Project Pan 2017 mini update #41


Hello and welcome to another Project Pan mini update for 2017! 

I'm pleased to report that I've finished four more items, and I've decided to sneak in this mini update before November's full update post for the simple reason that I'll have less items to photograph.

Also, note that I've decided not to replace anything today and I may well not introduce any more products between now and the end of the year. Reason being, there's not a lot I can finish between now and Christmas, and I'm also keen to wrap-up Project Pan 2017 a little early if possible so I can use whatever I want for a few weeks before kicking off next year's challenge.

First up, my St Tropez tanning foam. This was on my list earlier in the year and I removed it because I'd stopped using it, but I brought it back so I could knock it out before year's end.

I used the last application this morning and even though it's a good product, I'm glad I've finished it because I find tanning foams to be a bit of a nightmare to use. I much prefer creams that I can just whack on after my shower and forget about. Yay that it's done.

Next, my Neuma Neusmooth Leave-on Conditioner. I really didn't like this product because it did nothing for me, so in the end I got through it by using it as a pre-wash treatment and also for protecting my hair before taking the kids swimming.

I'm not sure if it actually did anything, but I do believe that it helps to load your hair up with something (even water) before getting into a chlorinated pool because apparently your hair can only hold so much fluid, so by loading it up first, you're stopping too much chlorine from damaging your locks. That's what I've heard, anyway!

I'm glad it's gone.

Next, my Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Powder. This is a nice, very subtle and very wearable highlighter that I enjoyed, but I don't need it in my collection because I have other subtle highlighters that I prefer.

It took me a while to get through this but not as long as other highlighters because I was able to use it as a finishing powder (the same way you'd use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders), and it did offer a nice glow but it doesn't have the airbrushing effect of the Hourglass ones so that's why I was happy to move it out of my collection.

Still, it was a good product and I'm all for subtle, glitter-free highlighters.

And last, my Too Faced lipstick in Juicy Melons. I quite liked this formula because it was hydrating and it didn't dry my lips out with frequent use, which meant that even if I didn't want to use it as my lip colour for the day, I could still layer it beneath other products for moisture.

Mind you, the formula didn't convince me that I need to stock up on high-end lipsticks because I still think you can find some brilliant budget options that perform just as well as most of the fancy formulas I've tried so far.

There's my marker sheet for the lipstick below (second column from the right):

In sum

That's all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed this little post, and that you're going well with your own panning projects. 

It's always good to push out as many products as possible before the end of the year, and start a new year with less stuff and a more streamlined collection of things you love above all others.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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