Project Pan 2016: mini update #21


I thought I'd only done a Project Pan mini update a few days ago, but turns out it was around two weeks back so it's perhaps not surprising that I've finished a couple of products since then (well, one of them I didn't quite finish, but more on that it in a sec).

So, I have finally FINALLY finished that GHD Straight & Tame Cream. I know some people find haircare products easy, but I really don't and this one has been getting daily use for around six months on both mine and my daughter's hair (it helps get the knots out of her curls) - and I'd already used quite a lot of it to start with! Thank golly it's gone.

The other 'finished' product is my blush from The Cosmetics Kitchen:

Yes, we've indeed had a casualty. What happened is that my little girl was reaching for my precious Z-palettes where they sat on the kitchen table (gosh her reach is getting longer every day!), and when I moved them away, I managed to knock this off the end of the table - and this was the result.

Yes I could have re-pressed the bits I collected from the floor, but my floor is permanently covered in Golden Retriever hair, plus the blush just wasn't worth saving because it's gotten to that dry, grainy stage and I'd only been using it as a dry shampoo for the past month or so because I didn't want to put it on my face anymore. 

But I'd managed to get the product to that final rim before the edge of the pan, and it's been on my PP list since December 2015 so I think we can validly call it finished. Hooray!

So, here's what I'm introducing to replace those two products:

I picked another hair product because I need to get through more of those, and you may remember when I did my Project Dent round on my non-powder blushes (see here) that I'd earmarked this one from Josie Maran to include on my list when there was room for it. Now there is : )

Just a brief comment on my new inclusions:

Davroe Replenish Jojoba Créme Treatment

Full review here. This was a terrible hair mask for my hair: it left my hair looking and feeling frizzy, dull and uncooperative, and dry and crackly to the touch. Plus it left my hair in worse shape than usual - knotty and looking more damaged and dehydrated than usual - and it also left a film behind so I couldn't wait to wash it after use.

It's been sitting in the spare bathroom gathering shower-mould since then (gross ; ) ) and I did consider throwing it out, but I've decided to re-purpose it as a pre-wash mask to see how it fares. Failing that, I like using bung conditioners as shaving creams so I'll use it that way.

The 200g tube is pretty much full, but I'll do my utmost to finish it by the end of the year.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée in Honeymoon Honey

Full review here. I love this blush and it's the best non-powder blush formula I've found to date, but it's been open since the beginning of 2015 and I'd rather use it up than risk it going rancid.

I love this product but I don't reach for it that much because, like many, I prefer to use powders since I find those easier to apply and I just like powders better in general - even for my dry skin.

I'd say there's around half gone from this 5.1g tub (see below), but I learned via Project Dent that I can get through it reasonably quickly - particularly because it makes a nice lip tint as well as a cheek product, and it's great for the warmer months because it looks so natural and dewy on the skin.

Can I finish it by Christmas? It's possible! Wish me luck : )

In sum

I'm so glad I've moved two long-standing products out of circulation, and I'm pleased to report that a couple of other items on my PP list are on their last legs, so we could well see them gone by the end of September - huzzah!

Do let me know how you're going with Project Pan, and especially whether you have any tips for getting through cream or gel cheek products - tips are always welcome : )

Speak soon x

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