Five good things: October 2017


These monthly positives posts have become something I fall back on when I've been up with the kids all night, as I was yesterday. 

Funnily enough, I've often written these posts on or around the 20th of each month - so there must be something about that time that's encouraging all this dreaded nighttime activity. Who knows.

Anyhoo. Both kids are in childcare this morning so it's a good time to get a few posts out (or at least ready for next week), and I'm starting with this one while I'm still getting enough caffeine into me to feel marginally human.

I've been out in the garden again (finally)

Whenever the weather starts getting warmer, I want to garden. It happens at around the same time each year - I must have hardwired myself to associate sunshine with gardening - and whenever the warmer weather hits and I'm finally dressed in shorts again, out I go to start pulling up weeds.

There's something therapeutic about heaving out weeds and hacking away at overgrown bushes, I must say, and I often go outside without my gloves and enjoy the feeling of getting my hands dirty, not minding the gathering scratches on my wrists and shins. You could probably read something into that - ie, taking my frustration out on the plants, to keep myself patient for the kids - but however you read it, gardening is a good thing on so many levels.

The house has never been this clean

I'm not someone who needs a clean house to feel comfortable (my husband is another story ; )) so on any given day, the house is clean enough but there's certainly dust on the skirting boards that's likely been there for a while.

But last week we held my son's first birthday party here and today my sister-in-law is arriving to stay with us for the weekend, so we've cleaned the house thoroughly twice in the space of one week and I must say, it's looking different!

I know it won't take long for the crumbs to start collecting under the couch again (not to mention the amount of Golden Retriever hair that accumulates in the space of five seconds), but for now I'm just going to appreciate the fact that there's nothing left to do. 

This won't last long with two toddlers and a dog, of course, but let's enjoy it while it does.

I finished two base products yesterday

This one's for the fellow panners (or just those who know how long it takes to finish things). Yesterday I finally, finally, removed the last bits of product from a tinted moisturiser and a foundation that I've been panning together for months. It had gotten to the point where I wasn't sure that I would EVER finish either of them so it felt like a huge triumph.

Yes I had to scrape the dregs of both into a little container after cutting open a tube and removing the top from a bottle so I could stand the product upside down and let the remains drip out over the course of the day, but I'll use that mix over the next week or so and both products will be finished by month's end. Phew!

The best part of this? It means I can open something new : )

We've done the last room change

Although we moved into this house two years ago, until now we've had a 'musical rooms' situation: at first my daughter was in the nursery so I could hear her from upstairs if she woke up, then she moved into the larger room beside that and my husband moved into the nursery so he could hear her overnight, then came my son and he's been in the next room upstairs, and we'd been waiting for him to start sleeping through so we could move him down to the nursery (no point moving him if I had to run up and downstairs to feed him every two hours overnight).

Anyway, long story short, last weekend we moved him down to the nursery so my husband could finally move upstairs, and it's still a bit hit-and-miss in terms of whether the person who's got the monitor will be running up and down all night, but at least we're all in our intended rooms now so there's a feeling of finally being more settled.

Yes we still need to switch clothing between closets and clear space in various cupboards, but it's nice to be able to say that we're all where we should be and where we will stay. The details will come.

Mecca had free shipping yesterday

I wasn't going to include this as one of my monthly positives (because who cares) but I've just received the text confirming that my packages will be arriving today so bugger that, I'm excited and it warrants a mention!

As you may know, every now and then Mecca has free shipping on all orders (so you don't need to spend the usual $75 AUD to qualify). What this means is that I was able to order two smaller items separately that I've had my eye on without spending much, and I've also been able to choose my three samples to come with both orders. I know a lot of people hate sachets, but I don't: I use them and I often find products to love when I do.

Now before you think 'what a waste of packaging for two small orders', never fear: I reuse all the packaging that comes with Mecca orders - so the outside boxes, the inside ones and even all that tissue paper - so nothing goes to waste. I even use the slips that come with each order because they're stickers so I cut out the blank bits and use them as labels.

Nothing gets wasted, and the excitement that comes from waiting for the postman to knock is definitely never a waste, especially when I feel this rotten.

In sum

That's all from me! I hope you enjoyed this little post and that you've got plenty of your own positives for the month.

You gotta love spring.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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