Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment, Dry Skin Salve - review


I received this product ages ago from a subscription box and it's something I've used on and off since then: it's not an everyday kind of product (at least for me) but one that I fish out of my stores whenever my skin is throwing a tantrum and I need something to manage it.

I've mainly used this on my feet because those are almost always very dry, but it's also come in handy for my elbows, knees and cuticles too - plus I've seen that it's safe for newborns so after this review, I'll be popping it away for use in October when the bub is due and I'll be breastfeeding again.

Lanolips claims/product details:
  • Contains a 100% natural mix of lanolin, manuka honey and vitamin e: three powerful, nature-perfected ingredients in one wondrous product
  • A super moisturiser for extremely dry skin that contains the hyper-moisturisation of Lanolips' exclusive Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin 
  • An intensely rich ointment that will nourish and soothe extremely dry skin, leaving it silky soft, dewy and healthy
  • An excellent skin moisturiser and protectant for dry skin, feet, hands and other large areas of dry skin
  • Excellent for flying
  • Lanolips' Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin: is a luxuriously creamy purified lanolin ointment; is cleansed of all colour, fragrance and impurities; holds over 200% of its own weight in water; and is hypoallergenic and safe enough for the mouths of newborns
  • RRP $28.95 AUD for 50g, but do shop around

The ointment comes in a slim squeeze tube and I'd much prefer that to a tub because you don't need to dip your fingers in to get the product out (I find that thicker ointments like this often come in a tub, so it's nice to find one that doesn't).

There's what it looks like below (it's thick!):


I love a great multipurpose product and this is definitely one of those. As mentioned above, I've used it mainly on my feet because that's where I get the driest, but it's also good for other dry areas (elbows, cuticles, knees, lips etc) and it works well if eg you've had a cold and need to soothe your red, dry nose.

Other uses (and ones I personally haven't tried it for) include to treat minor sunburn and insect bites, as a weather barrier, as an after-shaving balm, and to manage dry, cracked nipples from breastfeeding (and that's what I'll be saving the rest of my tube for - it's going in my hospital bag : )). 

I've also seen some lasses use it as an intense, overnight face treatment. While I've shied away from this because it is so thick, that's certainly something to keep in mind and I may well use it for that in future because I've read that it doesn't clog pores (this may be because the ingredients are natural).

It's a thick, orange coloured ointment that smells like biscuits to me (vanilla and honey) and it's sticky when applied and so thick that I'd recommend warming it in your hands before application, otherwise you may have issues getting it to spread.

I personally prefer using this at night, because the stickiness does hang around so I like to whack it on my feet and put on some comfy socks before going to bed, and I wake up with beautifully soft and hydrated feet.

You can use this as a lip balm (and many people do) but I don't like how slippery it feels on my lips and I have other products I prefer for that purpose.

Another thing you can use it for is to pop on your eyes overnight to help keep the area hydrated and nourish/condition your lashes - plus it will help lift any leftover eye makeup if you do this and you can remove the smudges in the morning.

It's not a super cheap product but it's also not super expensive, particularly given how much product you get in the tube and how little you use each time - indeed, my tube is still going strong after six months' of use and I can't see myself getting through it any time soon (although note that I don't use it every day).

All in all, this is a great little product with a variety of uses and I recommend it. While it's not something I reach for daily, it's something I'm glad to have on hand because it's useful for all sorts of things and I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to all the different ways you can use it.

Ticks from me.

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