Maslow & Co, The USA Beauty Edit, October 2017 - unboxing and first impressions


Hullo and welcome to another exciting Maslow & Co unboxing!

This box arrived last week but I wasn't able to take photos until the weekend when my husband was home to help with the kids, and then there was the matter of editing hundreds of shots...

But here we are, so let's get straight into it.

It's a nice-looking little box and there's something in here for everyone, whether you prefer receiving makeup or skincare in your boxes.

While I normally prefer receiving skincare (I have enough makeup and don't need more), the two makeup items in here look super interesting so I'm looking forward to trying them.

What I'll do now is go through each item in turn and give you my initial thoughts, then I'll eventually do separate reviews of everything - so stay tuned for those if you're interested.

In no particular order...

Maven Gift: Apotheca, The Immortal

Apotheca creates organic powdered tonics to restore and nourish your beauty from within. We received 'The Immortal', one of four available elixirs, which was chosen for its high-grade formulation. It should slow the signs of skin fatigue and restore youthful radiance.

Apotheca dosn't add any flavourings, sugars or chemical ingredients to its elixirs - just pure herbs and botanicals.

There's what it looks like below:

I haven't used this yet but it smells like cocoa powder (yum) and you're meant to add it to things like smoothies or shakes, or you can consume it alone as you would tea.

I personally am not super excited about 'consumable' beauty items like this (that's what a good diet is for) but it is a nicely presented little product and I'll certainly use it. I'll likely keep the jar too because I'm a chronic packaging hoarder ; )

Pūr-lisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant (received 15g sample)

The founder of Pūr-lisse apparently 'embraces time-honoured wisdom to create high-performing, multitasking and skin-loving modern essentials.'

This mask uses blue lotus extract, an antioxidant that's known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, along with white clay, bamboo, ginger, white tea and mushroom extract. It should instantly brighten, detoxify and soothe skin while providing a gentle exfoliating action. It should also improve texture and leave you with a youthful glow.

I'm drowning in mud masks at the moment but I'm still looking forward to trying this one: it just looks like a nice product. Hopefully it performs like a nice one, too.

Odacité Concentrated Serum x 3: Gt+L Radiance Effect; Ba+S Eye Contour; Po+R Hydration

You receive three of four different options and I didn't get the one targeting pimples, which makes sense because I have dry skin so the other offerings are better-suited to me.

I must say, I had a giggle when I saw this in the product description: 'Before you get deflated at the size of this vile, you need to know that the full-size is only 5ml also.'

I hadn't actually noticed yet how small each vile was because I read the description first, but I can see how some people might have had that reaction because the vials are indeed small. Apparently they only need to be this size because the serums are super-concentrated doses of actives and you only need a couple of drops each time (you add them to your regular skincare to boost efficacy/target specific issues).

I like the idea of these products in theory, but in practice all I'm thinking about is how I'll slot in yet another step to my skincare routine: I have a toddler and a baby, so it's not that easy to incorporate added extras because I'm always in a rush as it is. 

Still, I'll certainly try them and let you know how I go.

Doucce Freematic System Eyeshadow Quad in Cool Brown

We were able to choose between one of two quads in this month's box, and I'm always happy with that because all too often I've wound up with colours I won't use in sub boxes - and I suspect I wouldn't have used the other option (it was too grey-looking so it probably wouldn't have suited me: greys rarely do).

These shadows should be easy to blend, silky smooth and creamy, and you get a mix of matte and shimmer shades. They claim to glide on easily without smudging or creasing.

There's mine below:  

The colours do look nice and even though they're fairly basic, I can't immediately say that I have dupes for them all in my collection (I don't think I do) so that's a plus.

But to be honest, I'm much more interested in the compact itself because it's magnetic! As you may know, I'm a chronic de-potter so I can easily remove the shadows in here (they slip out easily) and make my own little eyeshadow palette to throw in the handbag: it's a nice compact that's weighty and good-looking, plus it comes with a mirror.

So even if the shadows aren't great, I'm thrilled about the compact itself because I have nothing this small in my custom palette collection, so it fills a gap and it's fancier than the other custom palettes I own. Yay! 

I feel like my son this morning: it's his first birthday and like all young kids, he was more interested in the wrapping paper than he was in the presents themselves ; )

OUiGLO Rich Collagen Face Mask x 3

If you read this blog, you'll know that I'm no friend of sheet masks - they rarely do anything for me; they're expensive for one-use products; and that's also a lot of packaging/material going into a single-use product, so how environmentally friendly can they be? - but I know I'm in the minority there because most people seem to love them.

These ones apparently contain a blend of collagen and fruit extracts to exfoliate gently and give you a dewy glow. Other ingredients include apricot, grapefruit and cucumber.

I'm not thrilled about these but I'll try at least one and then pass on the others to a better home if they do nothing for me.

CLE Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion in Copper Rose

This is apparently infused with soothing and nourishing ingredients like calamine, pearl extract and moisturising essence. It's a highlighter in cushion form and it should give you a silky smooth and illuminating finish.

I haven't tried anything in cushion form yet (what kind of beauty junkie am I?!) so I'll be interested to see how this goes. I tend not to use liquid or cream highlighters for spot-highlighting - I prefer powders for that purpose - so I'm not sure whether this is a product I'll end up keeping or decluttering.

Still, I'm looking forward to testing it, if for no other reason than that I'll be able to say 'I've used a cushion', so that's something at least.

There it is again below:

In sum

This is a great little box and the only things I'm not fussed about are (as always) the sheet masks.

For me, the most exciting thing about this box is probably the magnetic palette! That's just me and my de-potting obsession though; in terms of skincare, the mask is the item that sticks out for me the most. Mind you, I've got so many masks in back-log that I'll really need to stick my head down and use what I have so I can justify opening another one.

While I think this is a great box, it's not my favourite one so far from this year (this is based purely on my first impressions because I haven't used anything yet), although that's likely because it contains less skincare than usual and it's no reflection on what's actually contained in the box and how good each item is.

Let me know if you received this box and what you think of it if so.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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