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It's nearing the end of September, which means it's time to start doing my monthly round-up posts - favourites and panning updates and the like. Since the sun's out today and it's nicely warm, I've decided to kick off with my monthly favourites because it feels like a good, happy day for it.

Let's have a look : )

Palmer's Indulgent Coconut Body Wash

This was one of those impulse buys that turned out super well: I'd gone into the chemist to buy a body cream, and when I saw that the Palmer's coconut range was on special, I picked this up along with the matching lotion.

So glad I did! It's one of the best budget body washes I've used in ages and I can see myself buying it again (I've reviewed it here). It's creamy in texture and doesn't dry out my already dry skin, plus it smells coconut delicious so I get a lift whenever I use it. My skin feels soft, clean and nourished after use, plus it's not an expensive product and it's usually on special somewhere, so it's worth trying because it doesn't cost much but does the job well. 

Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask

Full review here. This is a more recent discovery of mine and I'm loving it. It's been great for my dry, dehydrated skin and I've been moving through my tube all too quickly - I don't want to finish it!

My skin looks and feels like it's had a drink whenever I use this. It's soothing and cooling when applied, and it gives my dry skin some instant relief. My skin feels nourished and comfortable after application, and I wake up to soft, hydrated skin that looks and feels a damn sight better than it did the night before. Can't get enough of this one, and I love that it doesn't break the bank.

Bodyography Lipstick in Smooch

If you follow my Project Pan escapades, you'll know that I've been churning through my budget lipsticks this year in an effort to streamline my collection. This month, however, I've put this one into my handbag to use now that the sun's out (it's a great spring shade) and I've really been enjoying it. Full review here.

I don't own many lipsticks that cost a little more (this one retails for $30 at full price) because I'd rather spend my pennies elsewhere and you can buy plenty of great budget lipsticks these days, but whenever I use this, I'm reminded of why it's nice to have at least one or two 'special' lipsticks in your collection. It feels creamy and comfortable, lasts well and hydrates my lips at the same time. I haven't used a bad product from Bodyography yet, and this lipstick is no exception: it's one of the best formulas I've tried and I'd love to own more shades.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I'm yet to review this (it's coming!) but I used it recently as part of Project Dent, which reminded me of how much I like it. I do have some pretty dark under-eye circles so I need something extra to boost my concealer, and this product does help brighten the area so my concealer needs to do less work. It also pairs well with any concealer I've tried, and a little goes a long way so this tub will last for ages.

It's a polarising product and I've seen rants and raves a-plenty about it, but it works for me and it's one I'd recommend. Project Dent helped me bring it back into daily circulation, so expect to see it on my Project Pan list soon enough because I might as well include it there if I'm using it daily anyway. Love this one.

 OGX Hydrate + Defrizz Kukui Oil Frizz Defying Curl Cream

Full review here. This stuff is amazing and it's nudged out John Frieda's Frizz Ease from top position on my hair treatment list - I never thought any product could do that!

I've been using up other products as part of Project Pan, but recently knocked off a couple so I've been able to bring this back into frequent circulation - a good thing because I've missed it. What I love about the product is that it de-frizzes my dry, wavy hair and adds a healthy amount of shine - plus it makes my hair more bouncy, soft and manageable. If you have boofy hair issues like I do, I urge you to test this because it's just amazing.

In sum

It was quite hard to narrow my monthly favourites down to five products this month because I've been loving quite a few things recently, but these five were definitely the stand-outs and I've used and loved them all throughout September. Looking forward to seeing what I'm loving most in October!

Do let me know what you've been loving recently and whether you have any recommendations : )

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