BareMinerals Clay Chameleon Purifying Transforming Cleanser - review


I only unboxed this kit yesterday (see here), but I'm ready to review this cleanser now because I actually opened the kit back in November last year, it's just that it took me ages to edit the photos and get my unboxing post rolling.

Anyhoo. As you may know, I tried a sample card last year that contained these three products, and I loved them so much that I asked for this set for Mother's Day from my family.

In the set you receive a cleanser, serum and moisturiser, and while I like all three products, this cleanser may well be my favourite because I enjoy using it so much - although I love the serum too.

It's just a nice cleanser that's a pleasure to use and my skin reacts to it well because it's not drying, and while it's not the most effective cleanser I've tried, there's absolutely a spot for something like this in my collection - I use it as a second cleanse, morning and/or evening - and I would definitely buy it again. More on that below.

BareMinerals claims/product details:

  • Indulge in a transformative cleansing ritual with this purifying clay-to-cream cleanser
  • Draw out impurities and detoxify with this gentle clay cleanser that transforms into a cream when massaged, leaving skin deeply cleansed but comfortable
  • Formulated with purifying Brazilian red clay, mineral-rich sea salts, vitamin-packed papaya and bamboo to promote smooth, supple and clarified skin
  • RRP $34 AUD for 120g


This is a really lovely cleanser, and while it's not the most effective cleanser I've tried, I'll forgive that because I get so much enjoyment from using it.

It's a red clay product that's smooth and silky in texture, and it feels really lovely when I apply it to my skin. Once you add water it becomes a silky white cream, and it feels even nicer on my skin - almost like a soothing oil.

I've been using mine on and off since November when I opened it, although over the last month I've been using it once or twice a day. What I'm finding is that I always want to reach for it - even though I have five other cleansers open that I like using too - which tells you that it's the one I'm currently enjoying the most.

I have tried this as a makeup remover a couple of times and while it removes most of my makeup ok, it doesn't work well on my eye makeup. Indeed, I used it last night and I've woken up with mascara flakes everywhere, and my eyes look bloodshot because some makeup must have gone in there overnight (and I can feel some grains in my eyes). So I wouldn't use this to remove makeup, but that doesn't bother me because I prefer micellar waters and cleansing oils for that job anyway.

I tend to use this as my second cleanse in the morning or evening, and what I find is that my face always feels soft, smooth and silky after use. It also feels gently hydrated and clean, so it's a good product for my dry, sometimes sensitive skin because it's not too astringent. Do note that I prefer to remove this with a damp face cloth because that takes it off faster, so if it's not coming off your skin as quickly as you would like, that's something to try.

On the claims: yes this is indulgent but no I don't think it's that purifying; yes it leaves my skin feeling comfortable but no I don't think it cleanses deeply; and yes it promotes smooth and supple skin, but no I don't think it's particularly detoxifying.

Overall I think this is a gorgeous cleanser and I absolutely love using it, and while it's not super effective when it comes to removing makeup and grime, I don't mind that because it works perfectly as a second cleanse so there's a place for it in my collection. It's also not too expensive so it won't break the bank, and I definitely recommend grabbing a sample next time you're in Mecca.

A beautiful product.

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