Project Dent 2016 update: Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector


Gosh, has it been almost a month since I started using the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector as part of Project Dent? My computer tells me I posted my intro on the product on the 25th of August (see that post here), so considering that it's now the 20th of September, I guess a month is around about right.

A bit's happened since then: I've bought some new lighting for my pics (you'll note the difference in the before and after shots below) and altered my blog template a little, plus I'm now closer to delivery of bub number two - to the point where I thought we were going to be in hospital last night. False alarm, but not long to go.

But enough preamble ; ) There's where my product was back in August:

And here's where it is now:

That's a pretty good dent! What this is telling me is that the product will be good for Project Pan, since I can get through it quickly enough and I do really like it so I'm more than happy to use it each day.

I will get a review up of the corrector shortly (I just need to find the time to edit a few more photos), but look out for it if you're interested in the product because I'm hoping to do it this week.

Another reason why it will be good for Project Pan is: I really like this and it's introduced me to correctors, but I think I can find one that's even better than this for those under-eye circles of mine (something in the peach department I'd say), so when I get through this, I'll feel able to justify a purchase to replace it.

Anyhoo! That's all from me on this product. Now to pick out my next item for Project Dent. I was going to go through each of my Becca items individually, but I'm now thinking I should stick to liquids/creams because I have a few foundations that need more of a workout. I'll have a think about it overnight : )

Speak soon x

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