Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - review


I bought this mascara in one of Chemist Warehouse's big makeup sales earlier in the year. I chose it because I'd heard good things about it online (or at least I thought I had: I'm now wondering if I bought the wrong one) and I was low on mascara so it was time to buy a new one.

In short, I don't like it. While it's not the worst one I've ever tried and I've kept using it to get my money's worth, it's not one I would recommend and I can't wait until my three months is up so I can validly turf it and move on to something else.

Indeed, just to spoil the ending of this story: I've given this mascara a 'disappointing products' tag because it's one of the few Maybelline products I've ever used that I don't like.

The only thing good about this mascara is that my toddler son is obsessed with it (must be something about that shiny, colourful packaging) so every time he's unhappy, I pass him this and he stops crying and starts rolling it around on the floor. Honestly, the purchase was worth it for that reason alone!

Maybelline claims/product details:
  • Dramatic lift and volume for the Falsies® push-up effect
  • Our first cup-shaped bristles scoop and lift lashes from root-to-tip
  • Coats and lifts lashes to a dramatic 45 degrees
  • Creamy, plumping formula that's enriched with styling wax to hold the dramatic volume
  • Use for an intense black colour and a dramatic, sultry look
  • Washable formula
  • RRP $21.95 for 9.7ml, but do shop around (I paid half price)

I've photographed the brush below. 

Note the product that's clumped on the end of the wand: there's a chunk deposited there whenever I withdraw the brush and I have to scrape it off on the inside of the tube, otherwise the mascara clumps even more than it normally would when I go to apply it. Not ideal.

This has also meant that there's now a rim of hardened product around the mouth of the tube. Probably it would have been better to scrape the excess onto a tissue, but gosh, that's a lot of waste.

My bare lashes for reference:

Wearing one coat of product:


I don't like this mascara at all. Indeed, after using it one last time just now, I've decided that it's time to end my suffering and move on to something else. I've used it for over two months, and that's more than enough. Life's too short for fiddly products and crappy lashes.

Two things happen whenever I use this: first, I wind up with clumpy lashes that stick out at weird angles; and second, I have mascara globs on my upper and lower lashlines. 

Yes I can use an eyelash comb to manage the first problem, but I honestly can't be bothered with that and the formula has now dried out to the point where I can't move fast enough before it sets. Worth noting is that this mascara has dried out faster than most other formulas I've tried, so that's something to keep in mind.

As for why it's getting all over my upper and lower eye areas, it's hard to say. Yes the brush isn't too fat (that's the one good thing about this product, leaving aside the fact that it makes a good rolling toy for toddlers), but the bristles are short and fat and I think that's the problem: there's so much mascara goo sitting on the inner 'barrel' of the wand, that some of it is transferring to my skin when I try to coat the base of my eyelashes.

You'll note in the shot above that I haven't been able to get the product close to my lashline - that's because I didn't want to make a mess before photographing it!

As for effect, it's rubbish. It offers nothing in the way of length and the only reason it does give some volume is because: a) it clumps my lashes together so they look thick (and not in a good way); and b) the formula has dried out so much that it's leaving a gluey, rough-looking coating on my lashes.

The other thing I've noticed about this is that, from the very beginning, it has left little balls on the ends of my lashes - so it looks like I'm sprouting antennae. Hmph.

Oh, it doesn't lift my lashes either. I need to lift them myself with my finger as the product dries, and even then it doesn't hold them in place. So boo to that rubbish in the product claims about lifting and holding.

All in all, I don't like this product and I definitely don't recommend it. Perhaps there was some other version of this mascara that people were raving about (and I have seen that it comes in other versions), it's just that only one was available in Australia when I bought this so I got confused. Highly likely.

Blurgh. Avoid.

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