Project Dent 2016: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation in #34


I mentioned yesterday in my last Project Dent update that I had intended on going through each of my Becca products and denting those, but I've changed my mind because I really need to start giving my liquids and creams some more attention (those tend to go off faster), and most of my Becca items are in powder form.

So, let's have a brief break from Becca and instead look at the foundations I have on the go. I own three separate formulas and two of those I have in two shades each (both winter and summer colours), which makes five open bottles. Coupled with the two open tinted moisturisers I have, that's too many and I need to pick which ones to focus on next as part of Project Pan. What better way to do that than via Project Dent?!

While none of the base products I have on the go is particularly old, I do open my cupboard some mornings and wonder how on earth I'll get through my bases before they start to go rancid. Although I've gotten much better at not over-ordering things or having too many liquids open, it's hard sometimes to keep a collection under control so what I thought I'd do is start Project Denting them all as a way to work out which ones can be moved into daily rotation.

I'm starting with this Marc Jabobs foundation because I only have it in one shade and it's also the oldest foundation I own. I bought it in Sephora's Black Friday sale last year and opened it this year when the weather started souring (because it's more of a winter shade for me), so I wanted to Project Dent it first before I become more tanned.

I have it in shade #34, Beige Medium. While I have used it quite a bit, I haven't reviewed it yet because I haven't been using it consistently enough to really get a feel for the product - plus I tend to mix it with illuminators and oils to alter the finish (I prefer a dewy, sheer look for my dry skin) so I can't say for sure how well it performs on its own.

I also need to test it in different weather conditions and with separate primers, so what I plan to do over the next couple of weeks is use it every day and firm up my opinion. I already know that I like it (I did test a sample pot prior to buying it), but whether I like it enough to want to keep it in my collection is a question I'd like to answer. 

On that, I had shade issues with the product and while my best match overall was this one, it's not quite yellow enough for me so I've been managing that by mixing it with other products. I won't do that so much over the Project Dent period: another reason why I'm denting it first - I'm not going out so much because I'm about to pop out bub number two, so it doesn't matter if my shade's a little off since no one's going to be seeing me!

Anyhoo. Looks like I'm rambling again, so let's wind things up. Above is how much of the product I've used to date. I hope to see a good dip over the next couple of weeks so I can feel less overwhelmed by the amount of foundation sitting on my shelves ; )

After that we'll move on to my Becca and Gorgeous Cosmetics foundations; and then we'll look at any other open base products (like tinted moisturisers and primers) so I can start seeing dents in those too. Wish me luck!

Speak soon x

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