Project Dent 2017 update: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in No. 7 Pink Taupe #2


Back on 11 October, I introduced this eyeshadow quad to my Project Dent series for the second time (see intro post here if you're interested).

I'm now back to update you on what's happened over the last couple of weeks, and show you how much progress I've made since then.

If you haven't yet seen my review of this quad, it's here

Long story short, I don't love it and I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag because two of the shades are duds, being the highlight shade and the 'green' one. Reason being, the green isn't green at all on me (it pulls a muddy grey) and the so-called highlight shade is so sheer on my light-medium to medium skintone that it doesn't show up enough to be useful.

I'm giving you this background because this has been a happy round of Project Dent: I've now found other ways to use this quad and finally turned its weaknesses into an advantage. Can't believe it took me so long! Can I blame baby brain?! More on that below.

Enough preamble. 

Here's how my quad looked just over two weeks ago, on 11 October:

And here's how it looks now, on 26 October, after daily use:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Before this round of Project Dent:

 And now:

So, here's what happened:

  • I've hit pan in the highlight shade. Yes I was drilling down through the dip I made last time, but it wasn't that hard to do because the product is so sheer and you need to use a lot each time - whatever you're doing with it.
  • I have good dips happening in the bottom edges of both the 'green' and dusty plum/rose. Unfortunately these almost look raised in the photos above, but I promise the dips are there!
  • The brown shade: I've (almost) worn down the first two 'lines' on the left-hand side. There's quite a good dip here too, but again, it looks raised in the above photos.

And here's how I managed to get good progress, and also what I learned during this round of Project Dent:

  • The highlight shade makes an excellent mixer for the few metallic/high-shine shadows I own (which normally emphasise texture something chronic on my dry, 37yo eyelids), so all of a sudden, those shades don't make me look crinkly if I coat my brush in this shade before using those. Because this is so sheer (and the other shades are so pigmented), I can use quite a lot without messing with the colours too much.
  • This makes me laugh. So I've been playing around with what shadows to pan in my custom palette for 2018, and I decided I probably needed a light/medium grey shade to mix with the Burberry brown. While it's fine as a brow shade and also a liner for me, I prefer to go paler on my brows and liner because this gives me a more natural look. So I went to put said grey in my palette, then I realised I already have one! That damn 'green'. It's the perfect mixer for the brown and that's how I can use it.
  • The 'green' also works to pull back the warmth of any shadow that's too warm (and brings me into allergic reaction/sick territory), so it's a good mixer for anything that doesn't quite suit me. Also, as you may know I'm currently denting my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette - and the 'green' works perfectly with that because the pink can look a little too warm when I use it on the eyes. I'd really love to pan those two palettes together... Decisions, decisions.
  • Finally, all these shadows are great mixers for anything I own that's too drying on my eyes (so basically Nars Isolde, which is all I have left of my super drying Nars duos). When I use them mixed with these Burberry shades, the drying issue isn't a huge problem because the Burberry shadows are super silky and smooth.

Ok, I think that's all you need to know! 

Turns out this was a fantastic round of Project Dent, since I suddenly stopped hating this Burberry quad and I've found things to like about it. Phew.

Now, to choose my next item for Project Dent...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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