Natio Orange Blossom Body Wash - review


I just reviewed the matching body lotion of this product (see here) and I'm back now to review the wash, because I've been using them alongside each other and I want to draw a line under this range and move on to something else.

Reason being, these aren't my favourite body products and I'm not getting much pleasure from using them, which is reason enough for me to get through them as quickly as possible and instead use something I prefer. Do note, though, that this body wash works well without drying my skin out and I like it a lot better than the lotion, so that's a plus.

Natio claims/product details:

  • Pamper your body with the sweet-scented fragrance of natural orange blossom
  • A lightly foaming, soap-free cleanser
  • Your entire body will feel refreshed, soothed and revitalised
  • The deeply hydrating and cleansing formula gently removes excess oil, impurities and grime with ease
  • With pure extracts of aloe, white tea, grapeseed and quandong to hydrate, soften and smooth
  • RRP $12.95 AUD for 250ml, but do shop around


I'm pleased to say that I like this body wash better than the matching body lotion I've linked above, and while I probably wouldn't buy it again because it hasn't struck me in an particular way, it's more effective than the lotion and I've been happy enough to use it.

It's a clear, tea-coloured gel with a green scent that's soft and refreshing. It's not a strong scent so it shouldn't bother most people, and it lingers gently on the skin but doesn't interfere with my perfume.

The product works into a light lather but it doesn't foam like crazy and I'm not surprised to see that it doesn't contain SLS. Indeed, it's a gentle kind of product that doesn't strip the skin but instead cleans it softly - so it should suit those with sensitive skin.

On that, I tested the product's pH this morning and it's coming in at somewhere between a five and a six, so it's not too alkaline and it definitely doesn't feel as though it strips the skin. This is a plus because too many body gels are too astringent for me and they have a tendency to dry out my skin. This one doesn't.

After use my skin feels soft, clean and supple, and while the product hasn't done anything miraculous for me, it's fine to use and it suits my skin type.

On the claims: yes it foams lightly and I can tell that it's soap-free; yes it leaves my body feeling refreshed, soothed and revitalised; yes it's hydrating but it still cleans well; and yes it leaves my skin feeling soft after use.

Overall I think this is a decent product and while I wouldn't go out and buy it because I've used cheaper body washes I prefer, this one's fine and I do recommend it if you like soap-free washes that are kind to the skin.


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