Project Pan 2017 mini update #36


Hello and welcome to another Project Pan mini update for the year!

It's my first update for November, but at least it's a good one: I'm sending three products packing and this means that I'm getting closer to my goal of having no more than 100 makeup products total by the end of 2017.

As you can see above, I've finished a lip liner, a mini liquid bronzer and also a lipstick. While my aim is to keep my list at twelve products total, I'm still going to introduce replacements for my finished items now - but I won't add replacements later in the month, just so my list isn't too big when it comes to November's full update.

First, I've finished my Nars Liquid Laguna Bronzer. Yes this product was a mini but it ended up lasting for a few months. I got through it by using it to darken any base that was too light for me, and when that wasn't getting enough progress happening, I also used it mixed with Becca's Opal (also on my list) as a kind of primer to give me a bronze glow beneath my makeup.

I liked the product but I wouldn't buy it and I'm pleased that I've finally finished it. And I've just realised that I forgot to photograph the underside of the bottle (where my markers are), so I'm sorry about that - I'll make sure to photograph the markers when I put this in my next empties post. In any event, there was very little product left so I wasn't surprised that I got through this only a few days into November.

Next, my Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Tangerine. You'll see on the marker sheet below that this product basically vanished over the last couple of months - this is because it started to go really soft, so I lost a lot of melted product (the pencil broke when I used it) and I also lost some when I tried to sharpen it. I guess it must have been old when I received it.

I did enjoy this product while it was in its prime, but it got annoying to use towards the end so I'm glad it's gone. I'm also glad to say that I now no longer have any lip liners in my collection: I don't use them so I don't need any.

And last, my Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 720 Notting Hill Nude. I really don't like these lipsticks - they stink, they're drying and they make my lips look wrinkly - so I'm thrilled to be finished with this and I can't wait to pan the other two I own.

I might have decluttered my three, except that there's so often a use for dud products - as there was with this. I used it over a more hydrating, brighter lipstick to help tone down the colour so it was more suitable for everyday wear. So I didn't hate panning it and it definitely served a purpose. Still, I'm glad it's gone.

There's my marker sheet above. You can just see the marker towards the bottom for the Gorgeous Cosmetics liner, it's just that the pencil is running through it so it's not as easy to see as the other markers.

Also remember that the Rimmel lipstick was thinner than most when I introduced it because it's was melting (so I was using it from the sides), which is why it looks like I've gotten through so much product.

As for my replacements:

So, I've picked another lipstick, a brow pencil and also an eyeliner. I wanted to choose things that I felt I could finish by Christmas, which is why they're all showing some good progress already.

Let's have a quick look at each one in turn.

First up, my Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 220 Heather Shimmer (reviewed here). As with Notting Hill Nude, I'd already started working on this before bringing it into Project Pan so I can't see any issue with finishing it before Christmas.

You'll note that this bullet, too, looks thinner than usual: again, that's because the product has started melting ever since I started using it more often. It hasn't been hot here lately, so it must be an issue with the formula. I'll use it for toning down some brighter lipsticks that I'm also working on, as I did with the other shade.

Next, my Rimmel Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer in 212 Rich Brown. I haven't reviewed this yet and I should have, but no matter if I don't because I recently bought a back-up when Rimmel was half-price at Priceline.

As you may know, I prefer brown liner to black (it looks more natural) and I only ever line my upper and lower waterline because I have hooded eyes and don't want to waste my minimal lid-space, and while black closes in my small eyes, a tiny bit of brown opens them up and gives great, soft definition.

I like this product because it's the right colour and I don't have to sharpen it, and while it does shift from the waterline during the day, it's not the worst in terms of longevity - which is why I bought another one. Eventually I might find a better product, but this will do for now.

I don't have much left but given how little I use it, I expect it to last until the end of the year.

And last, my Dazzhop Lasting Eyebrow Pencil. This came from Maslow & Co and while I enjoy it, I do have another eyebrow pencil in back-up so I'd like to finish this so I can open the new one.

Also, this shade is quite dark and my brows are very dark as it is, so it may be that a paler pencil would give me a more natural brow. Plus when Pan that Palette 2018 kicks off, I'll be trying to pan a brown eyeshadow in my brows - meaning I'd prefer to get through this pencil before I start working on that.

In sum

That's all from me! This turned into quite a long mini update, but at least that's because I've finished three products and am introducing three more - and hopefully all the new ones will also be finished before the end of the year. 

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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