I still like to look glowy (typical dry-skinned lass!), I don't like to look shiny. A light dusting of this powder achieves the look I'm going for.

Next up, my lactic acid from The Ordinary and eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay.

I haven't bothered re-marking these because they were recent introductions and I'm not seeing much use on either, but I hope to have some good progress showing by the end of July. 

Indeed, it may be that the lactic acid is gone by then because I only use it as a mask, and since I've just knocked out the last mask from my list, I have the space to use it more often.

As for my replacements:

I've picked three, even though my aim is to keep my list at no more than ten products, for the simple reason that I know I'll be finishing at least two products this month so I wanted to introduce an extra one now.

Let's have a quick look at each one. 

First up, my Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask.

This came in a Maslow & Co box and I only opened it around six weeks ago after finally finishing off some other masks I was using. I've used it once a week since then and I'll now start using it twice a week so I can review it - and, I suspect, finish it off before the end of July.

Fingers crossed! 

Next up is an old favourite, being my Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid (reviewed here).

I have no interest in rushing through this because I love it, however it's currently the oldest primer I own so it's next up on the chopping block. In any event, it's cold here and this primer is beautifully hydrating so now's the time to start using it daily. Looking forward!

Last up, my Australis Matchmaker Shade Adjusting Drops (Lightening). Including these was something of a no-brainer because I'm using them every time I use the MUFE foundation anyway, given that it's in my summer colour so it's a hair too dark for me at the moment.

I'm around halfway through the bottle and I have no idea how long it will take me to pan this. It may be a matter of whichever goes first: this or the foundation. We'll see.

In sum

Phew! These posts always take me a few days. First, taking all the photos. Second, editing the better ones of those photos and then settling on the best from the 'better' list. Third, the writing of it. I'm glad to be done for another month.

Do let me know in the comments how you're going with your own panning challenges: I'd love to hear.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to my next round of Project Dent!

Given that I've just finished another bronzer, I've decided to dent one of the bunch I still own before bringing another one into Project Pan so I can attempt to finish it before the end of the year.

As you can see above, I've picked my four minis of Benefit's Hoola, which I've banged together in one of my custom palettes to make a 'full size'.

There it is again, enhanced:

I haven't reviewed this bronzer yet and I need to, although it will depend on whether I can find the time over the denting period to edit the photos I took ages ago and then do the swatches before the review.

I have a lot on my plate so the review may have to wait this time. We'll see.

What I can say is that I really like it and it's a great colour for me in the autumn and winter months - but I need to ensure that I've set my base as much as possible; otherwise Hoola won't blend well.

So if I'm rushing and don't have time to set my whole face completely, on those days my face will look patchy and odd so I've had to go in with another bronzer to manage that issue.

There it is again:

As you can see above, I de-potted mine although I didn't do it very successfully and three out of four pans cracked. Oops! 

I'd thought that because they're minis, they would be easy to pop out of their pans - and indeed the first one came out easily so it lulled me into a false sense of security. Hoh well, never mind.

I do enjoy this bronzer so I'm looking forward to denting it. 

While it's a little pale for me when I'm at my darkest, it's winter now and I'm at the light-medium end of the spectrum at the moment so this will be a good product to use for the next couple of weeks. I do still need to build it, though, so I expect to see some reasonable progress over the denting period.

There it is again, enhanced:

My aim over the denting period will be to wear down the patterns and cracked portions of all four bronzers (in particular the three that are cracked, since the one in the bottom-right corner has a smoother surface than the others - and I did start using that one first).

I'm also hoping that the cracked ones can be worn, and that I won't lose any chunks of product as we go. If so, I'll just crush them and use them loose, or if any of the pans aren't structurally sound, I'll just go ahead and re-press them after the denting period.

Looking forward! Wish me luck.

I can't wait to get stuck into this product: in part because it's in the tray on my desk so I won't need to go up and downstairs again this morning for the sole purpose of bringing down yet another product to place on my makeup table.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x
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