Asap Gentle Cleansing Gel - review


I introduced this cleanser as part of my recent declutter post (see here), but I've actually been using it for close to a month now - it's just that it took me ages to get that post up.

I can't remember exactly when I received it, but it came with an Adore Beauty order at some point earlier this year.

Asap is one of those brands that I've never bought anything from but I do keep receiving Asap samples along with orders, so I feel like I have some idea of what the products are like.

Asap claims/product details:
  • A light-lathering, soap-free cleanser that's formulated to gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin
  • Removes makeup and excess oil, while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance
  • Contains soothing aloe vera and powerful antioxidant white tea to calm, moisturise and help protect skin against free radical damage
  • Suitable for all skin types and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Paraben free
  • To use: gently lather a small amount on moistened hands and massage onto damp face and neck; rinse thoroughly
  • RRP $49 AUD for 200ml, but do shop around (it's available online for less than $40 from a few different retailers)

When I went to review this product, I was surprised to find that it's had a lot of reviews on various websites (see eg Adore Beauty).

It's not a product I'd ever heard about before receiving it, but it's obviously well-loved by many: most people have given it five stars. While I personally wouldn't rate it that highly, I do think it's nice and I can see why it's a favourite of those with super sensitive skin. More on that in a tick.


This is a nice, gentle everyday cleanser and while I'm enjoying it, it's not a stand-out for me and it's not one I would buy.

It's a clear gel with a light, slightly sweet and slightly herbal scent. You lather up a small amount and apply it to your damp face, and I do like that it lathers a little so it feels like it cleans - but I wouldn't call it a foaming cleanser.

Once applied, it feels gentle and silky, and it never strips my skin or dries it out. I agree that it would suit sensitive skin because it hasn't irritated my (sometimes) sensitive skin and my pH strips rate it at about a six so it's not too astringent.

I prefer this as a second cleanse in the morning, after I've used my cleansing oil. I've tried it a few times as my evening cleanser, but it doesn't do a great job of removing makeup and I always need to double cleanse with it to remove everything. So it's not a super effective cleanser in my experiencce, but it's fine for morning use.

After use my skin feels clean, lightly moisturised and soft, and ready for the rest of my skincare. It's one of those cleansers that feels nice to apply and suits the morning position, but I wouldn't call it the cleanser to end all cleansers.

Indeed, I've used other gentle cleansers that feel like they clean my skin a little better than this one does. Eg, I prefer SebaMed's offering (reviewed here), which is very gentle too and it's also cheaper.

So in sum, this is a decent everyday cleanser and I've been happy enough to use mine, but it's not one I would buy.

Good but not great.

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