Pan that Palette mini update: September 2016


While I hadn't intended on doing mini updates for Pan that Palette as I do for Project Pan (I'd only meant to do one full update per month), I've decided to do an interim one for September because it's been a month of powder-crumbling and re-pressing incidents, and I need to address the situation!

Like many, when deciding to start Pan that Palette I watched youtube videos and read blog posts from members of the panning community, so I knew from the outset that some of my older powders might start to crumble once I'd made some solid dents in them. Unfortunately that's been happening on a frequent basis with some of them (see below), so I've decided to merge a few together and see if that helps.

Above are my two Mirenesse eyeshadows and below is my single shadow from 'Tini Beauty. If you'd like to know how much of each I'd used at the end of August, please see my last update post here.

You'll see that the pink shade (above) and the highlighter shade (below) are in all-sorts - and I've lost count of the number of times I've had to re-press them so I can keep going with the challenge. On top of that, the lavender shade is flaking something chronic so I keep losing bits into the mass of toddler mess and Golden Retriever hair that's permanently on our floor.

So, what I've decided to do is crush all three shades up and put them into one pan. I may also add a little binding agent to the powder/rubbing alcohol mix to see if that helps. I'm hoping the result will be a lilac shade with a slight sheen that can double as a highlighter for the face - fingers crossed for me that the process works! 

I'll show you the finished result at month's end and let you know how the mix turns out in terms of blendability etc. I'm still determined to finish the three shades but it will be nice to consolidate them into one pan and therefore free up some space in my palette for other products.

Above is my Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer. You'll see that some of it has cracked and flaked off, and rather than crush the whole thing up and re-press it, I've popped the extra bits into an eyeshadow pan because I'd always planned on keeping some of the product to use in future as an eyeshadow anyway (it makes a great colour for the crease).

Unfortunately the eyeshadow pan I've pressed has developed hard-pan, which doesn't surprise me because the bronzer itself keeps developing a crust that I have to remove. This isn't because the product is old - it's only been open for around six months! - but because there's an issue with the Gorgeous Cosmetics formula (in my experience, anyway) and all three powders I own from the brand developed a crust shortly after I bought them. Ergh.

So while I'll keep going with the bronzer because I'm getting through it quite quickly and I like the colour, I'll likely have to discard the eyeshadow I've pressed and forget about retaining any of the powder for future use on the eyes.

In sum

That's all from me! I just wanted to let you know what was going on with my Pan that Palette products before it comes to update time at the end of the month - otherwise you might wonder what the hell happened to my powders ; )

Wish me luck with the eyeshadow mix I blended yesterday: I'm hoping it turns into something I'll enjoy using.

Speak soon x

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