Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil - review


I received this product in Maslow & Co's The West Coast USA box (unboxed here). I opened it straight away because I have nothing else like it, so I've been using it for a couple of months now and feel ready to give you my thoughts.

The short story: I like it. The long one: I'm not sure that it's added anything specific to my haircare routine, other than encouraging me to massage my scalp twice a week - which I'm really enjoying! More on all that below.

Earth's Nectar claims/product details:
  • A lightweight scalp oil that's infused with essential oils to combat dry scalp, hair loss, and dry skin, hair and nails
  • Fast-absorbing and nourishing
  • Rosemary essential oil improves hair strength and growth
  • When massaged, cooling peppermint oil supports natural blood circulation to the hair follicles - also encouraging hair growth
  • Sweet almond and jojoba oils combat dryness, deeply moisturise and prevent breakage or shedding
  • Formulated for dry to normal hair types, it leaves the scalp feeling soft, clean and refreshed
  • Helps to soothe and moisturise a dry scalp
  • Moisturising regularly is the first step to a healthy haircare regimen; and essential oils can be very effective for dandruff (the best essential oils for treating dandruff are rosemary and peppermint)
  • To use: for straight and fine hair, pour a few drops onto your hand, gently rub hands together and then rake through hair; for curly or textured hair, pour a few drops onto hand and massage directly onto scalp, massage gently with fingertips; wait a few minutes and rinse out or leave-in as a treatment; can be warmed slightly for a warm oil treatment
  • RRP $30 AUD for 30ml (see the Maslow & Co shop)


This is a beautiful product and I'm glad I've had the chance to test it. 

I've also just seen that it's had some great ratings on Sephora's website (see here) - although in the US you're paying almost half the amount for a 120ml bottle than our $30AUD for the 30ml one (!) - so it's definitely worth shopping around if you're interested in the product because you may be able to find a better price.

It's a lemon-coloured oil that doesn't have a strong scent, and it's quite thin so a little goes a long way and you don't need to use much per application. I've been using mine twice a week for two months and there's perhaps a third of the bottle gone - and I apply more than the recommended amount because I'm notoriously heavy handed with oils on my dry hair and skin ; )

I normally apply it before washing and massage my scalp for say ten or fifteen minutes, then I throw my hair up in a bun and leave it in for ten or so minutes before jumping in the shower. I'd expected it to be quite hard to wash out, but I don't need to do any more than my normal double-wash so I'm pleased about that because I probably wouldn't use it if it were hard to remove.

Do note that I've tried using it as a standard hair oil on my dry, split ends, but it's definitely not the product for that (at least on my hair) because it's heavy and you can see and feel it, no matter how little you apply. It's not designed to be a leave-in oil of course so it doesn't lose points for that, but I felt it was worth seeing if I could double-purpose it.

As for claims, I really can't tell whether this has made my hair stronger or whether it aids growth. Perhaps I'd need to use it for longer to judge that, but the growth-factor in particular is pretty hard to gauge. Maybe if you had fine or short hair you might see results, but my long boofy hair is quite thick anyway and it looks different lengths depending on how frizzy/wavy it is on any given day so I can never tell how quickly it's growing.

I also don't have a super dry scalp or eg dandruff at the moment, so I can't comment on those aspects either.

On that, if things like hair loss, growth and shedding etc are an issue for you, it's worth having a look at the Sephora reviews (see link above) to see what others have to say, and whether the product meets its stated claims.

So while I'm not sure what this product is really doing for my hair, what I can say is that I'm loving using it and I'd never realised how nice it is to massage your own scalp! Indeed, when I finish my bottle I'll certainly be on the look-out for a similar product that's more widely available on the Australian market and costs something closer to the US price ; )

All in all, this is a beautiful product but it's not one I would buy because I don't find it essential to my personal haircare routine. But I'm glad I've tried it and I'll keep an eye out for it (or something like it) in future.

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think if so.

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