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Hi all! This is just a short note to say that I'm in the process of making some changes to littlewhitetruths.

Happily, they're changes I've been talking about for ages: it's just that finances, time (motherhood) and brain power (motherhood + pregnancy) have been thin on the ground so I haven't been able to get things happening as fast or as well as I would have liked.

Anyhoo. I've started the process and hope to keep tweaking things and improving them over the next couple of weeks. After that we'll have a newborn on our hands again - so best I do what I can now! Call it my version of nesting ; )

So, here's what's happening:

New lighting for photos

Yes it's true, that lighting I've been wanting to buy for ages has finally arrived! It was a cheap set from ebay but I'd read reviews on the kit and they looked ok so I felt it was a good place to start.

I went for continuous lighting and my husband set it up for me on Sunday. Unfortunately one of the two lights is faulty so the manufacturer has put another one in the post, but I've used the good one to take a bunch of test shots and already I can see the difference.

There's still tweaking to do in terms of where I place the set and how high the platform for my flatlays needs to be to make the most of the light, but I'm hoping that you'll see an improvement in the coming weeks : )

Updated template

I did export a free version of a template I liked ages ago because I didn't love any of the available templates on Blogger, but I'd always planned on purchasing and applying the premium version if I felt it was a template I could work with. 

On Sunday I decided to bite the bullet so I spent a tiny $6.95USD on the upgraded version, and I've spent the last few days getting familiar with it and working out just what I can do to make the blog look and feel a little better.

You may notice some small changes in terms of layout etc already, but there'll be more coming as I work out how to rearrange a few aspects I don't like (particularly those annoying headings at the top!). I do now have a support service available to me (you didn't get that with the free version), so I'll be calling on it soon enough to help me iron out any issues.

Wish me luck! I've never been good with technology so I find this side of blogging really hard.

Expanding social media platforms

I've been on Twitter and Instagram for a while now, and Pinterest and Snapchat are next on the list. I've already started a Pinterest account but I decided to hold off on adding any more photos to my page until I'd got the lighting sorted. 

Now that the lighting situation is getting better, expect to see more movement on my Pinterest account. As for Snapchat, I've been waiting to get a better phone before exploring that uncharted territory. 

I did have an iPhone 4, but that died so I've been using an iPhone 3 for the whole year! But my husband is getting the new iPhone so I'll be getting his iPhone 6 (I always get his hand-me-downs ; )), and that will help with any social media I use because the phone I've got is prehistoric and can't do much.

In sum

That's it! Wish me luck over the coming weeks as I do my best to expand and develop the blog and grow my social media tree. I'm a writer so blogging is about the words for me, but I do know that I'll need to get better at the other stuff if I want to see more growth for littlewhitetruths.

Hope all's well with you guys and speak soon x

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