Project Pan 2016: mini update #20


I'm pleased to be writing a Project Pan mini update early in the month: I've managed to finish my Sportsgirl Lipstick in Beauty Queen and also my Natural World Moisture Repair Hair Treatment Oil over the past few days.

I've also mentioned on this blog recently that I'd planned to shake up my list a bit; now that spring is upon us and the weather is warming up, I'm feeling the need to make a few changes and introduce some different kinds of products to my tired list.

First, here are the two products I've decided to remove from circulation:

Both my Stila and Inika eyeliners (in brown and black respectively) are the only two dedicated eyeliners I own, so I probably shouldn't have included them to start with and, when I recently did, it didn't take me long to regret the choice.

I brought them in to replace the two eyeliners I was using, but if they're the only ones I own, I don't feel the need to Project Pan them and I'd much prefer to focus on categories of products that I have too many of (which admittedly makes a lot more sense ; ) ).

So, to replace the above four products, here's what I'm introducing:

You'll see I've brought in one perfume (my first for any Project Pan, if memory serves me correctly), a hair and lip product to replace the similar items I've just finished, and a facial exfoliant that I'm not using.

I'll make a quick comment on each new item in turn:

clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

Full review here. I picked this up on special in the Violet Box shop when I needed to raise my order total slightly to get free shipping, and it's one of those products that's been sitting in the shower for over a year without getting much use.

Problem is, I have much better facial exfoliants to reach for so this one has been gathering dust - and it has an 18-month shelf-life so it's time to get through it. What I've decided to do is mix it with a body scrub that I don't like (it's not scrubby enough for me), and together the two products make a passable body scrub that I can live with until they're both gone.

Half the container is left (although I don't think it was full to start with) and I have a feeling this will last until the end of the year at least, because dry products like this last an eternity. We'll see.

TRESemme Youth Boost Fullness Emulsion Spray

Full review here. While this is a newer item, I've wound up with so many haircare products this year via sub boxes that I'd like to get through at least one more by year's end - and Project Pan is the best way to do that.

You apply this to wet hair after your shower and it's a product I quite like, but I've kept forgetting to use it over the past month because I've opened a newer treatment that does more for my frizz. I like this one, it's just that I'd like to finish it so I can move on to other things.

There's about three quarters left, so fingers crossed I can finish it before Christmas. I find haircare to be one of the hardest things to pan - so wish me luck!

Estee Lauder Sensuous EDP and Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Cassandra Peony

The perfume was given to me by a friend who didn't want it, and I accepted it because I remember going through a sample years ago and enjoying it - but I think the sample must have been either the EDT or a lighter version of the scent because I don't love this and it's not one I want to wear, particularly now that the weather is getting warmer (it's more of a winter fragrance).

Thankfully it's only 30ml, but I'll struggle to get through it anyway so I'm including it here to make myself use it - even if it's just used to freshen the bathroom occasionally, I hope to see it gone within a few months.

I've reviewed the lipstick here. I love the 'nourish' formula of these and this shade is one of the few pinks I can wear - plus I needed a mixer colour for the overly grey purple of Sportsgirl Whirlpool (currently on my PP list), now that Beauty Queen is done. Miss Cassandra and Whirlpool mixed together make a nice lavender shade, and I can also mix Miss Cassandra with another lipstick I have on the go that's a touch too peach to wear with everything (so I can mix them to make a softer coral colour).

In sum

Gosh that was long for a mini update! But I wanted to sneak it in today while I can, since I'm keen to keep my PP list fresh and moving : )

Let me know how you're going with Project Pan this year, and whether you've found a way to get yourself through the last few months of 2016 - it can start to get tiring if you don't keep things interesting for yourself!

Speak soon x

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