Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil - review


I introduced this cleansing oil as part of my recent declutter post (see here), but I've actually been using it for close to a month now - it's just that it took me a while to get that post up.

Indeed, I've been using it so much that I finished off one of my two 15ml bottles this morning, so I'm definitely ready to review it - plus I have used it before so it's not the first time I've tried it.

I received these two samples from Adore Beauty earlier in the year: a couple of months ago, the website had a bundle of good promotions on back-to-back, so I used the opportunity to stock up on Christmas presents, as well as some birthday presents for next year.

This cleansing oil came as a GWP with two separate orders, which I was happy about because I'd been wanting to try it again for ages. Happily I really like it. More on that below.

Bobbi Brown claims/product details:
  • An indulgent way to cleanse skin
  • This special blend of jasmine flower extract and botanical oils dissolves surface impurities and makeup without disrupting skin's natural balance
  • Kukui nut oil soothes skin
  • Sunflower, olive and jojoba oils remove dirt and makeup without leaving skin tight or dry
  • The result: skin feels soothed, supple and comfortable
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • To use: pump cleansing oil into dry hands and smooth over dry face; splash warm water onto skin and massage to help dissolve surface impurities and makeup; rinse skin clean with warm water; to thoroughly remove long-wearing makeup, repeat this process
  • RRP $67 AUD for 200ml

This travel size comes in a bottle with a screw-top lid, but thankfully the full size comes in a bottle with a pump - which I think would be easier and less messy than this arrangement. 

Yes it's fine to use, but pumps work so much better for runny oils like this.


This is a lovely cleansing oil and I'm really enjoying it. I won't give it an HG tag but it's up there, and I already know that it will be a favourite this month.

It's a clear oil that's runny in texture and it has no scent that I can detect. Although it's runny and definitely an oil, it doesn't feel too greasy and I've never had an issue with it going into my eyes or giving me blurry vision - which is something I've experienced in the past - so that's a plus.

At the moment I'm using this in both the morning and evening. As with all oils and balms, it's the first thing I whack on my face when I get out of bed, then I leave it there for twenty minutes or so while I change nappies and get the kids breakfast, then I go back in and add water etc later on.

I love it for the morning spot because it feels so hydrating and nourishing on my skin. Not all oil and balm cleansers work like a hydrating mask, but this one definitely does. It may just be the nicest oil I've ever used for this purpose.

I also use it in the evening as my first cleanse to remove makeup. While I don't normally use expensive cleansers for that purpose (I prefer budget makeup removers for that, saving my good stuff for skin cleansing only), I'm having a break from micellar waters at the moment because I'm sick of going through so many makeup pads each month, so this cleanser has been a nice change.

While it does remove most of my makeup beautifully, it doesn't do well with waterproof mascara - but then, few things do for me. This doesn't bother me because I shower in the evenings anyway and hot water always gets rid of the gunk from my lashes, but that's worth mentioning all the same.

On the claims: yes this dissolves surface impurities and (most) makeup without disrupting the skin's natural balance; yes it definitely soothes my dry skin; and yes it cleanses without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry. I also agree that it should suit most skin types because it's so gentle and it's fragrance-free, and it does leave my skin feeling supple and comfortable after use.

Overall I think this is an excellent cleanser and I definitely recommend it: it's among the best of its kind that I've tried. Ever since introducing it, my skin has felt less dry and less prone to discomfort - and I believe this product is part of the reason why.


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