September 2016 empties #1


I had a quick look at my empties yesterday, and I was surprised to see that I had a lot more than I'd realised! So I've picked out ten of the products in the empties box (because that feels like around the right number for a post) and I've held a couple over for my second empties post at month's end. 

There's a bit of haircare this time, which makes me happy since I take so long to get through hair products and I've had quite a few nice ones sitting around, waiting for me to finish some of what I had open. So I'm looking forward to introducing some new ones, now that I've finally kicked a few from the bathroom. 

In no particular order...

Bio Oil

You may well be sick of seeing Bio Oil empties in these posts because I've been going through so much of the stuff during the pregnancy - so I'll be brief! I've reviewed it here.

In short, I love this product and it's one I keep returning to again and again. Whether it helps with stretchmarks I can't honestly say, but it does have an impact on scarring/pigmentation on my face and I love how well it spreads so a little goes a long way. For this reason I think it's better value than other oils I've used on my expanding belly (even the cheaper ones) because it's good value for me on a price-per-use basis. Repurchase? Already have.

Swisse Multivitamin Repair Body Oil

I don't want to go on about how much I disliked this product because I've done that enough in my full review (see here) and I don't like being negative.

Briefly, it's easily the worst oil of any description that I've used and I wouldn't touch it again even if a bottle fell in my lap. It doesn't hydrate at all (indeed, it leaves my skin feeling drier) and I need to use heaps per application because it's quite thick and I don't think it's good value. Repurchase? No.

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Full review here. This is an HG product of mine and it's raved about by beauty lovers - for very good reason. Few masks make a huge impact on my skin, but this one does and I'm sad I've finished it!

For me, it's one of those rare products that meets its claims: it refreshes and renews the complexion, reduces fine lines (temporarily of course), and it also improves skintone, firmness and radiance (also temporarily). Plus it combats congestion and leaves your skin healthy and glowing. Repurchase? Already have.

SebaMed Liquid Face & Body Wash

This is one of those products that really surprised me: I received it in a sub box, and I wasn't expecting much from it because it doesn't look fancy and and I'd never heard anything about it. But I love it! Full review here.

It's the perfect, gentle cleanser that's great for the first cleanse of the day and it cleans the skin beautifully, despite how gentle it is. Plus I love the velvety, smooth texture, and it's a pleasure to use. Repurchase? Yes.

La Sante Wellness Candle

I don't normally review candles on this blog, but since I'm developing something of a candle addiction, I thought I might at least start popping them in my empties and I may start writing full reviews soon because I've tried enough now that I feel able to do this.

The candle came in one of my Maslow & Co boxes as a Maven Gift (see unboxing here) and I did really like it, but it's not one I would buy because I've used other candles with scents I prefer. Still, a lovely product. Purchase? No

Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil 

Full review here. This was a Project Pan product so I won't go on about it too much here, but in short I really liked it and I'm glad I have a back-up for it - I managed to grab a second in one of the Facelurk sub box swap groups. 

It's a great travel size that's perfect for the handbag, and even this little 25ml bottle lasted me for something like two years because you only need a little each time. It hydrates without weighing the hair down, and it's on my radar if I ever get through the other hair oils I own. Purchase? Yes.

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream

Oh, this was a horrible, horrible product. If the Swisse oil above was the worst oil of any description that I've ever used, this was the worst cream. I've reviewed it here.

It smells like alcohol and it's drying, and there's a grainy/powdery quality to the texture that I don't like, and it's far too matte to call itself something that adds radiance! Plus it balls up on the skin when I apply makeup over the top, so I had no use for it other than getting through the tub by using it as a body cream. Thank god I didn't pay for it: it came in a sub box. Purchase? Not if you paid me!

Skin Therapy Dragon's Blood Sculpting Serum

This came in Marie Claire's The Parcel, and I was pleased by the temporary effect it had on my skin (it was quite plumping and brightening) so I was happy to use it as my day serum consistently until it was finished.

While I personally need serums that are more potent than this - I'm 36 and have dry, dehydrated skin - I think this is a great, inexpensive option if you're younger than me and/or have normal skin that doesn't need extra TLC. So while I wouldn't buy it, it's definitely one to check out if you're in your 20s and looking to incorporate a serum into your skincare routine. Purchase? No.

CO LAB Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo in New York

Full review here. This is a decent, reasonably priced dry shampoo - particularly if you can grab it on special from the chemist as I did.

I didn't love the scent, but I did love how soft and silky it left my hair after use without weighing it down. It also didn't leave a white cast, but I've used better dry shampoos that can extend the time between washes longer than this one did (I only got an extra day with this product, and it wasn't one I could use on consecutive days because it didn't work as well on subsequent uses). Repurchase? Maybe.

John Frieda After-colour Conditioner

I haven't reviewed this because it came in a Priceline haircare baggie without its matching shampoo, and I didn't want to buy the pair since I have enough haircare as it is.

I love John Frieda products but this didn't wow me because it wasn't hydrating enough for my dry hair, so I got through the tube by using better conditioners on the lower half of my hair (which is drier) and saving this one for the roots. Purchase? No.

In sum

I've got some great products in here that I'm sad to see the back of, but I'm also glad to say goodbye to some items that have been hanging around for ages so it's been a good month!

The best items in this lot are the Bio Oil, the Natural World hair oil, the Ren mask and the SebaMed cleanser - all of which I would repurchase.

Have you finished anything amazing recently? Let me know! 

Speak soon x

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