Project Pan 2016 mini update #22


I must say, it's been a surprisingly good Project Pan month for me. I really wasn't expecting products to keep dropping off the list - but as you can see above, I've finally finished my Croquis Duo Concealer and Sportsgirl Lipstick in Whirlwind. Yaysers!

Normally I'm able to do a couple of mini updates each month as I knock off a product or two, but this is my third mini update for September and we're still in the middle of the month!

I have asked myself whether I'm having a 'nesting' month (bub is engaged and labour could start on any given day) - as in, I'm rushing through my products as my version of preparing for the baby by removing anything that's 'in the way' (cos that makes total sense ; ) ) - but if I attempt to be rational for a moment, I'd say I'm just having a good PP month because my September empties have been on my list for ages. 

But enough rambling. There's how empty they are (I even pulled the stopper from each side of the concealer):

Here's what I'm replacing them with:

I figured I might as well include two additional lip products because I get through those so quickly, and the Bodyography product was the next concealer I'd earmarked for Project Pan.

A quick comment on my new inclusions:

Bodyography Skin Perfecter Concealer in #430

Full review here. I absolutely love this concealer because the coverage is great and it's one of the few thicker formulas I've tried that doesn't crease once it sets, so it's great for those of us with fine lines.

Problem is, the damn thing is so concentrated and there's a whopping 15g of product in the tube - a ridiculous amount, considering that you only need enough to cover a pinhead for BOTH eyes. Many would call that good value, but I can't see anyone getting through this within the stated 12-month shelf-life even if it were the only concealer they owned, so I personally think the given size is just asking for product-waste.

Anyhoo. How am I going to get through this? Project Pan has taught me to double-purpose my products, and I have a couple of sheerer bases that aren't yellow enough for me - so this makes a great mixer for those because it's super yellow and adds a tiny bit more coverage, meaning I can use less of said bases and make those last a little longer.

Above is my black marker on the sticker I've attached so you can see where it's at.

I've certainly got my work cut out for me on this one!

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sophia Lilac (matte)

Full review here. If you read this blog, you'll know that I became so obsessed with these lipsticks when they were first released that I kept doing what many lasses did and went 'slightly' bananas when every seasonal collection arrived - particularly because they only cost $12.95 a pop (they've now gone up to $14.95), plus they're sensational lipsticks and SS is a Melbourne brand to boot.

While I don't regret these purchases, I do wish I hadn't bought quite so many! Some people don't mind having makeup that gets used for a while and then gathers dust, but I do: I want to finish my stuff and enjoy it, plus I really hate waste (yes, I do have something of a waste obsession ; )).

This shade is one of my favourite SS lipsticks, but it's getting rather old so it's time to use it up. While it is a little pale/cool for my colouring at the moment, it makes a great mixer product for other lippies on my PP list and I can't wait to start using it more often again.

Sportsgirl Pout About It! Lip Colour in Enchanted (matte)

Enchanted was my first foray into crazy purple lipsticks (I've reviewed it here) and also the first Sportsgirl formula I tried. Unfortunately it's no longer available, and while I want to own it forever because it holds a special place in my heart, it's been open for two years now and most lipsticks aren't built to last that long (particularly the cheaper brands, in my experience) so it's time to use it, love it and say goodbye. 

It's one of those colours that just works for me - to the point where I've even had super blokey male friends tell me how good it looks (you know, the kinds of guys who'd barely notice if you had lime green blush on your cheeks) - so I'm looking forward to using it heaps over summer and hopefully finding a dupe while I'm at it.

Plus it pairs well with the two Shanghai Suzy lipsticks currently on my list (the one above and Miss Cassandra Peony), so I'll have some fun mixing and matching the shades.

In sum

Well, this has been one of those mini updates that turned out to be not-so-mini in terms of word count! Let's blame imminent labour emotional outbursts, shall we?!

Hope you're all well and do let me know how you're going with Project Pan if you're doing one too : )

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