How long does it take to finish: a cream eyeshadow or base?


I haven't done one of my 'how long does it take to finish...?' posts for ages, mainly because the two products I've been testing have taken FOREVER.

Also, while I've been doing these posts for a while, I've tweaked the formula over time so I now write my initial post (that's this one) when I've already used a good chunk of product - not when I've just started testing it. I figured it might be annoying to stumble on one of these posts and click on it, expecting results, only to find that the test has just started. So my apologies if that has been annoying in the past - like all bloggers I'm on a learning curve : )

Anyhoo. Around a year ago I made the decision to transfer this cream eyeshadow to my Project Pan list (it can also double as an eye base, according to Be a Bombshell) and since then I've been using it religiously every day.

Here's what it looks like at the moment:

So while there's still some product left and the test isn't officially complete, we're getting there now so I can give you some loose results and then confirm them in a month or so.

Just for some background, I first reviewed this Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist on the 15th of September last year (see my review here), and when I opened it, it looked like this:

I used it for a week before reviewing it, and on 19 October 2015 I introduced it to Project Pan, when it looked like this:

So you can see it was pretty full to start with, and note that it contains 2.5g of product - which in my experience is less than other bases (many seem to be at around the 4g mark), so you will need to consider that in the results.

And today, the 8th of September 2016, this is what it looks like:

So there's still another month or so in it, but we have some pretty accurate results at this point so I felt it was time for an update.

A few things to note:
  • As mentioned above, this pot is on the small side at 2.5g, so you will need to adapt the results based on the size of your product.
  • I have not been using this every day on my eyes because it's a rubbish eye base. What I've instead been doing is using the amount I would have used on my eyes on either my collarbones or shoulders as a highlighter. I've been really careful not to over or under-apply it so the results are as accurate as possible when it comes to the eye area, but I need to state that all the same so you're aware of it.
  • I'm not someone who wears super intense eyeshadow (you may have noticed this if you've seen any of my eyeshadow reviews). So because I've been applying the same amount to my body that I would apply to my eyes, it's possible that this would be less than you might apply on each application to your own eye area. Having said this, the product doubles a base (and not just an eyeshadow), so you may find you apply a similar amount as I would when it comes to bases, as opposed to cream eyeshadows.
  • Judging from the amount left, I would expect the rest of this product to last around six weeks, but if you want an exact result, do keep an eye out for my final verdict next month.

Here 'tis! Finished on the 19th October 2016, so it lasted me just over a year : )

Speak soon x

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