Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 220 Heather Shimmer - review and swatches


Not long ago I reviewed my one of these in 720 Notting Hill Nude (see review here), and I've now had a play with this colour in 220 Heather Shimmer so I feel able to review it too. Note, though, that my reviews of each lipstick will be rather similar because I feel the same about both shades.

In short, I really wanted to like these and I was dumb enough to buy three from Chemist Warehouse during one of the fifty per cent off sales, because they seemed to be moisturising and I loved the colours. What I didn't bank on was the god-awful scent, which for some reason wasn't present in the testers I used (maybe they were old) but is inescapable in the lipsticks themselves.

Rimmel claims/product details:
  • Rich colour and intensely moisturising 
  • Enriched shade palette and highly improved moisturising formula
  • Vitamins a, c and e and SPF 20 for protected and cared-for lips
  • Maximised, radiant colour
  • Lips feel up to 70% more hydrated and up to 60% smoother
  • RRP $13.95 AUD for 4g, but do shop around

I quite like the purple and silver packaging of these. Yes it feels a little cheap, but it doesn't look too cheap and I prefer it to the packaging of my HG Maybelline lipsticks (if only the formula was just as good as the Maybelline ones!).

There's the bullet in direct sunlight:

A heavier and lighter swatch, shot taken outdoors:

And in sunlight:


And in natural light:

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product outdoors:

And again:

In natural light:

And indoors:


While I quite like the formula of these, what I didn't realise was just how scented they are. Honestly, it's bad - like cheap floral perfume - and it's enough to make me avoid them because I don't want to smell (and taste) them all day.

To me these smell exactly like that Bonne Bell lip balm in the blue tube (only stronger), and they feel quite like it on the lips too. It's an overpowering scent and I'm aware of it the whole time I've got the product on, from the moment I take the cap off the tube. I'm really hoping the scent fades a bit over time because otherwise I can't bear to wear these.

'Heather Shimmer' is a beautiful, rich neutral shade that treads the line perfectly between red and brown: it's one of those colours that should suit a lot of people and goes with many looks. While it's not too in-your-face, it has enough impact to be a statement shade or to balance out a heavier eye, depending on the look you're going for. It's such a pity about the awful scent - otherwise I could see myself reaching for this often.

As mentioned above, the packaging is fine for a budget lipstick and I've seen it compared to Maybelline's lipsticks, which I can see but I do prefer this packing because it looks sleeker (Maybelline's packaging looks clunky to me) and I like the purple/silver combo.

As for formula, it does feel super creamy when applied (just how I like my lipsticks!) but it doesn't feel that nourishing - it sits on top of the lips, rather than delivering moisture - so if you have dry lips like I do, you'll probably still need a balm for hydration.

The product feels comfortable to wear and while it doesn't emphasise lip lines, it doesn't diminish them either. It also doesn't last long on the lips, which I wasn't expecting it to because it's so creamy, but I have used creamy products that hang around longer so it's worth keeping that in mind.

All in all, I don't mind the formula of these and I think you could do worse, but I also think that better budget options exist. By comparison, Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipsticks (I've reviewed one here) last better, deliver more nourishment, plump lip lines better and don't have a pungent smell, so I'd recommend those over these any day.

But the pigment is great (of the three colours I own) and they do feel nice on the lips - plus they come in some great shades - so if you can get over the stench, you might really like these.

Have you tried these? Let me know what you think if so.

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