NYX Butter Gloss in Praline - review and swatches


I've been meaning to review this lip gloss for ages now, it's just that I got sidetracked with other reviews and it also took me a while to get the swatch photos done.

But here we are, and I'm looking forward to writing this post because this may well be my favourite of all the NYX Butter Glosses I've tried to date. Not only does it not sit in lip lines like a few of the shades have done, but I also really like the colour. More on that below.

NYX claims/product details:

  • Buttery soft and silky smooth 
  • This scrumptious gloss tastes as sweet as a sugar cookie - and makes your lips look downright luscious
  • Swipe it on alone or over your favourite lipstick for a creamy, sheer-to-medium coverage that melts onto your lips and is never sticky 
  • Leaves your lips soft, supple and kissable
  • RRP $9.95 AUD for 8ml, but do shop around (I always buy mine at half-price)

There's the applicator:

Light and heavy swatches, direct sunlight:

One more for good measure: 

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product, indirect sunlight:

Natural light (indoors):


I absolutely love this formula and I've given it an HG tag, as I have all the other shades I've tried so far.

It's a standard gloss that comes in a plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator. It has a sweet, sugary scent that's not overpowering - so it's a good, balanced kind of scent for a product like this.

The gloss feels very comfortable to wear and it's hydrating enough for my dry lips that I can rely on it for hydration during the day. For this reason I always carry one in my handbag, because I can layer it underneath or over the top of less hydrating products to keep my lips feeling comfortable.

The formula isn't sticky but it does have a tackiness to it that helps it stay put. Sure, it's not a super long-lasting product (I wouldn't expect it to be), but it does stay longer than other glosses so that's a plus.

What I like about this formula is that you can apply a very fine layer (eg, over a lipstick or liner) and just add a bit of shine, or you can add more to get a medium coverage and wear the gloss by itself. Not all glosses are opaque enough to give good colour, but all the shades I've tried so far of these ones are. Tick.

Praline is a nude brown shade that looks more red-based in some lights and more mauve-based in other lights. It's a really lovely colour, and on me it deepens my natural lip colour in a flattering way. I like it because I can wear it with just about anything: it's the kind of colour that looks elegant, understated and polished.

I also like that this shade doesn't settle into lip lines, which is my only gripe with some of the other shades in this range. Plus it's a very flattering gloss and it plumps the lips up a little and reduces the look of lines. This makes it perfect for those of us who are over 30 and need something with a smoothing effect.

Overall I love this formula and I recommend it: as mentioned above, it's the nicest gloss formula I've found so far - whether budget or high-end. You can't beat a great gloss that you can grab for a fiver on special, that's for sure.


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