Pan that Palette 2017 finale: wrap-up and final count


At the beginning of the year, I set out my panning goals for 2017 (see that post here) and later updated those in March (see here) - once I realised I could set the bar a little higher.

Please note that the posts linked above contain goals for both Project Pan and Pan that Palette, and this post is focused on Pan that Palette so I won't go into my overall 2017 panning goals here or whether I've met them all just yet. 

In this post I will give you give you my final count vs goals for Pan that Palette only, and I'll do a separate, all-inclusive 'panning goals finale' post once I wind-up Project Pan for the year.

I hope that isn't too confusing and makes sense!

First, some goals/aims and background:

  • For 2017, I wanted to finish twelve eyeshadows and hit pan on six more. Since I'd exceeded that goal by the end of September, I decided to wrap-up Pan that Palette for the year and instead focus on other projects and other products. September's update is here if you're interested.
  • My aim for Pan that Palette 2017 was to work on the oldest shadows in my collection, being my Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette in Mind, Stila In The Light Palette, and my Nars duos. This is why I went for the Z-palette option: that way I could de-pot those and include as many shades as possible into one palette (making progress shots less messy/jumbled and of course it's easier to work from one palette, as opposed to opening different compacts every day).
  • If you would like to see progress shots on my palettes month-by-month, my photos-only post is here.
  • I'm a serial mixer, so I often mix shades into one pan when I'm tiring of them and/or they're almost finished (so I need to re-press them anyway) - which is why I was able to finish more pans than expected. If you're interested to know what I mixed, when and why, the links to my monthly updates are included in the photos-only post linked above.
  • I recharged my Z-palette during the year so I could remove some empties and switch-out products I wasn't using. My aim for 2017 was to finish as many shades as possible, so it made sense for me to do this. This is why you'll notice changes to the palette if you see the photos-only post.
  • None of my powders were that old when I started using them (the oldest was from 2014 and the newest from 2015), but with time and daily exposure to air, many of the Stila shadows in particular started to crumble - same goes with the pans from theBalm - meaning that progress moved faster than it 'should' have as the year progressed.
  • On that, I think the Lancome and GA-DE GWP shadows mentioned below were old when I got them, so they were crumbly from the outset and progress was insanely fast on those.

Ok, I think that's all you need to know.

Now for the final count!

The final count

Here's my Pan that Palette total for 2017:

  • twenty-four eyeshadows
  • one full-sized bronzer
  • one travel-sized blush
  • one travel-sized highlighter
  • one three-pan palette of finishing powders (counted as three pans)
  • one cream contour duo (counted as two pans)

That's thirty-two pans total. Since my goal was to finish twelve eyeshadows (I'll look at the goals for the other powders in the all-inclusive 'panning goals finale' post mentioned above), I've doubled that by finishing twenty-four. Yay! 

My panned products included:

  • five Nars eyeshadows (all from duos)
  • two Lancome shadows (small pans from a GWP)
  • one So Susan shadow (rescued from a quad received from a sub box: the rest of the palette I decluttered)
  • one Coastal Scents shadow (a tiny pan, also rescued from a palette received from a sub box: the rest of the palette I decluttered)
  • three shadows from a GA-DE quad (received as a GWP)
  • twelve Stila shadows (including three that I panned alongside my Z-palette: they'd come from my Stila Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind - it's just that I didn't have room for them in my palette so I worked on them 'on the side' - but I was panning these as part of the project so I'm including them in my final count)
  • My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (a three-pan palette of finishing powders)
  • My Stila Custom Contour Duo in Medium (this was a cream product)

I also hit pan on an additional three eyeshadows and a full-sized blush.

In sum

It's been a good panning year for me so far and it's also been my first attempt at a year-long Pan that Palette. I did do a few months of the project last year - it was a 'practice run' so I could see whether it was a project I wanted to do - but this year was my first 'real' attempt.

For this reason I'm looking forward to writing my next post in this finale series, which will be a 'lessons learned' post on this particular project. While I've been a panner for years, I've only ever done Project Pan - until last year when I introduced my own series (Project Dent) and first gave Pan that Palette a try. So I feel it would be useful to share some lessons and tips for others who are new to Pan that Palette or considering attempting the project next year.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you're going well with your own panning projects.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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