Nak Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner - review


I received a Nak haircare set from my family for Christmas 2017, and I was going to do an unboxing post but decided not to because it's no longer available (although the three products it contains are available separately).

Today I'm going to review the shampoo and conditioner, which I've been using for at least the last six months. I only recently opened the hair mist so that review won't be done for a while, but at least I can make a better start on that product now that I've finished off some other treatments.

Anyhoo. The shampoo and conditioner. I really like them - an extra good thing for me because I've had so much trouble with haircare lately - and I would use them again. More on that below.

Nak claims/product details:

  • This aromatic formula is lavish and lush, and adds valuable moisture to your locks
  • Nourishes, replenishes and leaves hair healthier than ever before
  • Our unique mineral-rich Bio-Marine Complex, combined with panthenol and vitamin A, protects coloured hair and reduces fade
  • Conditioners seal the surface layer, improving the texture of the hair and controlling frizz and fly-aways, resulting in hydrated, smooth and pliable hair
  • With a gentle cleansing action
  • Seals hair cuticle and detangles
  • RRP $27.95 AUD each for 375ml, but do shop around


It's so rare for me to find haircare that works for my temperamental locks, so I'm really pleased that these do work and I would absolutely use them again.

The shampoo has a fresh and light, slightly sweet scent and it cleans well without stripping my hair of moisture or leaving me with that squeaky clean feeling that I don't like.

Yes I normally do two washes with this to make sure I get all the gunk out, but I always do two washes anyway because I tend to use leave-in stuff to help tame my hair and that always means there's more gunk to remove.

The conditioner has the same fragrance as the shampoo and the texture is what you'd expect for a conditioner, and while I do like this product too, I like the shampoo a bit better.

Reason being, what I find with the conditioner is that I need to use more than I would like in order to get my hair feeling in the best condition possible after I've washed it, and while it does hydrate well, I think the Nak hair treatment I reviewed recently (see here) is the better product.

When combined, the products leave me with healthy, shiny hair that feels a bit thicker and stronger than normal. I also find that my hair isn't that hard to brush (so I agree there's a detangling effect too), plus my frizz and fly-aways aren't as bad as they normally are when I use these products. Yes my hair is still frizzy after use, but these products do dull down my frizz in a noticeable way.

I also agree that these products clean and hydrate my hair well, so my hair feels more nourished after use without feeling weighed down. Do note, though, that I really REALLY need to wash the conditioner out well, otherwise my hair is left looking dull and coated with residue. And while yes of course, one always needs to wash conditioner out properly, I feel that this one hangs around more than most so I need to work harder to rinse it than I normally would. Once I worked that out, though, the products have been fine.

Overall I really like these products and think they generally meet their claims. While they're not quite as good as my HG OGX haircare (the macadamia versions, reviewed here), they're still very good and I would definitely use them again.

Worth trying.

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