Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin Renewal Wash - review


I probably don't need to mention that Alpha-H is my favourite skincare brand of all time and has been for years, but just in case you haven't read any of my posts before, note that I've used most products from the brand and many of them have become staples. 

This particular cleanser is my newest find from Alpha-H and I knew from the first use that I was onto a winner - and five months later I feel the same so let's call that confirmed. More on why below.

Alpha-H claims/product details:
  • A luxurious liquid-to-cream cleanser that kick-starts the skin’s cell renewal process to instantly unveil soft, pore-less looking skin
  • Designed to remove makeup and daily impurities without irritating the skin’s delicate balance, this cleanser instantly combats the skin’s ageing appearance
  • Cleanses, tones and boosts moisture levels
  • Improves the appearance of skin texture and tone
  • Softens pore size and brightens the complexion
  • Soft milky consistency leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh and full of moisture
  • Fights the signs of ageing by keeping the skin supple and stimulated
  • Includes glycolic acid 7.5%, which removes dead skin cells and acts as a vehicle for other active ingredients
  • Shea butter hydrates while lactic acid 2% sloughs off dead skin cells, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, combats hyperpigmentation and improves skin texture 
  • For all skin types
  • To use: dampen face and apply cleanser; massage over the entire face, avoiding the eye and lip areas; remove with a warm damp face cloth
  • RRP $51.95 AUD for 100ml, but do shop around (from memory I paid less than $40 for mine)


This is an excellent product and I really can't fault it. Indeed, it's the first cleanser I've tried from Alpha-H that I've fallen in love with: for some reason the brand's cleansers have never grabbed me (I'm not including its exfoliants in this; I love those), but this one's fantastic and I already know that I'll be repurchasing it once mine's finished.

It's a thin, runny white cream with a light creamy scent that I enjoy. The texture is just gorgeous: it's liquid-y and silky, and it has the feel of an oil in cream form. Every time I use it, I love the feel of the product on my skin because it's nourishing and quenching when applied. Indeed, I wasn't surprised to see that it contains coconut oil because I can definitely feel something rich like that in the formula.

I use mine in the mornings as my second cleanse. If I've done an exfoliating treatment the day before then I might skip this and use something plain, but five or six mornings a week, I'm using this.

What I do is apply it to my face and then leave it there for a couple of minutes while I make my bed etc, then I go back and add water before massaging it in and removing it with a face cloth. You don't need to leave it on but I prefer to do this with cleansers that contain active ingredients: I just feel that if you're going to use something that contains goodies like this does (7.5% glycolic acid; 2% lactic acid), then you may as well leave it on for a bit to allow it to do something for your skin.

After use my face looks brighter and fresher, and it feels nourished and resurfaced without feeling dry or irritated. I've used glycolic and lactic acid based cleansers before, and while I've enjoyed most of them, this one's my favourite: not only does it make my skin look better, but it's been formulated in such a way that it's also gentle and hydrating at the same time.

On the claims: yes I feel this reveals softer, more refined skin; yes I agree that it removes impurities without irritating the skin; yes I believe that it has an effect on ageing skin (glycolic acid really plumps and brightens); yes it cleanses, tones and boosts the skin's moisture levels; and yes it improves the skin's texture and tone.

All in all, I love this product and I can't fault it. Sure it's not cheap at over $50 AUD for the full size, but you do get 100ml and you should be able to find it online for around $40, and if you've got a coupon code (as I did), then you can reduce the price even more.

Love. This has gone straight to the HG list.

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