Gorgeous Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Tangerine - review and swatches


If you've stumbled upon this review, please note that I don't use a lot of lip pencils so I can't compare this to other formulas and tell you what's better or what's worse. 

Mind you, I'm someone who can't be bothered with lip pencils and this one hasn't been a chore to use, so that tells you something.

Also note that, while I did photograph this product when it was all shiny and new, those shots didn't turn out well so I've had to re-shoot everything - meaning that my pencil is looking rather sad and worn in this round of pictures. Forgive me!

At least the photos show that I've definitely used it ; )

Gorgeous Cosmetics claims/product details:
  • Create or define the perfect pout with our gorgeous lip pencils
  • An essential for maintaining beautiful lips by keeping your lipstick or gloss in place
  • The gentle formula glides on easily and wears evenly with your lipstick
  • No feathering or bleeding
  • High quality ingredients ensure that our pencils sharpen to a perfect point for precision lining
  • RRP $25 AUD for 1.2g, but do shop around (they're currently half price on the Gorgeous Cosmetics website)

Unsurprisingly the shade Tangerine is a bright orange colour. See swatches below.

As always I've photographed the colour in different lights, and I've given you a heavier swatch and a lighter one so you can see how it looks if you build it or wear a lighter layer.

There we are in direct sunlight:

Indirect sunlight:


This is a nice product and I'm enjoying it. 

One of the issues I have with lip liners in general is that some of them are too hard so they're a nightmare to apply and they really dry my lips out. Fortunately this one is nicely creamy so it applies smoothly without tugging, and while I can't wear it alone because it's too drying for my super dry lips, all I need to do is throw a hydrating lipstick over the top and all is fine.

One thing to note is that, if I apply a gloss over this, it will 'melt' and start to bleed, transfer and fade. Yes that's expected when you put a gloss over a liner, but the situation is worse with this one than it has been with other liners so that's worth mentioning - especially because the claims say that this will keep your gloss in place (I don't agree with that).

If you're pairing this with a lipstick, though, it will do its job. It helps stop your lipstick from feathering or bleeding and it does extend the wear-time a little. I'm sure it would extend it for longer if I didn't spend half my life drinking coffee ; )

In other news the product has no scent and it has a matte finish that does look drying on the lips and also emphasises my lip lines something chronic, but if you're going to put a lipstick over the top anyway, this isn't an issue.

It also stains the lips and holds fast, meaning it lasts pretty well and it also fades evenly over time.

Overall I think this is a good product and I recommend it. Sure I don't wear bright orange every day, but my favourite use for this is to apply it over a nude gloss or lipstick to enliven the colour, and that's how I've mostly been using mine. 

Indeed, it's probably for this reason that this is the only liner to date that I haven't found a chore to use - normally I don't bother with them because I'd prefer to just buy a lipstick that doesn't feather or bleed and therefore doesn't need a liner - but I have enjoyed this one.

Worth trying.

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