Clarins Super Restorative Night Cream - review


Last month I unboxed a Clarins GWP that I'd received a while back (see that post here), and while I'd already used and reviewed three out of six items in the set, this one was new to me and I was in desperate need of a night cream so I opened it straight away. The others I've introduced in turn so I can see what they're doing both separately and together.

While I'd normally prefer to use a skincare item for more than a month prior to reviewing it, this is a 15ml tube and I've almost finished it so it's time to give you my thoughts.

Clarins is one of those brands that I don't normally buy because it's rather pricey (particularly in Australia) and I've found cheaper products that work better for my skin.

Having said this, I'm always happy to try things from Clarins because I've found some star items over the years - yes, that includes the fabled Beauty Flash Balm! - and it's a brand that I've used quite a bit because my mum has been loyal to Clarins for decades and she's always passing on GWPs to myself and my sister: she knows what she likes and anything outside of that is gratefully received.

Clarins claims/product details:
  • Works while you sleep to promote skin density and an even skintone
  • Delivers intensive replenishment to skin weakened by hormonal changes linked to the ageing process
  • Helps lift, tone and restore elasticity
  • Awakens skin's radiance
  • Minimises the appearance of age spots 
  • Nourishes and moisturises
  • Promotes a more even complexion 
  • Key ingredients: shea butter, ginkgo balboa, cabbage rose, harungana and mango butter
  • Dermatologist-tested; non-comedogenic
  • For all skin types
  • See here for more info
  • RRP $145 AUD for 50ml


This is a beautifully hydrating night cream and I've loved using it but it's super expensive and I think you can do better - both in this price range and below it.

It's a rich white cream that isn't too thick or heavy on the skin, and it has a faint soapy cream scent that shouldn't bother most people.

While a little does go a long way with this, I have found that I've needed to apply more per application than I have with other creams. This is partly because the serum I'm using at the moment isn't very hydrating (so this cream is having to pick up the slack), but I'm also super dehydrated and dry these days so I need to slap on more of the nourishing stuff than I normally would.

What I love about the product is that it's wonderfully nourishing on my dry skin, and I don't feel the need to use overnight creams or masks before going to bed - which I've needed to do with other night creams I've tried recently because they haven't done enough on their own.

On the product claims: I do think this helps lift and tone temporarily; it does add some radiance; and it's definitely nourishing and moisturising. As for whether this promotes even skintone and helps with restoring skin elasticity and minimising age spots, I probably haven't used this long enough to see those kinds of benefits. 

Having said this, I have used products that help with such things in a short space of time, and I'd be really surprised if this cream does any of those things - particularly because I've used plenty of Clarins products that promise the earth and don't deliver. Perhaps it's just that Clarins generally creates more gentle products that don't contain enough active ingredients to have a huge impact on the overall appearance of my skin.

In sum, this is a beautiful cream and I'm glad I've had the chance to try it, but I personally think it's overpriced and you can find something that's just as nourishing but won't break the bank. Also, if you're over 30 like myself and need products that pack more punch when it comes to targeting issues like pigmentation etc, I think you can do a lot better than this.

A nice product but not one I would buy.

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