Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid - review


I tried the original version of this primer a while ago now and really enjoyed it (see review here), so when it was available as a GWP from Adore Beauty earlier this year, I went ahead and made a couple of orders I'd been planning to make anyway - meaning I've got two of these reformulated versions in my stores.

Sure, I have too many primers at the moment and this is one of the reasons why, but I've left the other one unopened and I don't mind having a backup for this product because I like it. More on why below.

Inika is one of those brands that I haven't tried much from but I've enjoyed everything I've used so far. I like both this primer and the original one, and I've also been using an Inika blush brush that came as a GWP and it's quickly become one of my favourite brushes - not only because I like the size and shape of it, but also because it's soft and feels well-made.

If I didn't have enough makeup already I'd be looking to try more from the brand, but for now I'll just be happy with the occasional Inika product that comes my way.

Inika claims/product details:
  • Hydrating, creates an even canvas and helps with long-lasting foundation coverage
  • Contains certified organic essential oils - lavender, lemon myrtle and jojoba - for nourished and hydrated skin
  • Calms and soothes the skin, and offers a barrier from the elements
  • Perfect for dry/normal skins
  • Hyaluronic acid: can hold up to 1000 x its weight in water; diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin; provides extra hydration for a perfect base; increases skin elasticity; provides a youthful and dewy glow
  • Certified Organic; Certified Vegan; Certified Cruelty-Free; Certified Halal
  • RRP $65 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around


When I reviewed the original version of this primer, I mentioned that it was the first primer I'd tried that I could see myself buying again. I also noted that I planned to buy the reformulated version in future, so it's no surprise that I jumped on the chance to grab two bottles of the new version for free.

As with the original, this version is a reasonably thick (but lightweight) white cream that feels nicely hydrating without being greasy, and it has a sticky finish that I do think provides a good base for makeup because it helps everything to adhere. 

It has a faint, lemon myrtle scent and it spreads and absorbs well while still leaving behind that tacky finish to help with makeup application. Note that I've read my last review and seen that the original version also smelled like lemon myrtle but it had a weird smell underneath that and I didn't like it (I've since seen others say the same thing). Happily there's no odd smell with this one so that's a plus.

I loved the last version because it hydrated my skin and helped with any dryness I was experiencing. I can say the same for this reformulated version, and while I don't think that it feels any more hydrating than the last one (I'm going by memory here), I do think that the finish is a little more dewy so I agree with that claim.

On that, since this is more dewy in finish than the last one, if I pair it with any of my dewy bases (being most of them), then I end up looking too shiny. This isn't a huge issue for me because I always set my whole face anyway, but I do notice needing to use more powder than I would like in order to manage the dew and also tone down the tackiness (otherwise my blush and bronzer would be harder to blend), so that's something to be aware of. Indeed, it's for this reason that I might just prefer the original, but it's a line-ball call and I think they're both lovely.

My skin feels soft and smooth after applying this primer so I could probably forgo my moisturiser and just use this, since it feels so nourishing on the skin. I do still use a moisturiser because I need all the hydration I can get, but if you have oily or normal skin, you might choose to skip the moisturiser and just apply this over your serum or even alone.

Another thing I like about this is that it comes with a pump and a single pump dispenses the perfect amount of product for your whole face. I like this because I know the amount I'm getting each time and I never over-apply it. Yes you can use the pump to dispense a smaller amount if you want to, but I use it everywhere because my skin's dry and that's what I need.

Also worth noting is that while the full size is pricey at $65 AUD, you do get 50ml of product (my 'sample' bottle is a standard 30ml), so at least you're getting a good amount for your money. Also, because you don't need much each time, the bottle lasts for ages and I can confirm this because I've panned it before and my bottle just didn't want to die!

On the claims: yes this offers great hydration; yes it's nourishing and I do think it calms and soothes the skin; and yes I think it provides a barrier from the elements. I'm not sure if it makes my makeup last any longer - maybe a touch - but I definitely agree that it provides a great base for makeup and helps it adhere and apply better.

All in all, this is a great little product and I really enjoy it. It's definitely one to test, and it's extra good for those of us with dry skin.


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