2016 makeup wishlist: revisited for the holiday season


I first posted on my 2016 wishlist at the beginning of the year, and then again in March and June. Three months on and it's now spring, and for the last while we've started to see glimpses of the holiday releases that brands have on offer - so like many, I've been watching those closely and compiling a mental list on what I want in my collection, and what I can live without.

Holiday releases are also often limited edition, meaning items that were previously on my wishlist are being kicked off for now since I can get those at a later date. But then, that's why brands release limited edition stuff, isn't it?! To make suckers like me feel the urgency to buy them now. And we do.

Anyhoo. I've mentioned in earlier posts that I think it's helpful to make wishlists and refrain from buying anything on them for at least a month or even more, since I've found that so many products drop off the list as something new and better comes along.

So what I'll do now is update my last wishlist (that's here, if you'd like to see it) and let you know what I've got my eye on. Fingers crossed that it's not a super scary exercise for my wallet...

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*Image courtesy of beautyediter.com

Hourglass Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Palette

If you read this blog, it'll be no surprise to see this at the top of the list: I'm Hourglass obsessed and I've been stalking swatches and reviews of this ever since I saw the first picture released (there aren't many yet but it's just become available for purchase in the US so we should hopefully see more soon).

I didn't buy last year's six-pan edit because it mostly contained pre-existing shades from the brand's range, but this one contains five new powders and four of them look perfect for me (the only one I'm not sure about is that pink blush in the top right). Four out of five means I NEED this, and the fact that it contains two blushes, a bronzer, a strobe powder and a setting powder means I double NEED it because it's an all-in-one palette and I don't have one of those (my Z-palettes aside).

This is top of the list and I'm buying it, no question. It'll be off-the-charts expensive but I'm prepared to buy nothing else from the holiday releases if need be.

*Image courtesy of sephora.com

Laura Mercier Fall In Love Face Illuminator Collection

This was a curve ball because it's only just been announced (unlike so many other holiday releases, which we've been seeing pictures of for weeks) so I wasn't expecting to have anything from Laura Mercier on my radar for this Christmas.

But I've always wanted to own one of these gorgeous-looking highlighters - I mean, just look at them: makeup porn if I ever saw it! - and now I could potentially own all four. I love the idea of highlighter palettes because you can never hope to get through the full-sizes, so having four smaller options to choose from is something that appeals.

Plus the mark-up on Laura Mercier products is almost non-existent in Australia (that never happens!) so I'm not expecting it to retail for much more than $60AUD. Oh, I want it. This is number two on my Christmas wishlist : )

*Image courtesy of musingsofamuse.com

Becca Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duo

I reckon it was a genius idea from Becca to release these: anyone who doesn't want the whole Champagne Pop palette (or indeed a full-sized Becca blush or highlighter) now has the option to grab one of these split pans.

I have four Becca blushes and two powder highlighters, but I don't own Prosecco Pop and man do I want to! The Amaretto/Prosecco Pop combo will be mine because I like the brown, neutral shade of the blush and it's something I'll get a lot of use from.

There's no question that I'll be grabbing that one. Plus Sephora will likely be having a 20 per cent off sale on Black Friday, so you know, it'd be rude not to take advantage of that ; )

*Image courtesy of thatssoray.com

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

It's not that I'm late to the party on this, it's just that I can't afford to attend the party. I've wanted this since it was released, and all the rave reviews have made me want it even more.

I'll just mention Sephora's Black Friday sale again. But happily this palette isn't limited edition, so I may have to defer the purchase until next year.

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Colour Wheel Blush Palette

I've always wanted to own something from Tarte - particularly one of the brand's fabled blushes - and I feel like this is the palette I've been waiting for. It looks like you get six blushes, a contour powder, a bronzer and two highlighters - and those mauve/plum blushes on the bottom are calling to me because it's not often you see that much purple in a palette. 

Normally palettes like these have too much pink going on (and pink doesn't suit me), but not this one. Plus it doesn't look like there's a shimmer overload in the blushes either, so from this photo it looks like there's only two products I wouldn't use. Eight out of ten usable colours in a palette is a win!

BUT Tarte doesn't come cheap in Australia and Sephora marks things up ridiculously, so I hate to think what this will cost. And do I need that many powders? Of course not. I have a feeling I won't be able to justify this, but it's on my radar anyway and I'll be looking out for swatches to see whether or not I can live without it.

*Image courtesy of temptalia.com

Tarte Styled by Hrush Eye & Cheek Palette

This is another one that's calling my name from Tarte, and from the reviews and swatches I've seen, it's a great quality little palette and the colours are all shades I'll wear. Yes there's nothing ground-breaking in here, but it has a beautiful, shimmer-free coral blush (my favourite shade) and six eyeshadows that aren't heavy on the glitter (three are matte, two shimmer and one's satin).

If I'm going to buy one Tarte palette, this is probably a better choice for me than the huge one above because each shade will get plenty of use. Plus it should be much cheaper, so I'd probably go for this over the above palette if I have any pennies to spare.

*Image courtesy of temptalia.com

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

I've promised myself that I can buy one higher end lipstick this season, and I think I've settled on one from Urban Decay because, at $28AUD, they're not the most expensive lipsticks lining the shelves at Mecca/Mecca Maxima and they've had some great reviews. Plus they come in a massive range of shades so I'm sure to find something I love.

While I have plenty of nudes and brights (including many corals and crazy purples), I don't have much in the mid-range department - eg a mid-tone terracotta or deeper mauve - so I've got my eye on something like this that's wearable enough for daily wear but also intense enough that I can build it for more impact. 

I expect I'll grab one of these sooner rather than later. I've finished off so many old lipsticks via Project Pan this year that I think I can allow myself a purchase, even though I don't technically need any more lipsticks : )

In sum

This post is long enough already, so I've decided that I'll do a separate post on skincare etc or we'll be here forever.

I'm glad I've narrowed down my holiday wishlist to the above products (it wasn't easy!) and I'm seriously hoping that we don't see too many more limited edition releases in the coming months: I'm coveting enough already and I can't justify buying everything I've mentioned above as it is!

Do let me know what's on your wishlist for the holiday season: I'd love to hear : ) x

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