Mullein & Sparrow Lemongrass Mint Body Oil - review


We received this body oil in our Maslow & Co, USA The East Coast edits (unboxed here). 

You could have received one of two different scents, and I'm glad I wound up with the Lemongrass Mint version because the other fragrance included lavender and that's not my favourite smell.

I'm also always glad to receive oils in sub boxes: as a dry-skinned lass, oils are my best friend!

Mullein & Sparrow claims/product details:
  • A skin-firming, hydrating and antioxidant-rich oil
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • This aromatic blend is sure to revitalise your senses with the bright scent of lemongrass and the invigorating lift of spearmint
  • For an indulgent treat, pour a small amount of oil into a full bath and delight in the aromatherapy
  • To use: apply sparingly and massage into skin with mindfulness and long, circular strokes; use as a daily moisturiser and for self-massage each morning and evening; for best results, apply to moistened skin directly after bathing
  • RRP $26.58 AUD for 30ml

I absolutely love the packaging of this: it just looks luxe and it's one of those products that I'm happy to display in the bathroom.

Having said this, I think the product needs a pump or a dropper so it's easier to dispense the right amount and not wind up with oil creeping around the cap - and I've just seen that this is the only size available (eg, this 30ml is the full size and not a travel one, as I'd first thought), so I think the bottle's design could be better in terms of practicality and ease-of-use.


This is a really beautiful body oil and I'm glad I've had the chance to test it. While it's not one I would buy for myself, it's certainly one that would make a great present - wrapped up with a few other good-looking products from the brand - so I'll keep Mullein & Sparrow in mind come Christmas, which isn't so far away (yikes). 

It's a thin, lightweight oil that spreads and absorbs well on the skin, and it doesn't feel too heavy or greasy so it should suit most people - including those who shy away from heavier oils. I'm glad I received the lemongrass mint version because it's beautifully uplifting: definitely a scent I need in my life right now!

Do note that while you're meant to apply this sparingly, as usual my dry skin drinks the stuff up so 'sparing' for me is probably quite different from 'sparing' where those with normal or oily skin are concerned, and I've been rationing this so I don't get through it too quickly. 

This means it's not as good value for me as it would be for someone else, and that's one of the reasons why I'm unlikely to buy it for myself and would prefer to purchase another oil that's cheaper and comes in a larger size.

On that, I've been using this on my pregnant belly after my shower and I do need quite a bit to cover the area and keep it feeling hydrated and supple - which of course is one of the reasons why I need to use quite a bit per application, but I reckon I would still need to because my dry skin always calls for extra hydration and therefore extra product per use.

On the claims: I do think this uplifts and revitalises the senses with its fresh scent; I do think it's fine for all skin types because it's thin and not too heavy; and I do think it's hydrating but I haven't noticed any skin-firming action (remembering that my belly is like a balloon anyway, so 'firm' won't be a problem there until after childbirth ; ) ).

As mentioned above, the only thing that I reckon could be improved on here is the packaging: the bottle could do with a pump or a dropper to make application easier and less messy. Otherwise I have no complaints about this oil (other than that I wish it came in a larger size that was more cost-effective) and it's a product I'm really enjoying having in my collection.

So while it mightn't be for me, it's definitely one I would recommend if you'd like to treat yourself or someone else because it's a gorgeous product that just looks and feels luxe.

Ticks from me.

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