Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser - review


We received this sample cleanser in our last Mecca Beauty Loop boxes, and at the time I was looking forward to trying it because the last Chantecaille skincare sample I received in one of these boxes was fantastic so I went out and bought it soon after.

Unfortunately I don't feel the same about this one: while it's a nice, luxurious product in theory, in practice it strips my skin and I'd be careful of it because it has a high pH so it's not gentle as claimed. More on that below.

Worth noting now is that although the sample is a small 7ml, you only need the tiniest amount each time so even this tube is lasting me forever.

Also, cleansers are a little different from most other skincare items in that I don't feel the need to use them for months to know if and how they work. A cleanser is a cleanser, and you know pretty soon whether it works and suits your skin: it's not like a serum that you need to use for a while to see what cumulative benefits it brings, if any. That's what I think, anyway.

Chantecaille claims/product details:
  • Botanically infused, this luxurious foaming cleanser removes dirt and impurities while gently buffing, polishing and softening the skin
  • Leaves skin unusually smooth, thanks to the exceptional softening and gently exfoliating properties of rice bran
  • Geranium, an antibacterial agent traditionally used for healing nicks and cuts, also helps stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Seaweed aids in the regulation of sebum production
  • Soybean, green tea and lime leaves are antioxidants that protect skin from free-radical damage
  • RRP $93 AUD for 70ml


Ok, so I don't think this cleanser is good for your skin. I'm not only saying that because I've tested the pH and found that it's high - between 8 and 9, and closer to 9 - but also because my skin doesn't like it and is telling me not to use it.

It's a white cleanser that's somewhere between a gel and a cream in texture. It has a light, fresh scent and also contains a few soft grains that I suppose are meant to exfoliate, but to be honest, they're so sparse and soft that they do bugger all so I'm not sure why they've been included.

What's good about this product is that a little goes a long way, and I really mean that. You only need about a third of a pea to create enough rich foam to do your whole face, neck and dec. Indeed, one of the challenges of using this product has been making sure to only dispense a tiny amount: if you're in a rush, it's easy to accidentally overdo it and then you're left with enough foam for half your body, which feels like such a waste.

Since you need so little per application, I wouldn't necessarily shy away from the $93 AUD price tag. If you need a quarter or a third of the amount that you would use for your other cleansers, then it stands to reason that this will last you three or four times as long - so despite the large outlay, the value is there on a price-per-use basis.

I've used other foaming cleansers with a high pH before (sometimes I take one for the team: it's part of being a blogger I guess) and none of them has stripped my skin the way this one does. I could tell from the first use that it was too astringent, and it leaves my skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable after use. For this reason I would be really careful of this product: it's not gentle as claimed and I don't think it's the sort of cleanser that's kind to your skin. Not in my experience, anyway.

Throughout the testing period I've only been able to use this product once or twice a week - otherwise I risk drying out my already dry skin and that of course is not something I want to do. Now that I've reviewed this, I can see myself leaving it aside for very occasional use (so perhaps once a fortnight, and only when my skin is so grubby that it can tolerate something like this).

Do keep in mind, though, that the experts say you should never use products like this because they can attack your skin's natural protective barrier. And with a cleanser that's this astringent, I'm prepared to believe it. Perhaps I should do myself a favour and declutter this product now.

All in all, this cleanser is a pleasure to use because the foam it creates is so rich and luxurious, but it's not gentle as claimed and it's not one I would recommend since I personally don't feel that it's doing anything good for my skin. Sure that foam is gorgeous and impressive, but the tight feeling it leaves behind speaks for itself.

Not for me.

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